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Found 8 results

  1. the sun hits my tank for about an hour every morning when the sun rises and it’s my favorite time to watch the fish. they seem to glow in the sunlight. my snakeskin gourami pair was looking extra good this morning snacking on krill flakes. my goldfish look good too share your natural sunlit tanks, i think fish look best in sunlight.
  2. So I'm going to assume that everyone knows that you shouldn't have your fish tank placed next to a window because of algae and such. We've all heard it from one place or another. And all I want to say is that it is such a shame that this is said about tanks. Generally this would be a good thought for people just getting into the hobby but like have you ever seen your tank lit up by actual sunshine? If you haven't, let me explain it. Your little ecosystem that you made is perfected for 1 hour of the day and nothing you can add to the tank can ever make it feel that complete again.
  3. Saturday morning, birding some new areas. Enjoying the golden hour.
  4. So!!! I’m planning on starting a pea pufferfish tank. I’ve heard good but cautious things from people whove had pea puffer communities before, and cautious nos from those who havent. Stocking plan: 1 male pea puffer, as many females as possible 8-10 kuhli loaches - EDIT: LIKELY GONNA CHANGE TO STIPHODON GOBIES!! They don’t need as many buddies to be confident, are faster, and with the tank position, will help me keep the glass clean EDIT EDIT: NEVERMIND THEY LIKE WATER JUST A LITTLE TOO COOL. However, Micro Dragon Gobies seem to be a great fit! They’re carnivores, so perfect for cleaning up after puffers, and what the ember tetras dont eat, they can sift into the sand! 10-12 Fast Schoolers - probably tetras, may go with embers, since i have experience with them? EDIT: DEFINITELY GOING WITH EMBERS As many snails thatll grow in the tank before I get the puffers as possible. I have a bin (seen below) in case things go sideways, and the tank above it is where itll be situated. The window is facing north, but i thought it was south before I checked with my parents. (ignore the mess i just rearranged my furniture) The plan for lighting is No artificial lighting, since I’ll get plenty from the sun. Substrate and decor plan: Dirt capped with black sand Moss wall consisting of asian liverwort (monosolenium tenerum) that will also hopefully grow over the pvc. Tall, bushy/fluffy background plants that can further filter light all along the walls except for the viewing panes, the two facing the picture, probably gonna do cabomba, hornwort, and similar plants. May toss in some Red Boys too for fun. Love me some dwarf aqaurium lily.... midground plants in front of those dudes, things that are more leafy, probably, might put some of those mini monstera i got in there, maybe crypt, probably good ol hardy java fern varieties in front of those, a nice carpet of dwarf sag for babies and kuhli loaches and snails to hide in, and some differing foreground lads here and there like anubias hardscape is gonna consist of driftwood- ill probably snag spider and bogwood to emulate tree roots and stuff, and may grow some pothos and mini monstera on them so it looks like trees! i want stuff that can break up a loooot of line of sight On that note, ill also probably get a good amount of frogbit too. that pvc in the back is gonna be a cave of fast flowing water via water pump for the kuhli loaches. I’m think I’m gonna drill more holes in it to help disperse the flow some more, so its not super fast coming out of the elbow- but what do yall think? Filtration plan: Swisstropical’s betterboxfilter Lava rock for biological filtration polyfill i already have for mechanical filtration Feedback: So! Thoughts, concerns, insight? What do yall think!
  5. I'm having a hard time understanding why the internet basically says "HECK NO!" to any natural light, especially direct, but "HIGHLY REQUIRED!" to full-spectrum high powered LED lights which seem to strive to reproduce natural light. What am I missing here? I'm starting a planted tank that will have emersed house plants coming out the top, and I'd like them to be able to grow nicely, without putting a light over them and shadowing the plants in the tank (this has been a challenge with another similar tank) or having to use multiple lights. I have the perfect spot, but it gets about 2 hours of direct morning sun and bright indirect light for another 4 hours. I plan to get a basic clip-on LED light to make sure the plants against the wall with less natural light will still grow, and so I can see the tank after dark, and know there will be some playing with the light timing to get things balanced, and that this will likely be on-going with changes in weather and seasons. Is a tank that gets natural light doomed to have a massive algae issue like the entire internet seems to tell me?
  6. Hello! I recently acquired a 55 gallon aquarium. The place my roommate/landlord really thinks it'd look nice is directly infront of a east-northeast facing window. I'm not concerned about algae as there are fish for that, I'm worried about temperature extreme possibilities if the window blinds are open? I'm in SE Michigan as that will play into sun intensity. What do you folks think? Will it be too hot?
  7. I have my 150 gallon in front of a 6 ft window. Anyone had success with a large aquarium in front of a large window? 🙂
  8. AJE


    What is the best advice for a daphnia culture? Do I put them in direct sunlight?
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