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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my journey with rehabbing this 75 Gallon fish tank for a local Animal Rescue in Kennesaw, Georgia. I'd initially expected volunteer orientation to consist of learning how to manage 40+ shelter dogs. However, during training, we rounded a bend, and there I saw it! At the end of a prominent hallway stood a dark, murky 75 gallon Aquarium! A weird, black hairy algae covered every surface, and at first I felt pity and horror at the thought of those poor fish (in a Shelter no less!). But then I was impressed as I saw it was also full of healthy, green Java Fern. I was humbled as my own Java fern struggles with black holes and general lack of vigor, despite my best efforts. In fact, far from being "neglected", this tank was much loved, yet it had no one who really knew how to take care of it. I knew that I could make this tank look really good, but could I convince it's "caretakers" to let me take it over? Diplomacy would be called for. Luckily, the offer of my services for free tank rehab and regular maintenance were accepted, along with promises that I, and I'm quoting here: "could spend whatever I wanted". Well, if that doesn't make a Nerm giddy, I don't know what would! Anyway, though I've kept my receipts, I'm certainly not spending "whatever I want" ! I've even donated some of my own plants - ok now I will post pics. This is the first picture I took after a MASSIVE 2X water change - with Buckets! Luckily, this shelter has court ordered community service volunteers who helped with all the carrying, but I was still exhausted. Had to teach them basics such as DO NOT pour HOT water into the aquarium. The black algae came out in clumps very easily, not wicked difficult like BBA - I wonder what it was? Anyway, more posts to come! This pic was taken on May 6, 2021. Java Fern, All Hardscape, and Gravel were already there (observe how pretty the Java Fern is, especially on the fake wood - subsequent photos will show its not as pretty after my interventions. I know for certain it DID NOT like liquid Carbon) -I added the Cabomba, Pogostemon stellatus and Hornwort from my own tanks.
  2. I have a 15 gallon seasoned tropical tank with a large anubius. I want to get some new fish in soon but i'm not sure what I should go for. Any tips? I'm more than interested in adding plants to suit their needs as well. My only concern are fish that constantly breed as I am not in a situation where I can sell or rehome fry. I appreciate any suggestions!
  3. Hi all, I have been seeding a canister filter on my cycled tank for a couple of weeks now (can't remember if 3 or 4 now). My husband and I are going to be making a 6 hour total trek to pick up the fish I plan on stocking my new tank in. Right now this tank does not have any fish, just some plants and whatever hitchhikers came with them. If I transfer the seeded filter before we go, I don't think there will be anything for the bacteria to consume and I don't want them to die. Is it best to wait until we have returned with the fish to install the seeded filter?
  4. Pretty sure this was one of the first few plants I got, believe it was this anubias plant, a java fern which hasnt faired so well, and a marimo moss ball
  5. Hello! I am temporarily moving across the country for work and am breaking down my 75 gallon tanks for the time being. I will be bringing a 15 gallon cube with me to keep me sane. On the livestreams and videos Cory has talked about the importance of a seasoned tank for a healthy ecosystem. If I was diligent in monitoring tank parameters do you guys think I could successfully breed Multies shell dwellers soon after cycling the tank? If not, please suggest a species you think would fit this size tank and could raise the fry with the parents in same tank. Thanks everyone for your time and responses! PFA my Purple Mosiac female guppy 🙂
  6. Was thinking about #STT & the many variables associated with it. Below are very rudimentary formulas that I was contemplating. STT= Established major reference points \ divided by \ % of new changes Would need several "gold standard" reference points to even begin comparisons. Here is a sample: 1. Calculated surface area 2. Total time without any changes to aquarium 3. Live plant stocking factors 4. Type of substrate 5. Others Also, maybe an "additive" test with ammonia itself, so see when the beneficial bacteria is actually starting to become stressed, etc. This could be another reference point. By determining how much ammonia would be required to see a small ammonia/nitrite increase, could indicate overall % of beneficial bacteria for a specific tank. I.E. STT= 10 gallon aquarium \divided by\ Ammonia added in (ml) Just some ideas that came to mind this morning......
  7. Has your aquarium settled down? Are the plants growing and the fish happy? Share photos of your seasoned tank.
  8. Hi All I have an aquarium that has been seasoned for around 6 months. It had fish in it, but I moved the fish about 4 weeks ago. So lots of plants and several snails are all that has been in the aquarium since. I have kept the matten filter running the entire time. I'd like to add fish back to this tank. Will it remain cycled or will I need to start that process over? I'm assuming it will be fine, but just wanted to double check.
  9. Cory coined this term tonight. While the context was fun, the concept is real. Stable tanks with substrate, lights, plants, and inhabitants in balance, have so much resilience. This is especially visible with any inhabitants for whom grazing is a nearly-continuous activity.
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