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Found 18 results

  1. A nice thread that will help people needing help sexing their Tetraodon schoutedeni. Post some pics and or some video of you spotted congo puffers! I have updated the video to have better audio and more examples at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPI8KstaKhE
  2. I have had some success breeding spotted congo puffers but have failed at raising the fry so far. I haven't put much effort in since last spring but I'll be giving it another go. I wanted to created a place to dump all my info and photos so that it's a little more available to people searching on the web since a few people seem to be documenting it pretty well on social media but that tends to not show up in searches. I'll be add more info as I have time. Hopefully my experience can help some others out or encourage people to try. I am quite experienced aquarium keeping but most of my interest has been in plants. I am in no way an experienced fish breeder. I just collected some eggs for the first time in 6ish months yesterday that should be hatching this Friday.
  3. Sergeant Ruby is my first puffer. I got her for $50 from a local hobbyist who was breaking down his tank. She's been such a joy to have. She gets along with all her tank mates and never makes trouble. She used to have a best friend that was an American flagfish. Sadly he passed away and Ruby barely moved for a week after that. She is fed a diet of ramshorn snails, bladder snails, and a variety of live worms raised in my worm bins and cultures. Anyone else keep this cute species of freshwater puffer?
  4. Late July, I acquired a group of 4 individuals with a good idea that at least one was female and one was male. Turns out I'm fairly confident that I have two females and two males. Video of first day after hatch: https://imgur.com/gapeF6Q They begun breeding behavior within a week of being in this 75g that is stuffed well with driftwood. I completely screwed up the first batch of eggs I got. They continued to show breeding behavior and I'm sure I missed some batches of eggs but on Oct 2nd I pulled several hundred eggs from the tank, carefully sifted through the mulm pulling out viable eggs. I then placed them in the breeder box with Methylene Blue, most breeders say the eggs hatch in about 5 days, mine took 7-8 to hatch. The eggs became an amber color as the fry developed in the egg. At 5 days I WCed until all the MB was gone. Most hatched two days after that. As of today the fry are roughly 4 days old. I have lot of work a head of me but it seems like the green water culture out side that I have is plenty of food for them. Currently I am harvesting the water, running it through a baby brine shrimp sieve to pull out any undesirable or inedible stuff then feeding that. I'm also removing tank water from a VERY dirty pleco tank straining that and adding it to the green water in hopes of building up the paramecium count in the green water before adding. I've got small cyst baby brine shrimp, going to try that out this weekend and see if they are large enough for it yet. Paramecium get 400um and these BBS supposedly hatch at 450um. So assuming that the puffers are large enough to eat big paramecium they should be able to eat the smallest of bbs. Video of them eating micro organisms: https://imgur.com/gallery/7LOko3w
  5. Whenever my spotted congo puffer goes around the tank, he never uses his back tail. He doesn't have to go fast, so why would he lol. But every once and awhile I'll catch him flaring his tail and it is one of the most beautiful things in the aquarium hobby in my opinion. Right in front of the dance between male and female bettas ready to embrace. And ahead of a perfect leaf or flower just sprouting and blooming. I made this post because I wanted to share two separate occasions where I was able to photograph my puffer flaring his tail so that all of you could enjoy it as well 🙂 I would love to read and see what you find beautiful in your aquariums, whatever it may be.
