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Found 16 results

  1. I have 7 mollies in a 10 gallon tank. I'm looking to move these fish to a larger tank soon, but that's a separate topic. Today's question is regarding my one black male Molly. He's singled out just one female and chases her constantly, slaps her with his tail, and shows generally poor manners. He's 100% okay with the other 5 female fish, and the other tank-mates. The picked-on Molly has been hiding for the past couple weeks, but she still looks healthy. Any tips for dealing with the trouble maker, or should I just get rid of him? Images: 1. black male Molly, isolated 2. black and gold Molly, out of hiding and healthy
  2. Fan! Shake! Bite Plants! An Electric Blue Acara’s pre-spawning plan... I ask my wife if she thinks this is effective. She says, “Laundry! Fix Toilet! Change Diapers!” 🤣🤣🤣
  3. So I have two honey gouramis, both of which I thought were female. Now I'm no longer sure. OR, at least, I'm absolutely sure the younger golden-type gourami is a female, but I'm no longer certain about my older wild-type. Does anyone know if two female gouramis will do the aggression/courtship/dominance dance beside one another, or is this only a phenomenon between two males or a courting pair? Because they did that just now, and I saw the aqua-tinted strip on the wild-type female's (?) lower fin darken. Is my wild type actually a male, not showing breeding colors because my female is too young??? Or are they still two females, lol?!
  4. So my Diamond Tetras are breeding at a rate of at least once per week. I'm either doing something really right or I got some intensely frisky tetras. The thing is, I definitely do not have the space for lots of babies! I can always take any grown fish that I can't keep back to my LFS, but it'd be much easier if I just didn't have them at all. I had two survivors from the first spawn, and I have so many plants I'm convinced I'll continue to have a few survivors every now and then at the rate they're scattering eggs. Any tips to prevent this from happening or should I just enjoy my crazy-frisky fish? 😂
  5. I’m starting to become more interested in fish breeding projects. What cues should I be looking for? I attached an image of one of my Kerri tetras-is this what I’m looking for when it come time to select an egg bound female to pull out? What else should I look for? Pictures are always appreciated; many of us are visual learners.
  6. Hello, first time apisto owner. I have apisto macmasteri and I have been noticing breeding behavior. Lots of flaring, she is more yellow and showing the tank boss her belly. She is staying more in the location of the cave, but do they come out of the cave if they have eggs they are tending to, or are they like male plecos that stay with them. I don’t want to disturb her aquarium coop hut haha. pictured is my male thanks!
  7. Since moving the existing 4 angels over to the 120 from the 55, they are being dinks to each other. 😑 They are 2 pairs that were generally tolerant of each other before the move. There's no fight-to-the-death kind of activity or lip-locking, and so far everyones fins look ok, but a lot of chasing, and bullying away from food, etc... One of my males is hiding in a corner pouting, and even my females are being mean to each other. Is this normal, and I just need to let it play out? I have a "time-out" container I could try... We also have a school of dithers in quarantine, but they are not ready to go in yet... Any other things I could try?
  8. So I just recently put my gourami in the display tank and noticed my one guppy in there started to do some mating behavior towards him. I was super surprised. The honey gourami was peaceful and just kept swimming away, while the guppy kept harassing it. I am stumped on why the guppy was doing this and would like to know your opinion. Few months back, the guppy did mate with other guppys before but got rejected by the other guppy. I don't know whether if the guppy is female or male, but here is a video in which you can see the guppy. 20g long aquarium with corydoras - YouTube
  9. Hi everybody I have a pair of angles got lucky only bought two and they paired they have spawned 5 times now the first spawn I left them in tank went to day three and they ate them no surprise there second and third spawn I tried to raise them my self and they made it to the wiggler stage and sadly they didn’t survive, four spawn I left them in the tank they went two days parents ate them, yesterday came home from work they spawned again, Except I noticed there behavior is different like they are slowly learning to be good parents I left the tank light on all last night and the male has stayed with the eggs and fanned then since they were laid he’s never done this before so my fingers are crossed, we will see what happens. the male is named Jupiter he’s almost all yellow and silver with a couple small black spots and he’s blind in one eye, the female name is Juno she is a koi vail figured I give you that info so you guys know what your looking at thanks again love the forum thanksCory
  10. So I have a breeding pair of Gold Saums (green terrors) and they had their first spawn a little over 2 weeks ago and now they have another. Think the original fry will be safe in there? They haven’t ate any that I know of yet.
