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Found 5 results

  1. I picked some spider wood up and put it in my empty tank to get it water logged and this slimey stuff is coming out now is this fish safe?
  2. I am setting up an aquarium whis has been cycling for 3 weeks now added plants last week and spider wood this weekend I boiled the wood for 2 hours and after 2 days it has this "jelly" ghostly grey haze all around the wood. It gives the tank a đź‘» look Not sure how to link image
  3. I recently put spider wood in my 10 gallon aquarium and it's starting to grow a white fuzz on it. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
  4. Hi all, this is second time this happened to me in different tanks. My redmoor wood or someone calls it spider wood used in aquarium grow something that looks like small roots. this on pictures and first one are bought in different local shops first one was boiled in water this was wasn't. That thing have white color tops and black color "body". It is easy removable with toothbrush and it sinks. Snails and shrimps aren't interested in it. Anyone whit similar thing or any ideas what that is? I found very little informations on google. @Cory maybe you saw it in China or somewhere else? I removed 2 weeks agou all of it and this is new growth.
  5. Hello, I am new to planted tanks and have been slowly getting a 75 gallon setup. Yesterday, I finally purchased my first fish to go into the tank - 10 peppered corydoras. While at the store, I saw they had inexpensive spiderwood so I purchased two large pieces. Last night I put the fish and the wood in the tank. This morning, I awoke to find the class covered with something on all fours sides. It is not worms and I don't think it is algae. It is translucent and when viewed closely, it looks a little like the top of a tiny, tiny jellyfish. The source is one of the two things I added to the tank. Any idea of what this stuff is and what I should do about it. I could just wipe it off, but will it come back? The corys seems fine. They are energetic and acting as one would expect. Could it have come from the wood? As the wood was just submerged, the white bacteria has not formed on it yet. I am simply at a loss of what this is. I welcome suggestions. Thanks, John
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