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Found 3 results

  1. So, after my little Channel cat experience, I have been thinking (already a bad sign) about making a river tank. Does anyone have any experience/advice on this type of setup? I am not going to try a biotope because I am interested in Rio Motatán in Venezuela, and fishes in that river are either endangered or vulnerable. But this river is a great mix of white water, quieter pools, flooding, and dangerous cresting during rainy season. A great excuse to try the powerheads that @Streetwise pointed out to me for the PSB. Lots of rocks, some vegetation, mainly thick roots. I am thinking a shallower water line along a 10' wall (will be making the tank). I will post the design once I have something coherent. Canister filter for filtration since there is no room for a sump (sorry @OnlyGenusCaps). Possibly loaches and catfish. Too early to tell. Any insights? TIA
  2. Hello! I’ve had a 20 gallon high tank set up for a couple of months at this point and am still trying to figure out exactly how to finish planting it. I’m going for a slow moving, calm river vibe. I’m also planning on adding some leaf litter and making the water a little bit darker. I’ve already got java ferns, anubius, and hornwort in the tank. I’m planning on adding some moss to the piece of wood in the future. However, it still doesn’t really look river like enough to me yet, and I’m thinking it’s probably due to the lack of plants. I’m running a fluval planted light on the tank, no CO2 injections. What do you guys think would help this scape look more complete plant-wise? Edit: Any opinions on the Tiger Lotus bulb for this setup? I love the plant, but worry that it wouldn’t work too well with this scape.
  3. Hey guys, I have a river tank with a lot of hillstream loach. I thinking about my setup. any of y’all tried a river tank with power heads and pvc? Or any other setup that’s effective? How is the maintenance? I have a 75 with a circular flow. I don’t know if that’s bad or not. Just wanna hear about other people’s experiences.
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