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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, A friend of the family rescued an Orange Pleco. However, she was recently diagnosed with cancer and asked if I could take it as she's trying to downsize and reduce care load while in treatment. I only have room for my one 10 gall tank and it's at capacity. I said I would put feelers for an experienced aquarist that might be interested in taking the Orange Pleco. She wants it to go to a good, experienced home since it's already been rescued. Anyone in Western WA interested? Thank you!
  2. I am looking for other hobbyists in or around my area. One of my fish is outgrowing my tank (29 gallon). I am hoping to rehome him, he was one of our first fish when we started just over a year and half ago. We fell into the trap of depending too much on a big boxes fish knowledge(never again!). Once we got him home we realized he would easily outgrow our 10 gallon, and its now time for him to be in a 55 gallon or bigger. He is a Monodactylus sebae (African Moony). He was never transitioned to brackish or salt water, and has done great in a fresh water planted tank. Not sure his sex, but we call him Charley. He is approximately 7 inches tall, maybe 5 inches long, and not even an inch wide. We did learn that his breed prefers a community, unfortunately he was the only one we could find in a 50 mile radius. So if you happen to have this species, it would be a match made in heaven! If anyone in the area is interested please let me know! We are sad to let him go, but we know he deserves a bigger tank and bigger friends.
  3. Hi! I'm a science teacher that has taken on another teacher's discarded Betta. Backstory: The fish were originally given as gifts years ago, in vases with various plants for filtration. At the start of the shutdown, all of the fish were moved to my class because I had sinks and tables. Fast forward 14 months and only 4 are still alive. I have found homes with students for 3/4. The fourth looks very sickly and so I'm trying to bring him back to his former glory myself (to avoid traumatizing a student). With a little Googling and PetSmart advice, I am trying to prepare a 5 gallon tank for my Betta. I need serious help and guidance. Where do I even start? Pictures include new tank, close up from 5 months ago, close up today with plant moved to new tank.
  4. I routinely see fish for sale that get so big that most people will not have the space to house them sold at 2-3in size to unsuspecting people such as red tailed catfish common plecos pangasius catfish wonder what peoples though are should they be banned I have had lfs tell me pangasius only get to 5in in size and it ok to put a group in 50gallon some would take there word for it and then they find it hard to rehome them because they are hundreds of people in the same boat
  5. Hi Aquarium Coop, I have a few Platies and Mystery Snails that I would like to part ways with, as my tanks are getting overcrowded. Do you take dropoff, and is there any credit or incentive (not that I'm asking for one, just want the animals to have a new home)? Ryan
  6. i have nowhere to put it longterm. its in quarintine now because it has ick, velvet, and fin rot (poor thing) the best thing i got is a 50 gallon mbuna tank. my family is absolutely in love with this fish and i dont know how to rehome it without them getting angry at me. i would love to put it with my cichlids long term but i want to get rid of it before it gets huge. thanks
  7. I hope this is an ok post, I'm not trying to sell or give away, I just need advice on how to go about re-homing one of my pets.😥 7 years ago, I decided to get an aquarium. I had grown up with 10 gallon tanks with guppies and swordtails. I researched tanks and water parameters, but stupidly, NOT the fish. On advice of the store, I got a pleco that would "only grow to 4-5 inches". So now at 9 inches long in a 45 gallon tank, I think he's killing my other fish. He's not eating them, but by the amount of waste he produces. Is there a large fish rescue that anyone is aware of that can help?
  8. Rehoming a lot of plants, dragon stones, driftwoods, and fish. Need advice on set-up. One tank will be planted community with eco complete. The other tank unsure, but may be for cichlids. This guy had all these fish together in one tank, and they all get along ok, but it's too many and shouldn't all be compatible. Which guys and gals should go in each tank? 1 electric blue ram cichlid 1 tiny (1") cichlid (he said it was a baby electric blue jack dempsey) possibly or maybe its just apisto 2 boesemani rainbow fish 1 denison barb roseline shark 1 pearl gourami 2 cherry barbs 2 black skirt tetra 1 leopard danio 3 black neon tetra 1 rainbow shark 3 tiny spotted corydoras (2" maturity) 1 siamese algae eater but with light yellow fins and tail 1 red-tailed loach 1 cinnamon kuhli loach 1 leopard frog pleco possibly (super duper stunning bright gold against black) 5 amano shrimp 1 harlequin rasbora 1 2" long barb of some kind 2 red-tail rasbora 6 red wag platy 2 tetra of some kind (beautiful with green body red tail and belly like green fire tetra, but with bright white ticks on fins) 1 super long vail silver angelfish possibly (looks like a show winner quality) 4"body, 9" overall 1 raggidy black with silver angelfish 3" He had 7 24 carat gold white cloud minnows that I added in with my three comet goldfish (stock tank in basement) So... two 75 gallon oceanic tanks with stands to be set up, and one existing tank for cold-water fish. Thank you so much for help. I want to give these fish and plants the best life possible under the circumstances.
  9. So have a question. My step son got out of the hobby and took down his tanks and was going to throw his fish in the garbage so I told him no and I would take them. Now I have 10 tanks but they are mostly 29 gallons and he has some fish that get bigger. (3 oscars around 8-9 inches , Jack Dempsey, firemouth, convict, feather fin catfish, and a blood parrot ) I have them separated into these tanks which I setup for different fish which are on hold till I can find something to do with them. I couldn’t let him just kill them. Where can I reach out or advertise to see who would take them. I dont have any local fish clubs and the only fish store is a petsmart that won’t take them. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi everyone. I am going to be moving soon and need to rehome my fish. Does aquarium coop accept fish or if not are there any other good options locally? Thanks,
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