  6. Summary: Spotted Congo Puffers should not be housed with fish you're willing to lose I've had my puffer for awhile now. Absolutely wonderful fish except when he goes on frequent rampages. Tons of sites and videos say that these fish are friendly compared to most other species of puffers. I wanted to believe that this was true. While at first he was a good tank mate, over the years he has become more aggressive even with more space and eye breaking points. Listen when I tell you, puffers are like dogs that you cannot train. So far my puffer has nipped countless fish and caused way too many gruesome deaths. I have lost too many fish that had sentimental value, I wanted to believe they were just dying of old age and consumed by the other fish. But today was the last straw, he snuck up on one of the fish with his eyes locked on, devoured her stomach almost in an instant, leaving the rest to die. I will not be posting photos of the damage as it is not valuable to the education part of this post. I will include a picture of the serial killer. If you have/ had similar experiences with this fish or if you have any funny stories , please let me know 🙂
  7. Hello there, I've had this puffer for a little over 2 years now. When I first got him, he was a skinny little guy who liked to hide. Now he's a chonker that only swims occasionally and for food. I feed him blood worms almost daily, a couple rams horn snails every once and while, and a clam on the half shell. Water parameters, pH 7.0, nitrate 0, nitrate 5, temp 75.2 degrees F. I upgraded him from a 20g half a year ago to a 40g and with sand. I've tried getting him to be more active by getting new plants and fish, but he just ignores them. Even after I rearrange the tank every week during water changes, he still finds his corner. I use a finnex 36'' light and dose easy green every week (one pump as I do 25% water changes). I have attached photos what what he looks like when he wants to be active. PLEASE NOTE: He likes to stay at the bottom of the tank, he's done it forever. I just wish he was more active/ less bored. His name is also Bob🙂
  8. Hi all! I’m looking for some help troubleshooting with a picky puffer. About a month and a half ago I got a schoutedeni puffer. He is currently in a fully planted 29 gallon with a dozen cardinal tetras and a dozen habrosus corys. The first month of having him he was a voracious eater. Whether it was small chunks of organic night crawlers, live blackworms, krill, snails, bloodworms, or Dubia roaches, he went right after it. During the first month I also treated him with two round of prazi pro, which didn’t seem to bother him or affect his appetite at all. Over this last week or two, however, he has become increasingly picky with his food. At first, he began only going live blackworms and frozen bloodworms, but nothing else. Over the last couple days it has gotten worse and he now won’t take to anything at all. No matter what I drop in, he doesn’t even bat an eye. He seems to be maintaining his weight well considering his lack of eating, which makes me think it isn’t anything internal. He also seems to be doing fine externally, so I am having trouble identifying what’s going on. Ammonia and nitrite are at 0ppm and nitrate is around 5-10ppm. Temperature is 78 degrees F and pH is around 7.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!😊
  9. I have a spotted congo puffer that arrived on Wednesday. He arrived floating sideways in the bag. He was drip acclimated and put in quarantine tank with another puffer from same shipment. Other puffer is fine. This one cannot stay off bottom of tank. He can push off and take a short trip, but is not at all buoyant and settles at the bottom. He is not eating and is being syringe fed. He is being treated with General cure and is getting epsom salt baths. I've talked to a couple of aquatic vets. One said that I was doing everything that I could. Another said that without x-rays and oral exam no diagnosis could be made, but suggested "Travel trauma, an internal parasite that is too hardy to kill or has done too much damage already, organ failure from lack of calories, foreign body ingested, even a congenital immune system deficiency" were all possibilities. Ammonia is 0 Nitrites are 0 Nitrates are around 5ppm pH is around 7.6 kH is 6 gH is 9 Tank is definitely cycled.
  10. Hi! I would love a step by step (including timelines) guide to quarantining wild caught puffers- mi e are spotted Congo Puffers. Cory mentioned med trio - do you do 1 dose and wait a week? Then what? When do you do levamisole? Anything else? I would love a start here- If this then that kind of guide - I keep getting confused and I want to do this right! Also can I feed my puffers snails from a tank that has been successfully treated for fungus with Marycin? I don’t think the snails had any and they are reproducing like crazy so it would be helpful if I could.
  11. i have a tank that had 3 discus and 2 of them were beating up on the 3 discus was wondering if i could put the discus that was all beat up in another tank that has a congo spoted puffer the 3 discus was seprated into another tank tell i could figure this out any help would be greatly used thankyou for anyone that responds you are the best
  12. Been looking for a spotted Congo puffer for a long time looking for advice on were to get puffer thank you for your time
  13. I’m looking for any and all advice about the spotted Congo Puffer. I’m receiving one in a few days. I want to be ready. I appreciate any advice, thanks.
  14. I was thinking the puffers would eat the guppy fry... they didn’t! Now I have them everywhere! 😵 The puffers now only come out when I feed them. Ughhhh. Anyone want to catch some guppies?
  15. Found this video and blew my mind @Dean’s Fishroom @Jack.of.all.aquariums @Cory
  16. I'm looking to purchase a Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetraodon Schoutedeni) and in doing some research I've seen some discrepancy in the water parameters that would be best for them. My home water is right around 7.5 pH and is moderately hard. In your experience would this work, or what parameters did you keep them in? Thank you!
  17. Any ideas on this spot on her tail? The other female also has a fin missing. The only thing in the tank big enough to do this is a honey gourami but I've never seen him interact with them at all. Thanks for your help!
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