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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been building up a tank since September of last year to house ropefish in. Our LFS was recently able to finally get some and they are now in quarantine for the next few weeks. I've noticed there hasnt been much discussion on ropefish here or elsewhere so I wanted to make this thread not only to talk about my journey owning these fish as I'm able to but to also discuss them in general. There tends to be alot of conflicting information about this fish around from whether it's brackish or freshwater, to what size it truly grows to on average. To start things off say hello to Slender, Denim, and Gene who are currently in their quarantine tank.
  2. So I wanted some smaller fish to go with my discus but the only problem is that all the fish I want can fit in a rope fish’s mouth if something can possibly fit in there mouth the will eat it so I need something that’s small like a tetra but won’t fit in a rope fish’s mouth
  3. My 60 gallon tank is not up and running yet but I found a vendor who has some 6 inch long rope fish for sale. I know rope fish will eat whatever they can fit in their mouth, but at such a small size, are small fish at risk if they are in the same tank? I have also noticed they are sort of harder to find so I dont necessarily want to miss an opportunity if possible.
  4. I just got finished cycling my 55 I currently have 2 discus and a rope fish I also have and angel fish that I rescued and is living in there temporarily I know some don’t think they should be housed together but he is happy and healthy other than a bent dorsal fin that has nothing to do With this but I want to know what I could add or should it be discus and rope fish only
  5. hello! So i have a 2 ropefish and i was wondering if i could keep a vampire shrimp with them since they are very messy eaters and they dont eat all the food i give them.
  6. Hello everyone, As you may have heard I am planning to redo my 75 gal. into a community aquarium. The most exotic of all of the fish I want to add is a pair of ropefish. All the fish with the ropefish are going to be too big for his / her mouth and is relatively non aggressive. The smallest aggressive fish is going to be ebr and appistos. If anyone owns a ropefish how do they like it? Are they extremely difficult? Do they do well in a nonaggression community setup? And lastly, where did you buy yours? ( Preferably not wild. ) Thanks to anyone who wants to add to this!
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