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Found 19 results

  1. Wondering if anyone out there has a tip for sexing ricefish. Obviously if I see one carrying eggs, we have a female. Several sources online refer to males having "bigger" anal fins, but the issue with that is you need to have both sexes in order to compare... and if I knew that I had both sexes, I would not need to know! Haha Does anyone know a better way to sex them, especially ones that do not rely on comparisons with the opposite sex?
  2. Medaka Ricefish Fish (1) The year long local search for ricefish came up empty so a few months ago I decided to try ordering from Aquahuna upon Cory's recommendation. Well they did not disappoint. I received six very healthy Pearl Galaxy and Orange Youkihi Medaka Ricefish, 3 males and 3 females of each. I keep them on the top shelf of the rack with no lighting other than sun from the window. Each variety is kept in its own bare bottom 10 gallon tank and a DIY static K1 biofilter. One week after moving inside the Orange (scroll up scroll up copy paste) Youkihis bred for the first time. Two weeks after that the Pearl Galaxies bred. Eggs stick to the vent of the female until rubbed off onto a surface. I tried a few methods to collect eggs but the easiest so far has been to place a large scuff pad flat on the bottom of the tank. The eggs have been taking about 10-12 days to hatch so once a week I inspect the pad for eggs which are usually found around the edges. The eggs are removed with a pipette and placed in a hatchery made from a deli container with a screen hot glued over holes punched on each side. A small air lift continuously drips water through the hatchery container. I've been getting good hatch rates with this method. Feed The adults are fed daphnids, scuds, and flake food when I'm feeling lazy. More rarely I feed them live baby brine, blackworms, or frozen bloodworms. The fry are being fed infusaria through a slow drip overflow siphon. Recently I found my neglected rotifer culture was packed with rotifers so I added them to the regime. And once a day I pipette in some vinegar eels. (Edit: not surprisingly the rotifer culture was not very sustainable while being harvested on)
  3. Ph- 7.4 Nitrates- 10 ppm currently (usually lower but cannot do maintenance due to recent surgery) dKH- 10.0 dGH- 8.4 Nitrite- 0 ppm Ammonia- 0 ppm Water Temperature- 79F Due to significant issues with health, and problems with the aquarium and the livestock within it I’ve been having for months now, I have debated multiple times taking this aquarium down. But I have missed having an aquarium for many years, and I want to give this another go with possible solutions when I am able to. HERE IS A TIMELINE OF WHAT’S BEEN OCCURRING: (I’ve gone back and tracked everything up to when I got they shipped to me) DISCLAIMER: Not all of this could be connected to the same issue, treatments are severely limited based on what I can get, and this is just a log of everything I have noticed and have done since having them. JAN 21- Livestock arrived via shipping, 7 ricefish and 1 male betta splendens - Death of 1 ricefish minutes after acclimation - Decided to QT with salt for 2 weeks to start and dewormed with Fenbendazole FEB 1- Noticed a ricefish flash on gills, started API General Cure for 2 weeks -never observed more flashing after this moment FEB 11- Had Hydra (completely not an issue) and dosed Fenbendazole at a very low dose FEB 12- Second very low dose of Fenbendazole to eradicate Hydra FEB 13- Water changed out all medications FEB 16- Death of 1 ricefish after noticing isolation from other fish and some lethargy in the morning -started to swim more in the afternoon and died within minutes after -examined outside of body, possible minor bloating, but nothing else FEB 24- Eye issue on 1 ricefish, significant inflammation -also noticed flashing shortly after from 1 other ricefish -did large volume water change and then dosed API General Cure (decided to treat for parasites first, also got sick and couldn’t do anything to the aquarium at this time) MARCH 13- all issues from FEB 24 went away, and large volume water change was preformed to remove medications (went back to weekly water changes while I was recovering) MARCH 26- 1 ricefish excreting white waste (no more were observed) -did not medicate because no other symptoms were observed, digestive issue was speculated APRIL 1- surgery and rest of period of time is during recovery (cannot do much of anything during the rest of this time) APRIL 7- 1 ricefish euthanized after extreme lethargy, swimming pointed upwards, and escalating struggling was observed - eye issue in 1 other ricefish, suspected inflammation around the eye, more so the top, eye itself is completely clear -decided to give salt bath for 45 minutes to ricefish with eye issue (monitored every 15 minutes carefully, and released back into aquarium) APRIL 8- all issues from APRIL 7 continue, and 1 other ricefish shows significant reduction in appetite I cannot set up a quarantine tank for fish currently having issues due to my recent surgery. I am not sure what the issue is, but if more issues continue to persist after possible future treatments (based on the advice I get), I likely will speculate that it could Fish Tuberculosis, if the same symptoms persist. Due to my health issues, future needed invasive surgeries, and current recovery from my recent surgery, I am very limited in what I can do. I am very limited on what I can get, and what I can afford, due to recent medical bills. Any ideas on what could be going on is highly appreciated.