  11. Hiya all, my golden ram and German blue ram have had their second batch of eggs! But the male golden ram is collecting bubble from the air stone and taking them to the eggs! Is this normal? It’s very interesting to watch many thank
  12. Nerms, I want to ask for a show of fins: Did any of your fish spawn, lay eggs, or drop fry between January 26 and Jan 31?? I am just curious. We find that a full moon (often combined with a water change) seems to mark off spawning sessions in our fishroom. Maybe it's all in my head . . . but it _seems_ far too common to ignore.
  13. Bloodfin Tetras spawning - these guys love a tank slightly "left to go wild" . . . some algae grows free. Two Honey Gourami, and one Bristlenose Pleco. Hygrophilia . . . little sword . . . Valisneria . . . some other plant (Ludwigia subspecies?). Enjoy!
  14. Hello, I added 3 honey gourami to my first tank almost exactly 1 month ago with 2 females and 1 male. From the beginning I noticed that 1 female was more dominant and would chase and sometimes nip at the other female and male for a bit, but this was primarily during feeding and the other fish did not seem stressed or bothered by the small amount of chasing because she would leave them alone after a few seconds. Then on Christmas the dominant female and male spawned and laid eggs into a tiny bubblenest. I scooped the eggs into a small mesh fry box and they hatched on the 27th 36 hours later. The gouramis seemed to go back to normal after I removed the eggs/nest. Then I noticed 3 days ago that overnight the male had made a massive bubble nest over the middle half of the tank and was fiercely chasing and nipping at both the females, but I did not see any spawning happening. Nevertheless, the next day I saw the females furiously gobbling fry and the male attacking them. Yesterday I removed the bubble nest, which I thought was empty because I had seen the now free swimming fry being eaten the day before, into a small tubberware to try to eliminate the male's guarding behavior. I moved around some of the scape to try to break up the tank more and I moved all floating plants into one end of the tank for whatever remaining fry may have survived. This afternoon I found that the bubblenest and eggs I had thought were empty in the tupperware have developed into fry balls and the male rebuilt the bubblenest and more new baby fry balls in addition to newly hatched fry in his corner despite the females eating them. The male goes out of his way to chases the females (but the less dominant one especially) all around the tank and nips at them. The dominant female also chases and nips at the other female. Today I noticed that her tail has bites in it for the first time. I reduced temperatures again and yesterday and today I fed them less. I have not even bothered trying to save the endless supply of newly hatching fry. I do not know why they have decided my tank is the place to spawn infinite babies, but it is a warzone and it's driving me mad. I purposely researched and got honey gouramis because they were supposedly peaceful, gentle interesting little fish, but I am so stressed at how much they are constantly fighting. Before there were any eggs and fry it was not nearly so bad so I assume that it was that that is making them so so aggressive, but I do not know how to make them stop their apparent continuous and constant breeding even with the lowered temp from 80 to 75 and decreased food frequency. I have been putting stress guard in daily to try to help the poor female that's both constantly getting chased and nipped. Has anyone had this problem? How do I stop the breeding? Are honey gouramis always such prolific breeders (it seriously has been like 3-4 batches of hatching fry since the first batch on Christmas)? How do I stop the fighting? Would adding a third female gourami or other community fish help? I eventually want to get CPDs, otos, and pygmy cory cats as well as snails and shrimp, but my tank is so new that I wanted to get my gouramis and plants established first before starting to add others, plus even if I get others quarantining them will take another 1-2 months before I could add them to the tank anyways, right? I did not anticipate the fish would breed so quickly as I only got them just under a month ago and this is my first time having an aquarium since I was a kid, nor did I realize the extent and duration of this aggressive behavior and the at first exciting, soon dreadful infinite baby-making. I only have 1 tank for the 3 fish, it is a 20 long with wood and rock hardscape, half gravel/half sand, newly planted plants, 2 large fake plants and 2 fake floating grass so I can't place the fish into a separate tank.
  15. We have little swimmers, as of tonight. This is our first spawn with our German Blue Rams. Throw me ALL of your tips and tricks. 😃 Super Exciting! I was expecting that they maybe would have eaten their eggs as they did last time and I was expecting to need to give them one more try... so this was such a fun surprise!
  16. Started into a water change in my 65 community, and my angels didn't take too kindly to it. Turns out they paired up and laid on some of my bigger crypts. I'll give the mom credit, she didn't hesitate to go after my hand when I went to start trimming the plants. I'm not planning on pulling the eggs, I'll just let nature do its job. It must be something in the water today, my rams are all colored up and causing a stir too, lol. Edit: attack of the flipped picture, so I added another
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