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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fish friends! So I have an opportunity to do my honours thesis next year working in a fish lab (how cool is that???) This will involve designing my own research project, carrying it out, and publishing a paper on my findings. I think this could be such a cool opportunity to try and mythbust some aquarium lore or learn more about the things that affect us as hobbyists. My question to you is... what are some big questions you have about the way fish work? What would you love to find out but don't have the resources (or time or energy) to test? I have some ideas already but there's such a smart science-based community here I thought I'd see what cool ideas the nerms have. Some of the things I've thought of: How different diets affect growth/reproduction, how temperature affects sex ratios of livebearers, SOMEthing to do with salt and it's medicinal properties... there's honestly so many things. So many potential topics in breeding, in growth and development, and in disease treatment. The possibilities are a bit overwhelming!
  2. Ah, my Google News algorithm knows me well. Interesting article on fish scale "armor" and the trilineatus cory. https://api.nationalgeographic.com/distribution/public/amp/animals/2021/01/tiny-catfish-shrugs-off-piranha-bites
  3. Can anyone tell me what stops working in tropical fish when the temperature drops ? Why do neon tetras die but goldfish survive ? Do all tropical species share a common metabolic pathway which is different to cold water fish? I've tried the Google search method but failed to find anything. Thanks Terry
  4. The best way to search journals, research articles, and the like is to use Google Scholar. It will look specifically at articles, journals, and books. Figured I would post this as I've seen it many times where people ask on how to search research papers or scientific articles.
  5. Wmarian


    There was an aquatic vet three day virtual conference earlier this year that I heard was great with applied research for our needs (basics and advanced). Resources from that conference are still available to those who registered. Just heard of their next event in August in Australia. I think this one will be focused on parasites? AUGUST AQUARIUM VET CONFERENCE https://www.theaquariumvet.com/confer...
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