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Found 11 results

  1. I have a 20g Long planted with 9 White Clouds and 4 female Opaline Gourami. They are normally active and will usually come up to the front of the tank and touch the glass where to put your finger. I have had the Gourami Singh July 16, 2021. But, 2 weeks ago I added 6 Kuhli Loaches. When I did this, a had them in a 2.5 gallon that I was using as a drip acclimation container. I tried to catch them with a net, but after several minutes and some stressed fish, I gave up and carefully poured the 2.5 into the 20. Since then, the Gourami have been getting more skittish and spend all of their time when the light is on hiding. When the light is off they are still apprehensive, but will venture into the more open areas. The water conditions have stayed the same (ph 6.4 ish, KH 0, GH 300+, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 25-50 according to Aquarium Co-op strips, ammonia 0, about 75-78 degrees temp). About a week ago the second largest Gourami really freaked out and darted around the tank and scratched both of her sides. I also had noticed that the two largest Gourami were in general breathing heavier than normal. All 4 have gotten paler, but the largest has changes the most. At this point, I did decide to put a little less than three tablespoons of freshwater aquarium salt into the tank (dissolved into the water I was dripping in at the time, it was two tablespoons that were a little overflowing). I do my best to see them eat, but some nights they don’t eat at all while I’m there. And I’ve tried turning half the tank lights off and stepping back, but they still don’t always come out. The one who hurt her sides is getting better. I don’t have a picture that shows it, because they won’t come out to get a good enough one :(. The white Clouds, Kuhli Loaches, and Ghost Shrimp are doing fine (maybe even better now that the Gourami aren’t out and about). I’ve done my best to keep everything the same: same feeding time, same routine when I take out excess floating plants before feeding, the same foods, and the same water parameters. In the two weeks that the Loaches have been in, the Gourami have become more shy. Has anyone else had a problem like this with Gourami? Is there something I can do to help them relax? I have been hoping they would get comfortable again, but now they freak out when I approach the tank, and it’s been getting worse, not better. Here is a video I took tonight of them. They’re hard to see, and I turned one light off and they all went to that side immediately. But they spend a lot of time in that corner. The video also shows the white clouds after I just feed them. The Gouramis didn’t eat while I was in the room with the tank. Pictures are of the latest water test I did (which is about the same as they always are). And one when I took a photo of a Kuhli loach, but is has one of the Gourami in it taken the day after I added the Loaches.
  2. I have an 8 gallon planted aquarium with a few female guppies I kept from the final litter (the mother’s ok just separated the male out as it was getting overwhelming). They had always been around and would swim right up to the top at feeding time. About a month ago I caught my 3 year old open face palm the glass hard. He loves the fish so I know he didn’t do it maliciously. They haven’t been the same. Every time I walk in the room they bolt to the back corner under the sponge intake, behind some plants. It’s unfortunate cause they just started getting blue color in their tails and dorsal fins like their mother. is there anything I can do to coax them out or is it really just a matter of time? I assume they’ve been eating since they’re not dead and I’ve been trying to get the food to fall around where they hide.
  3. First, I naturally worry more than I should but I just want to be on the safe side. Can a fish hiding too much be problematic? I have a 29 gallon tank and the levels are good across the board. I have 2 otos, bristlenose pleco, yoyo loach, kuhli loach, and 3 clown loaches. The tank is temporary and the loaches will get moved to a 75 gallon tank. 75 is currently occupied by a cichlid that's aggressive to small fish. Back to the topic at hand. The clowns spend a lot of time hiding and I'm worried that it can be bad for their health. I've already had a case of ich pop up but that's been handled. I understand clowns are school fish but I'm buying them as I find them, they're hard to come by where I'm at. If it's the lack of numbers that makes them hide, is there anything I can do to accommodate them until the numbers get up? One clown hides in a mini house in a tight crevice and the other two stick around a log. Also, I can't tell if the yoyo is being aggressive or if the clowns are just being skittish. There are times the yoyo appears to chase the clowns but other times they're all just hanging out in the log without issues. I apologize in advance if I haven't made sense with something.
  4. Does anyone else have some grumpy / moody / shy fish that rarely get much notice? Here’s an old Apisto that skulks around all day... And here’s another one who hates to be in public... Here’s a Geophagus Heckelii who hates everyone ever since he lost a fight... And here’s “junior” who grew facial hair during COVID, and refuses to shave...
