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Found 19 results

  1. 5/27/22 : Well well well… what do we have here? I removed my HOB from the tank temporarily to do maintenance and found a clutch of mystery snail eggs! I don’t know too much about this other than recalling some videos I watched a month or so ago. What do I do?! Hmm… #1. Freak out (done) #2. Watch those YouTube vids again (done) #3. Create snail incubator (done) #4. Hit the CARE forum. (Hi!) A bit of background: My mystery snail is undoubtedly my favorite character in the tank. She (?) is full of personality and loves to parasnail down from the glass or driftwood when I drop in some Snello. So this was an easy decision. Raise the snails! But wait a sec… I only have 1 mystery snail. How did this happen? Are these eggs even viable? How long were they behind the filter? Months or days? Folks, we are going to find out! (er, somehow.. mainly we wait.) Fortunately I keep a little fish journal with measured parameters and what I do to the tank. @Guppysnail suggested I start a little snail breeding journal on here too. Great idea! So here we are. The mystery snail (York) was added on 3/5/22. One Nerite (Hampshire) was added on the same day. However, I’ve never seen them interact. Eggs were discovered on 5/27/22. A fellow forum member said a mystery snail can hold onto sperm/fertilized eggs for “quite some time”… to be continued… previous thread with egg discovery here!
  2. I keep a few Colombian or giant ramshorn snails (Marisa cornuarietis). I use them to help cycle tanks, or clean plants, etc. Not that they aren't cool on their own of course. Recently they have been coating the tank with eggs. They are below the waterline, which I expected. But, they are entirely clear and after 5ish days they don't seem to have any sign of life in them. I know they can take 10+ days to develop, but I'm not certain these are viable. Anyone have any experience with this species?
  3. After changing the water in my 5 gallon cube aquascaped tank I found these mystery square eggs. I'm suspecting Assassin Snail eggs but not sure. If so any hints on hatching them out? _______ UPDATE I'm an Assassin Snail daddy! I just spotted about 4 baby Assassin snails!!!!
  4. Hi, with a lot of my plants growing quite quickly I was wondering how to dispose of plants that I can't place back in the substrate (such as dwarf aquarium lily leaves). I've read about freezing as an option, but I'm not sure that it would also deal with the bladder and ramshorn snails/eggs in my aquarium. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone help me identify these eggs? They have been there about a week. I thought they were African Dwarf Frog eggs, but I goggled pictures and it doesn't look the same as what I found. I also found info that said they'd hatch within 24-48 hours. But I don't think there is any other thing in there that would lay eggs. These are the tank inhabitants: 1 Male Betta 3 African Dwarf Frogs 2 Mystery Snails (I know what those eggs look like) 1 Nerite Snail 3 Kuhli Loaches A couple pond snails.
  6. Any ideas what these small specs are on this clay pot? They're beginning to develop on my aquarium glass, plants and just about anywhere else they want to be. I've noticed whatever these are , they're next to impossible to remove without a razor blade. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rich
  7. ... takes a turn around the tank then lands at a nice spot by the filter. Asks the aquarist for an aglea - neat and makes themself at home." In all seriousness though, here's the situation. My golf ball-sized golden mystery snail, Asuma, was about a quarter of the size she is now when I got her has now laid a sizeable clutch of eggs. It has been almost 4 months since I purchased my mystery snail from my LFS. I was excited and baffled to find a clutch at the waterline of my 37gal community tank. Keeping in mind Asuma is a solo snail in that tank. So, I frantically started researching; how did this happen, how do they reproduce, etc. I read that mystery snails can hold onto a fertile clutch for months before deciding to lay them and that they could have become fertilelzed in the LFS before I brought her home. We decided to let the clutch run its course. I didn't want to risk injuring or loosing the babies, so I decided to leave them be. It wasn't until too late that I saw that you could remove clutches. Now, were at week 3 after discovering the clutch and I have confirmed 7 babies of varying sizes; the smallest the size of quinoa & the biggest a pea. My plan is to move the babies to a 20 gal I started