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Found 6 results

  1. So we know salt is bad for plants. We know that salt is a good way to treat disease. We know that keeping fish in their familiar environment is less stressful... My betta had a touch of fin rot that did not seem to respond to a combo of maracyn and ichX. So I devised this... The giant pickle jar is floating freely in his tank. It is at his familar temperature, and I am feedinng very lightly and changing the salted water 50% daily. He looks better and seems pretty happy honestly. I vote big win.
  2. So, I feel like this is a no brainer, but is there any reason why you can’t use marine salt like Instant Ocean for medicating fish? I use API aquarium salt at work a lot for medicating fish and it’s always a pain in the butt dissolving it. I use Instant Ocean at home for BBS and it dissolves easily. The only issue I could see is it raising the PH more than API.
  3. i recently spotted one of my l333 plecos (1 out of 4) in my QT tank coming down with ich, ithe Qt tank is 16 gallons with said plecos and some orange venezuelan corydoras, is it possible to treat it with heat(cranking it to 86 degrees F(30Celcius) and adding 1 tbsp of salt per 5 gallon like in the pleco planets website? is it safe to thse fish?
  4. So this is actually from about half a year ago. I've since lost this guppy and two others to this same disease, all of them were females. What happens is they would at first get sluggish and not swim around too much. Then they would stop eating. Usually around when they stop eating they start developing red spots(see photo) on their body. It usually just starts with a tiny red spot but then develop into larger patches, like internal bleeding. I was also seeing one of them flashing. And eventually they would die, usually the whole process takes about 1 week. I've treated this with salt and Maracyn 2, but neither made any improvement. After doing quite a bit of research on the internet i haven't find anything that matches this exactly, the strangest part was all the other inhabitants of that tank were fine, including the male guppies. So I was wondering if anyone here has any insight on what this could be and how to treat it.
  5. does anyone recognize whats going on with my firemouths jaw. the store said it was fungus but i cant find any other pic of fungus that looks like this...
  6. My big goldfish has the beginnings of fin rot and I want to treat with salt. There are two dojo loaches in the 125 with him. Will they be ok with the 2 tablespoons per three gallon salt level?
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