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Found 17 results

  1. So a very common subject, that many in various social media groups tend to feel very strongly about, is just how social Pea Puffers really are. The most common thing I have read lately is that they are indeed a shoaling fish and ABSOLUTELY MUST, be kept is groups of at least 6. Though commonly enough among experienced keepers I hear of them being kept successfully in smaller groups or even on their own. My own experience has led me to believe, that the actual numbers kept matter far less, than many think IF you keep them occupied. For they are the cantankerous old men of the fish world. One all alone in a five gallon tank with nothing to do, well he gets depressed, doesn't eat as well, sulks around a lot. Throw some dang hippy ghost shrimp in there, and suddenly he is busy all day long keeping those dang kids off his lawn! You put two together, and I guarantee, they will eventually be in opposing political parties, and quarrel nonstop. Unless once again you give them enough darn hippies to chase around and keep in line. You get 3 or more, and they form teams to argue amongst themselves like a group of old timers at the corner coffee shop on a Friday morning. Though these alliances are constantly shifting as the topic of the moment changes, so no single fish takes on more than they can handle, and once again they will drop whatever argument is going on at the moment to band together, and keep those dirty ghost shrimp off the java moss! So are they truly a shoaling species? I don't know. What I do know from my own experience, is that they are born into retirement, and are just overly intelligent to be left with nothing to do all day. So keeping them occupied is like having a checker board at a retirement home, it goes a long way to keeping the peace.
  2. Just purchased 6 ember tetras to start a new tank. Will it be ok to add more to the school later on or will the existing embers school more on their own?
  3. I reached out suggestions for a centerpiece fish. You all were so good at your recommendations, that I wanted to ask you again for suggestions for schooling fish.. The 20 gallon has 2 snails, 2 shrimp, 4 corydora cats, LOTS of guppies and I will be added 7 Otto's to help with plant algae. The issue is.. the center of the tank.. is well.. EMPTY.. I wanted to get some schooling fish that would be a good fit. I went to the LFS and saw some really pretty black neon tetra's that might look nice and not be too big. Thoughts for the 20 Gallon? The 40 Gallon, is REALLY lightly stocked right now (2 plecos, 6 panda corys and 5 Ottos ** will be adding more on the weekend too). Its the one that will eventually get the centerpiece fish, but I would like some schooling fish. The LFS had 2 I liked 1) rummy nose tetras and 2) Pearl Danio (NOT CPD) these were a bit larger with a beautiful color to them. I was thinking either a school of each or a LARGE school of just 1 breed? Thoughts on the 40 Gallon??
  4. Let's get the sad part out of the way first, I FINALLY got a pair of fish I had been wanting for a long time. 1 male and 1 female Pseudomugil Luminatus. They are supposed to be in schools of at least 6, but my local store only had those 2, so I got them. It's been 3 days now, in a 2 year established planted 10G tank with a colony of Neocardinia shrimp, 3 nerite snails and 5 pygmy cory I tossed in as a hopeful known peaceful schooling fish that might help them feel less alone without a school and thus less stressed out. Well, 4 hours ago I checked in and did feedings, everybody seemed to be doing fine, boy was flipping his little pom-pom flippers around happily, so I vacuumed out the remains of an algae wafer the cory didn't eat and went about cleaning my office/fishroom and setting up a new rack and a couple of new tanks. Turned around about 20 min ago, male was belly up, all color gone, dead. Got him out and into a bag/fridge to preserve for diagnosis/return (that's the most I have ever spent on fish... I want more now) but what do I do for the female in the mean time? I'm worried by what I view as potential missing scales on the male that make me suspect the pygmy's could potentially not be as peaceful as they are made out to be? Tested water, and I did have a bit of an ammonia spike from that algae wafer, but it was nothing horrendous (between .25 and .5) and the female still seems fine...... nothing else is out of whack water wise that I can test for, so IDK what to think.... Should I move the female over to one of my guppy tanks for now just so she has somebody to school with, or would the male guppy's give her too many problems? Any and all help appreciated
  5. So I'm very new to the aquarium hobby and I am enjoying my travels in the rabbit hole. My tank is only 10G and I'm already imagining larger tanks. I'll wait until I can prove to myself that I can handle my current tank. So my question is in the title: does anyone here have any experience with a relatively large tank (55G+) stocked mostly with small schooling fish? Is it viable? Are there any special considerations? To me, the schooling of these kinds of fish are beautiful!
