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  1. I'm trying to track down a stressor/problem in my aquarium and I could use some insight regarding the smell of a tank. My tank smells earthy, like dirt, most of the time. I believe that's good, planted tank (20 gal long, floating, mosses and ferns), populated with 15 guppies, a bristle pleco, 15 shrimp and 4 mystery snails. But when I clean it, specifically gravel vac it, it smells like sulphur (rotten eggs). Is that an indicator of something bad? Seems like it would be. Are more water changes the answer? My levels are all good I think (amm 0%, nitrite 0%, nitrate 10%, ph 7.4, kh 5, gh 9) except for phosphate which comes out of the tap at 1.0 ppm and is currently 3-4 ppm in my tank. Don't know what I should be looking for but generally the fish have clamped fins except for a couple of them. I worry I overfeed them but it's not excessive, meaning there isn't food in the tank after five minutes, but I have dealt with swollen bladder issues in the past so I'm working on it and still trying to find the perfect amount. Any insights are hugely appreciated, thanks so much!
  2. I fed some cubes of frozen brine shrimp from a frozen freshwater multipack to my baby ranchus yesterday. They ate it all up pretty quickly like usual, but the water smelled off. I tested it and it had what looked like barely .5 ppm ammonia using a Coop test strip. Has anyone else had this happen before? I guess I am just going to avoid that brand from now on. I have a good sense of smell and it was like the smell of rotten food, nit sharp but like a compost with the balance off a bit. I did a big water change with Fritx Complete and threw in some more duckweed. All the fish are fine and behaving normally. I have not had this happen with any other food this week. After the water change I added some live brine shrimp from my outside tub and they had an enthusiastic hunt. The tub has 10 baby ranchus growing out in about six inches of water. I test and change it pretty frequently to encourage growth. I am growing them out and then acclimating them to deeper water to go in a 75. I will have to share a few of them when they are bigger. So far they are eating well, not showing balance issues, and their color is spectacular. They came in great condition from East Coast Ranchu. I am also following all of her directions for growing them out except for 100% daily water changes with aged water. I used a cycled sponge filter to start the tank, added some stability in with the first water changes, and also have cuttings of hygrophila and duckweed for them to munch on.
  3. Hi everyone, new fish keeper here. I bought a new 55g tank a couple weeks ago and am currently waiting for the tank to cycle. Shortly after adding water to the tank I noticed a strange smell. I couldn't even try to describe. I figured it would clear up after a few days which it did for the most part. Last night I did a partial water change since the nitrites seemed unusually high (2.0+ ppm) and now the tank is smelling again. Here are the contents of my tank. Any idea what it might be? Thanks in advance! No Fish Fluval C4 Filter API Quick Start added initially PetValu Essentials Water Conditioner Ecocomplete substrate - did not wash as packing said this was unnecessary 1 Dragon Rock - rinsed well before placing in the tank 1 Mopani Driftwood - boiled for 30 minutes Several Plants - Java fern, Hygro Willow, Java moss from LFS; Vallisneria and Crypt Lucens from existing tank
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