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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to the forum but I've been following the YouTube for a while now. Recently I set up a Walstad style bowl with red cherry shrimp and they have recently bred. It's set me on a shrimp kick and made me want to turn my 29G into a shrimp tank. At the moment I have just a community with some 3 Vampire shrimp and 4 amanos, with ember tetras, cardinal tetras, platies, corys, stiphodon gobies and hillstream loaches. I've had my community tank set up for a few years now and would like to change it up a bit. However, I really would like to keep my hillstream loaches, stiphodon gobies and ember tetras. From what I've heard, hillstream loaches are pretty safe. I'm not worried about getting a 100% shrimplet survival rate at all, but shrimp are super expensive over here (like £6 a pop ≈ $8.32) and I would be really interested in seeing some babies make it. Believe it or not I used to have 6 dwarf chain loaches with adult cherries, and they never bothered them, then when I pulled out a huge clump of Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, there were probably about 10 juvenile cherries that had made it! So, what's your opinion on Stiphodon Gobies, Hillstream Loaches, and Ember Tetras with dwarf shrimp? My tank is always full of plants and there will be loads of cover, my gobies and loaches stick to surfing on the back wall and scouring rocks for biofilm, I've never seen them actually venture into the masses of plants so I think they'd be plenty of cover for the baby shrimp. Right now they don't even acknowledge the amanos's existence so I'm sure they'd leave the adult cherries alone. Thanks in advance! Jake
  2. So I think I heard from @Dwayne Brown that these fish feed on mulm and biofilm, and the internet agrees. I see lots of warnings that they need a high rate of dissolved oxygen at the higher end of their temp range. The tank I wanted them for houses angelfish and rams, so there is a narrow window of overlap right at the top of the goby's temp range--short of owning an O2 meter, is there any way for me to figure out how much dissolved oxygen is enough? I have a 29g, heavily planted, @ 82 deg F and about a pH of 6.5-7.4. I run 2 large sponge filters with airstones and a lot of driftwood. The substrate is ecocomplete, and it might be 25% exposed, and mulm gathers faster than I really want to vacuum it up, or more often than I need to change water. I have thought also of adding sterbai corys or more khuli loaches. I don't want to add more tech to the tank, I want to work with what I have. I have considered a gravel cap, but I think that is a temporary solution at best. I have also considered Maylasian Trumpet snails or deliberately introducing live black worms...
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