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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, bought this recently at my lfs thinking it was dwarf sag. Already half the height of my 10Gal. Any thoughts? Also, what is the shorter fuzzy plants off the the right. The culture cup it came in said rotala but I’m having my doubts. Thanks for your help
  2. ... now it looks like a teen who gave in to peer pressure & let her friend trim her bangs at a slumber party!
  3. Hello, I need help with diagnose whats happening to my dwarf sag. I bought them a few days ago and i noticed that 2 leaves start to turn brown at the tip. Is it ok to trim the brown area only? As a side note, i have hornwort in there and the needles are falling out too. I dont have any fish yet. My tank, 15 gal. - no CO2 - i have root tabs inserted -6500k led light, 4-4-4 rule -eco complete substrate -aeration 24/7 -temp: 22 C Thanks!
  4. I bought this dwarf sag from petco yesterday and I came out this morning and the once green algae was this red color! Should I freak out? I have a ton of other plants in this tank and I don't want them to be affected. What is this? And what do I do???!!!!
  5. I got a flower stalk on my dwarf sagittaria! It started sending the flower stalk up a couple days ago, and there would be a bloom and then the stalk would grow more until it finally reached the surface. Tank has a mixed substrate with Fluval stratum, eco-complate, and gravel, lighting is Fluval 3.0, no co2 in this tank.
  6. I recently bought my first two species of plants - vallisneria, and dwarf sagittaria. One reason I chose them is that I thought they only need liquid fert, but now I'm seeing that they *must* have root tabs. Which is it? Do they need root tabs? Frankly, I don't want to mess with it. (I was planning to buy more of the val and sag, but if they need tabs, I'll hunt down species that don't.) Thanks guys.
  7. Hello, I was wondering on how to prune/cut back moneywort and Sagittaria. I have a tall tank and the money wort has reached the top (maybe two and a half feet). Do I need to cut it down at the base? Or just somewhere in the middle of the stem (only one of the stems actually have roots growing from it)? Also with the Sag do I just mow it down or do I just cut it near the end of the grass arms? Thank you,
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