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Found 4 results

  1. My poor Honey Gourami has been pacing almost non-stop since I brought him home 3 weeks ago. Yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to get him a friend. SUCESS!!! The boys have been together nearly 24 hrs and the pacing stopped the minute I placed the bag in the tank. The aquarium is peaceful and it's a lot of fun watching them together. Phew! Now I think I need to get friend for my daughter's single boy.... 😬
  2. I brought a male Honey Gourami home 3 weeks ago and he seems to be having trouble settling down. Originally, I put him in a 9 gallon Fluval Flex with no tank mates. He seemed happy and curious the first day or so, and then started pacing the front of the tank almost non-stop. Probably 80% of the time he is pacing. After 3 weeks of watching him pace, I moved him last night to a 15 gallon flex where he has a small shoal of exclamation rasboras, 3 otocinclus and a Nerite as tank mates. He seemed excited about the new home until around noon today, when he started pacing again and hasn't stopped. The tank is established with good parameters and is planted with a heater. He is eating and seems healthy. I was under the impression that these guys could live without a friend. In fact my daughter has a single dude in her 10 gallon tank who seems quite happy with just his Corie friends. But I'm wondering if my guy needs a goirami friend to settle him down? Getting a bigger tank is not an option for me, so basically my options are 1) Get a friend for him 3) Put him back in the Flex 9 2) Rehome him Thanks for any advice!
  3. Yesterday morning when I walked up to the tank, I was very surprised when Ursula had crazy light bars on her sides. They were practically yellow! I tested everything, 0/0/10, hardness and pH stable at 9 and 7.6 respectively. I decided I’d give her a day and see what happens. The colour came and went periodically through the day, sometimes very rapidly. She ate as enthusiastically as usual and is behaving normally. This morning she’s got the bars still, but coming and going. These photos were taken this morning about 2 minutes apart each. Any advice? Should I be worried? footnote- I keep waiting for her to destroy the plants but she keeps loving them!
  4. I have a red zebra and it appears lethargic and tend to open and shut his mouth a lot like he is breathing a lot. The appearance of the fish looks great. All my other red zebras and the other fish seem fine. my water tested good. He is a bit smaller than most other zebras and I have one that is the boss. Could this be that the fish is trying to stay hidden and is just nervous from the more aggressive fish. I did notice that the others fish seemed to have a fascination with this fishes hide out spot.
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