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Found 12 results

  1. Hi friends! I want to put some floating plants on my RES pond... Is easy green safe for the turtle? I know it shrimp, snail, and fish safe. Thank you!
  2. I know easy green is safe for shrimp amd snails, but is it safe to use in a tank with african dwarf frogs?
  3. Does anyone know if “industrial water” is safe for aquarium fish? This is the kind of water you get in Biology labs and I was wondering if it would be safe to use for an aquarium since there are only Deionized water and Industrial water in the room. I am leaning towards a heavy no, and I don’t have any water test kits (my main concern is heavy metals) in which case, I would just use use DI water and remineralize it with something like wonder shell. What do you think?
  4. I am repurposing a tank to be heavily planted. My intent is to keep some or just my breeding pairs of cpo crayfish in it. The dwarf orange crays. Easy iron says it is shrimp and snail safe which is usually what I look for in being cray safe as well. Does anyone have first hand experience or knowledge if the easy line will work with my dwarf cpos? They are my favorite and I would be heartbroken to lose my little dudes. Thank you!!!
  5. Hello, wondering about your experiences adding salt to aquariums to promote healing, etc. for community tanks that include panda corydoras. I feel like I nearly killed mine by adding one tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons (they were acting so poorly after one day and seemed to be having skin issues that I moved them out immediately). Now I’m afraid to try again, but think my main display tank could benefit from it (perhaps at a lower dose?). I cannot find anything specifically speaking to pandas and I know that optimal water parameters can vary greatly between types of cories. I have seen other types called out specifically for how well they handle salt but never pandas. What’s been your experience? Thanks!
  6. I understand that aloe vera, copper and glutaraldehyde which are toxic to amphibians. IF used in moderation and only if or when nitrate levels are low, is there a safe liquid fertilizer for amphibians such as African Dwarf Frogs?
  7. I have some how removed the coating on my plant tweezers with hydrogen peroxide. The metal underneath is a bit rusty. Is it safe to use in my shrimp and fish tank?
  8. Hello I was wondering if someone can answer my question. Is aquarium salt safe for shrimp and snails in small quantities? I am wanting to switch to brine shrimp for my fish and I don't want to lose any shrimp or snails. Thank you for helping me @Cory
  9. I'm looking to purchase a nano sponge filter for my 5 gallon tank. We had a tetra whisper hob filter and it tore my betta's tail and fins up really badly. He seems to be doing okay, but I'm overhauling everything to make sure he doesn't get hurt again. I've seen some reviews that a coarse sponge can snag and tear delicate fins. This is my first fish and I'm completely clueless. I've seen other sponge filters with softer sponges for sale on other sites, but I'd really like to buy through aquarium co-op since they seem trustworthy. Does anyone have any advice/experience/suggestions for this dilemma?
  10. Safe for aquarium? Not safe? It was my understanding spiderwood is taken from azalea roots. If this is true, I'm wondering if cuttings from branches could be used as well. I ask because I had to prune back an old azalea this summer and I saved some of the oldest, driest cuttings, which have been sitting in my garage for a few months. I thought these--trimmed up, cleaned up and thinned out a bit--might look good in a blackwater, leaf-litter aquascape. Anyone have any experience in with this type of branch wood?
  11. Greetings I lost a baby mexicain dwarf crayfish today (😭😭😭) and I am trying to figure out what may have caused it. I forgot to make sure - is easy green safe for dwarf crayfish? I assumed it was as it’s shrimps safe. Not saying it’s what killed it btw, just trying to eliminate causes. Thank you!
  12. I've noticed my green tiger barbs hav ich. They are in a tank with my crayfish. Will ich x harm or kill my crayfish?
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