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Found 2 results

  1. Last month, I bought a Kissing Gourami and a Blue Gourami to add to my Gourami collection. I kept them quarantined for about a week with meds before moving them both to my 55g with 3 Dwarf Gouramis, aHoney Gourami, Red Lizard Whiptail, Zebra Angelfish and several Mystery Snails. They all got along great which is what I was worried about. However, 2 weeks after I bought him, the Kissing Gourami developed white spots across his body. I assumed this was Ich as that was one of the only two diseases I've ever had experience with, the other being Popeye. I wasn't worried as I had always easily beat Ich when I kept fish 10 years ago. I treated with Ich-X every day with water changes. Unfortunately, the Kissing Gourami didn't seem to get any better. The 3 Dwarf Gourami's and the Zebra Angel also developed these spots after about a week. I set about researching what else it could be and I really couldn't find a definite answer on what it was. I decided to settle on Culminaris and began treating with Melafix. I only had two treatments left of Maracyn and the local petsmart doesn't sell it. None of the infected Gourami's got any better but the Angel completely lost her white spots so I moved her out to an empty tank along with the Honey Gourami, Blue Gourami and Red Lizard Whiptail. After nearly 2 weeks of treating Melafix and finally the rest of the Maracyn when the Melafix ran out, all 3 Dwarf Gouramis and the Kissing Gourami passed I've since completely drained the tank and filled it with new water. I let the decorations dry out and kept them dry for 24 hours, this includes the sponge filters. I wasn't really sure how to clean the plants so they are as is. I also installed a HOB filter with floss to filter out any crud in there. Any mulm has been completely removed. My question is, how do I ensure this disease is gone? More medicine? Just wait a few weeks? Thanks for your help EDIT: The Angel has completely recovered. None of the other fish in the tank developed any signs of a disease since removing them.
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