  4. Hello Everyone! I wanted to start a conversation about ricefish so we could learn a bit more about them. If you keep ricefish maybe share a few details you find interesting about the experience. What variations do you like or really want to find for your own collection?
  5. Hello, I thought I would share some photos from my red cap medaka breeding project now that a few have grown to maturity. I started breeding these guys in a colony of 10 fish, about four months ago. The process started slow but, now I hatch out around 50 to 100 every two weeks. I've started slowing down on hatching now that I have around 500. I also keep a few orange medaka as well as some blue medaka and rainbow shiners that are not pictured. Image 1: 17gal Muck Bucket with Red Cap and Blue Medaka fry + juveniles Image 2: 17gal Muck Bucket for Red Cap Breeding Image 3: 55gal Red Cap grow out tank from above Images 4,5: 55gal Red Cap grow out tank from the side (Sorry that the fish are out of focus the iPhone camera can only do so much)
  6. Hey! Question 1 I can't have a fish room inside, as we're renting and don't have permission for anything but nano tanks. I'm planning on getting a tub to breed something like madaka ricefish in. I've been reading The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti - he doesn't really recommend airstones or sponge filters, but I think I'd feel better with that. I don't have any outside plugs, and would have to run an extension cord in order to have an airpump, is air worth it to jury-rig something? Someone posted how they macgyvered a solar panel to a USB pump, but the more I ponder on that I'm not sure I can do it since I'm planning on my tubs getting only morning sun. Question 2 I'm really interested in breeding plecos - I think they're a super fun fish, but I don't know if they can breed in tubs outside. All the videos I've seen are inside tanks, so I'm not sure conditions outside are for this species. Recommendations? Any general recommendations for breeding fish in tubs is appreciated. I've re-watched a lot of videos by Ryo Watanabe and anytime Cory and Dean mention tubs in their videos. I live in Utah, we're getting record drought and beating heat records already, so if there are tips to stay water-wise, I'd appreciate it.
  7. I have 11 Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows that have been in an outdoor tub for several months. I bought 5 Platinum Medaka Rice Fish about 2 weeks ago that are in a separate outdoor tub. I would like to maximize breeding of both. Can I safely put both species in a single large heavily planted tub without worrying about increased predation of one species adults against the other's Fry? In other words, do the fish recognize the other species fry as "foreign" and are more likely to eat the other species fry than their own? I know both species are pretty good about not eating their own fry given enough food and cover. Neither have shown any signs of spawning yet. Any other hints for breeding these 2 species? Thanks for your input and experience.
  8. Hello everyone! I have been keeping fish for over 20 years, but this is only my second attempt at summer tubbing. Last year, I had a planted whiskey barrel guppy pond, and they did great and had lots of babies! I have recently fallen in love with Medaka/Japanese Ricefish, and have been reading and watching everything I can about them for months! They are supposed to be hardy, adaptable, and perfect for ponds and container gardens. We dug a 30 gallon pond at the beginning of April, put plants, rocks, and driftwood in. We added beneficial bacteria, and dechlorinator, and left it be for about a month. In the meantime, I got a school of beautiful platinum ricefish, quarantined them with meds, and observed them closely for several more weeks. They were doing great and the female even had eggs! A few days ago, I introduced all 8 ricefish to the pond. I acclimated them slowly by pouring pond water into their container of tank water, over the course of an hour. I sat by the pond for the next few days watching them swim happily and gobble mosquito larvae! They were so beautiful! Then, on the 3rd day...disaster! Only 1 medaka came up to greet me yesterday morning. I found the rest dead in the bottom of the pond, and assume the last one has died as well. I was heartbroken! I buried them in the garden and tested the water. 1ppm ammonia, 0 Ni, 0 Na. I didn't think water changes were necessary in ponds/summer tubs, but do I need to do them? What do I do to fix this problem? Or do I just wait...and test every week? When is it safe to try again? I really thought ricefish were super hardy and could tolerate most anything. I am shocked and devastated to loose all of them. They were showing no signs of distress. I really want to try ricefish again, but I won't put all of them outdoors next time (or all of my eggs in one basket). I thought my pond would be ready for fish by now. Please help?! Thank you!
