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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone I’ve got a quick question. In the past I’ve kept floaters, some of my favorites being Salvinia and frogbit, but it’s always been a big pain doing so in this tank because of the large HOB aquaclear. I’ve done the whole plant barriers by the filter and this and that and something always ends up going wrong so I’m in the process of converting the tank to sponge filters only. Finally keeping floaters will be more enjoyable! Anyway, I’ve only tried floaters in summer months in the past. My apartment is older and frankly not insulated well at all.. I live half an hour outside of Boston so it gets pretty darn cold here during fall and winter. My heaters are plenty powerful enough to maintain tropical water temps year round, but during winter the air temp in the apartment can be around 60 degrees while I’m out at work. Can plants like these handle those air temps? Would it screw with the plants if their water temp is in the high 70’s but the air temp only low 60’s? thanks!
  2. Someone locally is selling Salvinia Minima floating plants. Do any of you have experience with this plant?
  3. Hi everyone! What would be the common reasons for the yellowing of my Salvinia? It's worrying me since they're supposed to be really resilient. I've added them about a month ago.
  4. Ok I live in Hawaii so I just set up a mini pod 2 weeks ago and when I bought some water hyacinth and duckweed I found this strange plant I have never seen before anyone know what it is.
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