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Found 7 results

  1. I called SASHCO’s customer support team to get confirmation, but I wasn’t sure until today. Lexel is an excellent high quality sealant that has excellent adhesion even on wet surfaces, but according to their staff, it hasn’t been tested below the water line for more than 30 days, but more importantly, it isn’t actually silicone at all, it is rubber. It does in fact release chemicals over time and would kill aquatic life. they claimed that this was on the packaging, but I could not find it anywhere on the packaging, the website, or anywhere else available. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to read a tube of clear caulking, but it’s not exactly easy. Especially when the tube itself is clear and the writing is black and you can see the writing on the opposite side at the same time.
  2. I finally got around to resealing my 60 gal hex and I'm pretty happy with the job I did. the vertical seams look great! and the bottom... well that gets covered with substrate haha. The next few things to think about are scape, stock and the possibility of leaving it rimless. I have top trim for it but kind of like the rimless look. I've never owned a rimless tank, are there any draw backs that I may not immediately thing about?. As for stock/scape, the dimensions are little odd for a hex. Its wider(27.5 in from face to face) then it is tall (22.5 in) (with 16 in faces). This gives me a large foot print with 55 gal height but 20 long length. I was thinking angel community but would love to hear other ideas. I am a total novice when it comes to scaping. I have seen some pretty amazing looking tanks using the "island" style. I'm imagining something with sand up front, transitioning into a built up kind of forest look. viewable from 4 of 6 sides. My wallet hurts just thinking about it (granted I have an endless supply of bronze crypts from my dirted 20 long). I definitely want to do plants, but I'm a DIY light kind of guy and I like to keep things low tech (i hear C02 is expensive up front). in conclusion, I'm super excited about this tank as I think it could be something beautiful and unique! but I would love to hear stocking ideas and see some of your low tech scapes and hopefully find some inspiration! (the above pic is not the final location of the tank) Thanks!!
  3. I have a used 36 gallon bowfront aquarium that has peeling seals along the bottom edges of the tank. It is not leaking now, but the silicone is beat up bad. Should I go about resealing the inside seals, resealing inside and structural, or leave it alone? This would be my first time doing this and would gladly accept any advice or tips.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for a little advice I recently bought a used Oceanic Systems 60gal Hex and I'm planning to reseal it. The last owner also resealed it (did a sketchy job by the looks of it), and he had it running for something like 20 years. As I was cleaning off the old silicon, I noticed that the seams had little bubbles in them but were not foggy at all. With a tank this old I would opt for a rebuild, but given that its a hex and was very high quality, I'm not sure if that is necessary. I've attached pictures showing some of the seams, they are all in similar shape. The tops are worse then the bottom, but I will be adding the trim back on. What do you guys think? Has anyone rebuilt a hex before? Thanks! bonus pic of my 40 breeder
  5. I just took my first crack at resealing a leaking aquarium, I used selsil aquarium grade silicone. Does anyone have experience with this product? And also does anyone have a suggestion for how long I should wait before water testing the aquarium? I have had it drying in a basement since last Sunday (1-3-2021)with a fan and room temp is around 55 ish degrees Thanks in advance and have a fintastic Friday!
  6. Hey everyone! Turns out my 6ft tank has a very very small leak in it. So time to reseal! I have used a razor blade to remove all the old silicone and have the new stuff (aquarium safe) ready to go. This is my first time resealing a tank so does anyone have any suggestions? Here are some photos (sorry for the poor quality):
  7. I am resealing a 55 gallon aquarium. It held water but all the silicone is gone on the corners. So for safety sake I'm resealing. This is the second time I've resealed a tank, but it was awhile ago. I don't want to do extra work that isn't necessary because I have really bad hands. I've removed the upright corners and am getting ready to remove the bottom, which looks great but I know I have to do that. My question is, is it imperative for me to remove the silicone at the top of the tank under the rim? If you reply, please include your qualifications for answering the question (I've been resealing tanks for decades, I'm an aquarium builder, etc). Thanks!
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