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Found 4 results

  1. After some debating I decided to get one for the Fluval 306 I have. Just came in & so far I like it. I do have some whistling but that depends on the flow
  2. Hey fellow Nerms, got a few questions, I’m attempting to make a spray bar for my 75 gallon tank with a fluval 306 cannister. I have 1/2 inch pvc and I watched Cory and Deans video on making a spray bar and they said I believe to start with 1/8” holes and Dean drilled them 1 inch apart. Does the size of the spray bar matter on the distance between holes and size of them? I have a 24” piece for the bar itself but not sure if I was going to keep all of it or cut it down. Also I believe in a live stream Cory mentioned if you wanted to cut your flow in the water to point the spray bar to the back wall of the aquarium. Now I like this because I use a Fluval E series heater and need flow through it or it beeps low flow.( currently have an air stone dropped behind it). Can I have most of the holes pointed towards the back and drill a few on the other side to point to top of water for surface aggitation? I just want to do it right the first time if all possible 😂
  3. I have a Fluval 307 for my planted40b tank I just set up. It blows my plants around a bit more than I'd like. The fish like low flow, they hang out in the lower flow parts of the 20 long they are currently in. I have a cover (jumping fish and amano shrimp) and with the layout the filter intake/output will go in the back right corner. I do like lilly pipes, but not the way you are limited in how you can position them. I could put it on the back side, but then that would blow right onto my val inches away. Putting it on the back means it would blow straight to the front and not get good circulation. The other and mabye better option is the Fluval spray bar. $20 and easy to install. It also is pretty discreet with its upper mounting position, and flow can be customized (number and size of holes). Are there other options to consider? Easy DIY spray bars that work better than the Fluval? For $20 its hard to beat unless it has some significant flaw.
  4. Hello everyone, As many of you know, I am beginning the process of getting my 75 gallon set up for some discus. I have seen plenty of aquariums online that use spray bars instead of their normal output nozzle. What do you recommend for discus? Thanks!
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