  5. I recently added some varitus platys to my tank, 55 gallon with a lot of plants and wood. I have three females and one high fin male, who is also the smallest of the batch. They have been in the tank for a couple weeks now and the male just seems painfully shy. A lot of times he hides in the plants, but not always, as he does venture out at times to eat food and nibble on algae. He does not have any clamped fins or other signs of disease, and as I said he is eating. His swimming looks fine, when he pops out. I will admit this is better then the first week where he just hid He does sometimes stay near one of the females, but many times when I do see him he is busy wandering on his own. The three females are a lot more visible, I see them all the time. Their only tank mates are six black neon tetras who ignore them ( I had some juvenile emperor tetras, but re-homed them as the males were already acting territorial and chasing the black neons away. Any ideas about what is going on here? I would like him to be comfortable about being out in the open more, he is a very pretty fish. Would getting some more platys help? The only thing is I would need to wait to add them because I would need to quarantine them.
  6. Got an odd fish behavior question for some more experienced gourami keepers. On March 24th, I brought home 3 pearl gourami. Two girls and one boy. They're currently the only inhabitants in a heavily planted 40 breeder. They were shy for a week or so, but eventually came around and would hang by the surface waiting for food and eat brine shrimp straight out of a dropper. Everything seemed to be going well. They were healthy, eating and generally hanging out all over the tank. Cut to 5 days ago, and they've suddenly become incredibly shy. Sometimes, if I come into the room too quickly, they'll spaz out swimming around the tank to hide. They spend all day at the very back of the tank underneath a large amazon sword or huddled in the back corner. Since they live in my office, I know they haven't had any traumatic experiences with people. Based on the glimpses I can get of them, they still look healthy. They're just always hiding. When I noticed the behavior, I checked the water and everything is normal, 0/0/5 nh3/no2/no3. I don't have any experience keeping gourami other than these guys, so maybe I'm overreacting to a normal behavior change. I've adjusted the light to give them a larger, dimmer space without any impact. I've considered adding my large school of CPD to the tank to provide some dither fish, but since things are a bit wonky in there I'm hesitant to make changes. Any thoughts or advice?
  7. Hello all! Greetings from Michigan. I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make my saulosi less skittish. This is my first experience keeping african chiclids. I bought them as juveniles about ten months ago and they were fearless, always begging for food. Then one day, maybe 6 months ago, They started to flee and hid every time I would approach the tank to feed them. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what changed, but over time I just became used to it. I tried approaching the tank with the room light off, but that didn't make any difference. Tank info: 75 gal. 10 saulosi (5 Male/5 Female) 6 synodonis petricola added shortly after the saulosi. Lace rock, black diamond blasting sand, vallisnaria, anubias barteri. 2x sponge filters. 1x 4ft stingray light. The tank is quite low to the floor, the lower tank on a double rack that I made. Maybe that makes them nervous? I though about maybe adding more fish, more females, more or fewer hiding places. Thoughts? Edit: I thought I should add that its not just when I approach the tank. If I sit on the floor 10ft away, they just dart around near the bottom. in and out of the rocks. I remember awhile back I searched and found one of Cory's old livestreams and he responded to a similar question saying that they are rock dwellers and that is normal behavior (paraphrased from memory). I just posted this after seeing Tazawa Tanks recent video and his saulosi were all in open water. Maybe just takes time? Anyway, mostly just asking out of curiosity, still loving the tank, rescued one fry yesterday so they can't be too upset. Edit2: ammonia 0 ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 20ppm gh 11 kh 6 temp 74
  8. Hello everyone, Ever since I rearranged the decor in my 29 gallon fish tank (it's been maybe two months or more), my school of 5 pygmy corys don't come out hardly ever. They always are hiding under their favorite log and rocks. They will venture out a little during feeding, but always stay under or near the shadow of the log. This is confusing to me, because before I rearranged the decor in the tank, they would always be out and about. Also, I only have other types of corys, a bristlenose pleco, a pearl gourami (just added in a week ago), and some Endler's livebearers in the tank. Any suggestions on how to get the pygmy corys to be less shy?
  9. Can anyone give me tips on getting my orange laser corydora’s to be more active . I have 9 in a 55 gallon planted tank for about 6 months now , with sand and lots of wood and rock to hide . It seems I’ve made too many hiding places as I don’t see them at all unless they are eating. I have a big amazon sword and jungle vallisneria to dim the light so it isn’t too bright for them and I still don’t see them 😔 . I have to slowly creep up to the tank to even see them before they spot me and dart off. I have 11 rummynose in the tank also , am trying to get more for a larger school. Should I add more cories ? I wasn’t sure how many is too many for that size tank as they get a bit larger than some of the other species. @Cory @Cory Gang @Corycatfan
  10. Hi, I have 6 Pygmy Cories in a ten gallon and they are super shy even thought I have a heavily planted tank with water wistera and lots of other plants including duckweed so that the light isn’t too bright. My water parameters are great yet they still hide out in the corners and they freak out when I come up to the tank. I have had them in the tank for about 4 months and I have no other clue of how to get them to come out. Any suggestions? Thank You!!
  11. Just curious..... What fish out there (not just goldfish) dont need plants or caves to feel comfortable...that would essentially be comfortable in a bare tank with minimal decor?
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