cycling at the time of discovery. Once they're old enough to be seen and safely removed they will be transported to that tank. Couple questions and suggestions needed: a) How long until the clutch will be done having hatchlings? b) Since I am building this renewed tank around the snails, suggestions on substrate, enviornment and decor and tank mates please? c) Shells: Are they squishy or pretty hardened after hatching? d) Will "mom" eat them? Will their tank mates eat them? (they are with 6 guppies, 6 corys, and a hillstream loach) I welcome any advice or constructive critique. I am new to snails and learning as I go. I am super stoked on these babies though. Baby and Asuma ("mom") Baby Quinoa Sized Feb 26th-ish One of the bigger babies, today, approx. pea sized
  8. My elodea and hornwort (floating) are looking sad and brown. I have some type of brown algae going on (and an angry fish. See photo. Lol). It has been 12 days since i did maintenance on this 5.5. One betta. 3 snails (the first i noticed 12 days ago the third just tonight). Some flat worms on the glass (rhabdocoela i think..definitely not planaria). Ammonia has been definitely zero but looked like the api test might have a green tint tonight..or maybe im seeing things the more paranoid i get. Im totally new to plants and never had a snail...i guess they came free with the elodea....they poop a lot!. Nitrite zero...nitrate around 10ppm. pH around 8.3. Temp about 78. Questions (see photos): 1. Whats up with this brown algae on stuff...is thats whats up with my plants or are they dying? 2. My plants are pearling with little bubbles (see teal circles) what does this mean with all else going on..they are pearling and dying? 3. What is this white hazy fluffy fuzzy..idk stuff on my hornwort and at the surface line on that elodea? (See purple circles) 4. Are these pest snail eggs? (See orange circles..they are grouped..not pearl bubbles) Please any info? Did i wait too long to do a water change? Is my tank gonna crash if i clean the glass now? Is there something i need to watch out for? Change? Any info on how i move forward would be appreciated.
  9. Well within the past 5 days my mystery snail has now laid five clutches of eggs two large and two small. So I decided with my fiance since we will be having snails coming out of our ears. That we are going to find some small fish bowls for cheap and give them out to our nieces nephews and little cousins for Easter presidents. I can only fit 3 in the photo the other one is a little way off on the front glass
  10. Just curious how other people feel about nerite snail eggs. I have one nerite in my 60 ga slowly spreading eggs throughout the tank. Do the eggs go away after awhile? How do you get rid of em?
  11. Are there any freshwater aquarium animals that eat nerite snail eggs? Edited to add: We don't have brackish water, so we're not worried about them hatching. It's the white eggs all over the dark wood in our aquarium that's an eyesore.
  12. So i found theseeggs on my glass. Are they just snail eggs or something else?
  13. I’m guessing snails? Although I’ve never seen something in a bunch like this.
  14. I went to do my normal sat morning topoff and msimt and found this in my 20l. Any idea of what it is?
  15. Hello! This is my first time posting here. I couldn’t find enough evidence on this topic elsewhere so I’m not sure where to post on the forum. I am a minor who has a five gallon fish tank that, at the moment, only has a African Dwarf Frog and a Ghost Shrimp in it. I did a 50% water change before leaving on a trip for 5 days and came back to a strange, small, clear “sac” sort of thing containing white little dots. I’m almost certain that they are not eggs. In the recent past I had a betta fish in the tank a few months ago, and a while before that, a second ghost shrimp. (Both passed away). I unfortunately cannot find a picture that matches the growth in my tank. Could you guys please help me out here? All feedback is accepted!
  16. Would these be Pond Snail Eggs? We just discovered them this morning. Thank you!
  17. Hey yall o/ I just bought my first tank and set it up two days ago. I'm very pleased with it and can't wait until I can add some fish and shrimps. Today I noticed two spots on the lilaeopsis that have some sort of eggs on them. Can someone help me to identify the critters? Just in case I should remove them before they hatch...
  18. The only fish in this tank is a betta. There are snails. Could these be snail eggs? First time I have ever seen them. On the glass and a plant
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