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Found 6 results

  1. I have RO water I was wondering if I could use easy green to put the minerals back into the water using easy green?
  2. Hey everyone, I’m thinking of setting up an RO unit for aquarium (and household) use. My pipes are 100 years old, pretty nasty and leech a bit of copper into the water. 🤢 Pipes to street are lead... ugh 🤢 I have a pretty good idea of how to set up the RO unit, but I’m unsure about re-mineralzing the pure filtered for aquarium use. Can anyone guide me on what is involved? Thanks!! 🙂
  3. Looking for some input on whether I should just use my tap water or use RO and remineralize for a planted tank. out of the tap: PH: 7.2 (ish)Ammonia:0ppmNitrite: 0ppmNitrate: 2-5ppmGH: 143.2 (8 dKH)KH: 340.1ppm (19 dKH) just to make things a little more interesting, our tap water often has a very strong sulfur smell to it, not sure how that will effect things. Does anyone see any issues with using water this hard (aside from limiting what livestock can be kept)? Anything I should look out for or be concerned about. My initially concerns are having way too much nutrients and just having an algae bomb waiting to happen. On the other hand I've never used RO water in freshwater applications and am not sure what products to use to achieve a desired chemistry. Long story short, I'm setting up a 5 gallon Fluval Spec V in my office, but we're on well water with incredibly hard water It's been a while since I've done freshwater and plants. I'm just getting back into it after keeping salt water for a while (so I still have my RO/DI unit and all that jazz. So I'm not concerned about equipment) BUT being an office tank - I'm not in everyday of the week so I want to keep it fairly low key, while still giving everything my best effort, and without cutting corners.I appreciate any insightThanks!
  4. I have a 75 gallon community tank with Mollies. I have been told it is best to supplement the tank with something like Wonder Shells to make sure the livebearers and plants have a happy life. I have hard water, but I have never tested it. I think I am going to try adding Wonder Shells to my tank, but I was curious how you tell if your minerals are in a healthy range or not? Is Wonder Shell so great that it’s best to add one every few weeks and forget about it? Or should I test my water? I would rather my tank inhabitants and plants have their beat life, but I don’t want to throw money at the tank if it doesn’t need it. Or maybe I just prefer to spend the money on something else for the tank. Haha.
  5. I already have an rodi system up and running for my saltwater tanks, and my tapwater can't keep fish alive. So I was wondering how to re mineralize it for tetras, cory's, and other community fish
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