  9. So here in Western Washington, the Temps during the day are about High 70's-Low 80's and the nights are about High 40's (Specifically 48) - low-mid 50's, and I'm setting up my old 40gal Patio Pond for Ricefish & Neo. Shrimp breeding again. But this year I'm also looking at some other option I could possibly co-hab with them to breed as well, does anyone have any suggestions based on the temps & tub size? More Info: Heavily Planted is the plan, with Azolla, Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth, Indian Rhubarb in the middle / back. Possible Ideas: Rainbow Shiners, Longfin White Clouds, Vietnamese White Clouds, Endlers, CPDs maybe?, and Gambusia Holbrooki (I heard they can get quite feisty so they'll probably be by themselves).
  10. I got some medaka ricefish in September and they started breeding like crazy after just a few weeks. By my estimation, the oldest fry I have right now are about 3-4 months, and I am anxious to sell them to my LFS. However, they are only about 0.75", which seems a little on the small side for selling. I have been feeding a variety of high protein foods such as live baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, Xtreme krill flakes, and rotating in a smattering of Xtreme nano and bug bites for variety (I have a fish food problem lol) Mainly I am wondering if others find this to be a normal growth rate or if there is something I could do to (safely) ramp things up? I know that guppies can appear "chesty" if you push it too much, and I wasn't sure if I might see a similar issue here. I see that a few stray fry in my heated tanks (80*F) are bigger than in my fry growout (69*F). Do you guys think I should add a heater? Could overcrowding be an issue? (I am happy with the water quality, but it is quite overcrowded... I'd rather not admit to a number 😅) Just looking for some input from others. Thanks!
  11. I've got 7rice fish and one of them is making 3ish eggs a day. when this started looked up what to do and threw in a mop because there wasn't any plants (this is a temporary tank until it warms up outside). After 10 days i inspected the mop and found 0 eggs but threw it in a tub with an airstone just incase. I also made a second mop and put that in with the fish. It's been 12 more days and no hatches, and I don't see any eggs in the new mop either. I'm assuming she's dropping them on the substrate but they'd be impossible to spot there because of the mixed color gravel. Are there other mop designs or some other way i could go about this?
  12. Inverts and Snails Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Goldfish Assorted Lionheads Bettas Veiltail Crowntail Halfmoon Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Cichlids Bolivian Rams Assorted Small Discus (Cobalt and White Butterfly) Corydoras Panda Corys Sterbai Corys Pygmy Corys Habrosus Corys Plecos L177 Gold Nugget L128 Blue Phantom Filament Whiptail Catfish (Super cool looking) Common Colombian Otocinclus Other Catfish Dwarf Petricolas (Locally Bred) Loaches Kuhli Loach Reticulated Hillstream Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetras (Tank Raised) Rummy-Nose (Tank Raised) Neon Tetra Candy Cane Tetra (Back In Stock) Ember Tetra Diamond Head Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish (Wild) Black Neon Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Silver Tip Tetra Glowlight Tetra Rasboras Pork Chop Rasbora Neon Green Rasbora Danios and other Minnows Celestial Pearl Danios Leopard Danios Vietnamese White Clouds (Love these) Barbs and other Cyprinids Neon Rosy Barb Hi Fin Rosy Barb Rainbow Shark Livebearers Assorted Male and Female Endlers Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Blue Variegated, Neon Red Dragon, Flamingo, Neon Metallic Blue, and Snow White) Killifish Florida Flag Fish Ricefish Platinum White Medaka Ricefish (Stunning Looking) Oddballs Senegal Bichir Black Line Freshwater Pipefish Pictures from top to bottom: Filament Whiptail Catfish, Hi Fin Rosy Barb, Black Line Freshwater Pipefish, Assorted Lionheads, Marble Hatchet Fish, Black Phantoms, Leopard Danios, Patinum White Medaka Ricefish, Vietnamese Whitecloud (super hard to get a still pic)
  13. I was struggling to get rice fish eggs. They didn’t seem to respond to yarn mops and the eggs I found in the Java moss had fungus. So I saw the fish with the eggs attached pulled them into a Lee’s specimen container with a little moss. When the eggs were in the moss I took them out and gave the a soak in a methylene blue treatment. Then it was into an egg tumbler. We will see if this produces a better result.
