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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Friends! I'm working on a presentation for my Ichthyology class about Cichlids, and I can't really find any photos of Cichlids in their natural habitat in SA or CA. I found some good ones from the reef lakes in Africa, but everything on the new world cichlids is from an aquarium perspective. If you have some, and wouldn't mind me sharing to a class of about 5, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and happy fishkeeping!
  2. Hit me with your favorites! SA/CA only. I'm not looking to set up a biospecific tank, but I do want to keep fish from the same overall area.
  3. My tank is a 55 gallon its not a traditional 55 gallon its much wider the demensions are length 40 inches height 20 inches width 17 inches i want to put an oscar and a parrot chichlid and 2 electric blue acarain it i do water changes every week my filter is a canister it does 264 gallons an hour im buying all the fish as junivelles and upgrading the tank in 2 years
  4. Hi, I'm new here, so I dont know all the ins and outs yet... Anyway, I have a 55g tank in my living room with African cichlids that I want to swap out for South American cichlids. 1) does anyone know which Black Diamond Blasting Media is the fish approved one? I was looking at the medium size at Tractor Supply, but I dont see any info about its actual size or whether it is rounded or sharp, or even WHAT it is made from. (Reviews say positive things, but who knows if they know which bag they bought lol) 2) I was thinking about electric blue acara, and geos, but I have no idea whether I can BREED those together. Basically looking for some pretty fish that are in demand that could live in a small tank in ones or twos (bigger customer base vs 13" fish that need 8 billion gallon tanks lol) 3) I'm in college, so maintenance needs to be fairly simple. Discus are out because of that. The tank is cycled and about 1 or 2 years old. I run two Penguin 350s on it, so no issues with filters etc. Thanks!
  5. We set this tank up about 4 months ago in a nearby school. Many fish were from our batches of fry. Others came from a breeder in our fish club. Just thought someone would enjoy seeing a tank full of hardy, semi-aggressive little American cichlids and tetras. It’s a potential “Thunder-dome” ... but so far, there’s balance.
  6. I was on another thread, about breeding for profit, but I think I have decided to skip the "for profit" part and just let nature take its course. If I get fry, then great, otherwise, the tank will look good (only display tank, so that is the real goal at this point). I have decided on A. Borelli (either 2 pairs, or a male and 3 or 5 females), a few (no idea how many I can have) gymnogeophagus Balzani (or more colorful, if I can find them), and some sort of dither fish (maybe Buenos Aires tetra, or Odessa barbs). At this point, I will be keeping the tank at room temp (the air gets down to 62ish in winter, and no more than 80 in the summer, so the water in the tank should stay above 65 and below 75. no heater. tank water: Gh=150ppm Kh=200-230 Ph~8.0/// tap water (based on the city water report) Tds is 350 with a range between 340-360. (Ppm) "Specific conductance" is 500 ranges between 480-520 (umhas/cm) 1) are there any other super colorful SA fish that would work with the ones I like (the gymnogeos, and apistos)? 2) any idea if the gymnogeos and apistos will kill each other during spawning (probably just breeding the apistos...) 3) what should the stocking numbers look like? Thanks. Sorry for changing my mind on a dime, it is SO difficult to find fish that I like and that don't need 8 million gallon tanks to keep LOL
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