  6. Need a fish for the middle/upper area of my well planted, peaceful community tank. Would like colorful - contrast with my other fish and ideally good schooling if possible. Bottom: Already have 7 Panda Corys, 1 bristlenose pleco Upper: Thinking of 3-5 Honey Gouramis Would like to get one small fish so I can get in a decent size school for my tank (thinking 15-20. Someday I'll have a bigger tank!) I know rummynose tetras school really well but think I'd like more color. Some I've been thinking of: chili rasbora, neon tetra, Emerald Dwarf Rasbora, maybe small rainbow fish? Thoughts?? Ideas??
  7. I bought 6 loaches from the shop on Friday. Unfortunately 4 of them died within 24 hours (checked the water several times and no issues). Between getting dinner, the ferry, and the drive it was about 4 hours before I got them home. I'm guessing it was just too much. Anywhoo, my question is that now I have 2 loaches will they be ok by themselves? Do I need to get more? They're in a 13 gal tank with a betta. The tank is lacking a bit in cover so I'm adding a few more plants today, but I'm just not sure if 2 loaches is enough. Thoughts?
  8. I have a 55g community tank I've been stocking over the past month. The upper water levels are mostly empty and in need of a flash of color. I was thinking between the two I'd take a larger school of smaller individuals, than vice versa. I'm currently eyeing up Lambchop rasboras and considering a school of about 10. Rummy nose tetras also seemed interesting but I've read they prefer soft/acidic water and my water is closer to neutral and medium hardness. I'm all about trying out oddball fish though as long as they're beginner/intermediate friendly so if anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  9. Whether its tiny little Neon Tetras or GIANT Clown Loaches, what are your favorite schooling/ shoaling fish? Here are mine: Schooling: Cardinals or Rummynose Tetras Shoaling: Corydoras
  10. I just moved to a 40g tank and have plenty of room for more fish. I prefer smaller schooling fish, low maintenance, and community/non-aggressive. My water is hard (12) and pH is high (8.0-8.2). Tank is planted, no CO2, no heater (67F to 75F) but would bump that up with a heater if I need to. Current stock: 8 White Cloud Minnows 6 Eastern Blacknose Dace (local minnow from the creek...very hardy and will school with the White Clouds) 7 Amano Shrimp 4 Nerite snails I'd like something darker with color. I'm not looking for bottom feeders (Cory/Oto), guppies, platys, or anything over 2". Some I'm considering: Celestial Pearl Danio (may also breed them) Rummy Nose Tetra (may need warmer water and lower pH than I can provide) White Cloud Minnow (I plan to get more, but probably want a second species along with them) Harlequin Rasbora (my pH may be too high) Most of them (and anything really) prefer lower pH. I'm told they adapt and consistency is more important. Thoughts on that?
  11. Do all types of tetras get along with each other if I were to put say groups of 10-12 of a few together? Also would tetras and rasboras get along together? I’m new to the community tanks , only dealt with cichlids and trying to figure things out.
  12. Hello, I was just wondering if you guys can help me. I'm trying to fill up my 55g tank, so far a have a few tetras but they are fighting all the time I'm not too familiar on how to treat Tetras. I have 7 Zebra tetras (4 normal, 3 glow) and 3 Diamond Tetras (2 normal 1 glow) I know what you are all going to say about the glow ones, but I like them and if you do your research this cool fish are not injected (maybe theyr ancestors did, but that was along time ago) they were born that way and are very healthy and happy. Now being said that they have some sort of aggression to each other, I know they are schooling fish but I'm afraid they don't get along and I have no idea why. Maybe is because the tank is too big? Do I need to put more fish? Probably I do, but I'm slowly but surely working on it, maybe you have an idea on what to do or maybe suggest something any help will be great appreciate it. Thank....
  13. Hi everyone, in my 180 gallon tank i currently have a red spot severum, a red shoulder severum, a vieja synspilum, 6 tiger silver dollars and a school of about 20 Congo tetras. I’m looking to replace the Congo’s. Any ideas of a larger schooling fish that can hang in with my larger fish. The Congo’s do great now. The larger fish completely ignore them. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
  14. What is the best strategy for adding schooling fish to you tank? do you quarantine a large group together and then add them a few at a time to the tank? how do you keep ammonia down in the quarantine tank? do you buy only a few at a time, put them through 4+ weeks of quarantine and then add them to the tank and start quarantining the next batch? how do we add enough of them so they aren't stressed without causing an ammonia spike?
  15. Hello, I am looking for ideas on a very colorful schoolong fish that can tolerate some current and not very many plants. I don't want White Cloud or Danios. My first choice would be Cardinal or Neon but I am not sure how they will do in a lightly planted tank? Most articles on them state densely planted. Thanks
  16. if you have different types of danios ( or other schooling fish)do they breed with each other or will they stay pure to their particular type?
  17. How many silver tip tetras would you put in a 20 gallon long tank🤔?
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