  14. I'm lucky enough not to have to pay for rent/utilities, so I've set up two for-profit tanks to pay for the hobby, or even possibly a little bit of my car/school. Old pic. I can't remember why the water level was so low, lmao. Plants: Crypts, anubias (which will be moving to the goldfish tank), frogbit, vallisneria, red root floaters, java moss, and amazon sword. Stocking: 7x Daisy's ricefish, 5x bronze corys. Post-qt, one of the ricefish is very skinny and listless so I'm not sure if it'll make it. Treating with paracleanse again. The corys have gotten MASSIVE since I purchased them two weeks ago, and from what I've read, the ricefish are a month or so away from being large enough to breed. If you look at the large white ricefish, they have been moved to a neighbor's tank and just started breeding today! I'd like to upgrade this to a 20g in order to give the corys more room and add more plants, and turn this tank into a grow out tank. There's a sale going on at a LFS this weekend, so I'll see if I can pick one up. Stocking: 5x orange ricefish. I estimate they're a couple weeks away from being large enough to breed. They don't look great against the orange/red substrate unfortunately 😞 Plants: Java fern (also going to the goldfish tank, but the petsmart lace variant has begun propagating, so the babies will stay in here), vallisneria (half of which is going in the goldfish tank), spring onion, microsword, hairgrass, crypts, melon sword, monte carlo, frogbit, red root floaters, pearlweed, and possibly dwarf sag. If you couldn't tell, I love plants and I'd also like to sell cuttings for profit 🙂 I should, however, figure out which plant is which. Plants are my ultimate impulse purchase. This weekend I'm gonna cut glass for the lid and actually pull the plants that are going in the goldfish rescape tank. I'm also gonna replant the pearlweed,
  15. My not quite 3 months old ricefish has started laying eggs. I thought she was just fat at first, as she's alway eating. Should the eggs be trailing like a chain? She's the largest of 4 that I raised from eggs I bought from internet. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the other 3 are mature enough to fertilise the eggs, they are almost half the size, and I'm not even sure any of them are male.
  16. So what breeding project are you juiced to start? I am really looking forward to breeding the orange rice fish I just got. They were pricey but if I am successful I will be able to recoup the price. Come on share your story.
  17. @Dean’s Fishroom64 oz over 6 hours. Water is also exchanging with the 250 gallon so the fry tray doesn’t become rancid. testing it with rice fish first. Then on to the T. schoutedeni fry! on a side note: my ricefish mixing has been fruitful. Many of my orange color fry juveniles are starting to get black patches. Hard to get on camera.
  18. Rice, rice, baby! Just saw that my gold medaka ricefish eggs have hatched!!! 10 days exactly since they were laid! I'm very excited and just wanted to share my happiness! This is the first egg laying fish that I have intentionally spawned. I am excited to grow them out and spread them into the hobby! They are SO tiny! I should be seeing more in the coming days as they have been spawning every day for the past 10 days. That's so many eggs! 😊😊😊
  19. Hello Everyone, I moved 16 platinum Ricefish from my 20 gallon bucket to a 150 gallon stock tub. They were in the 20 gallon bucket for 14 days and I found fry about 12 hours after removing the adults. When will it be safe to add the fry back with the adults and will I be able to colony breed them in a 150 gallon without intervention or should I keep playing musical plants. I want to breed enough to sell locally and invest in another tub but I don’t want to breed more than I can keep and sell. thanks for your input, Jerry
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