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Found 7 results

  1. I am overrun with Red Root Floaters. Every other day I’m feeding our tortoises and chickens enough to completely cover a 10 gallon. I have friends wanting me to ship them some. Does anyone have pointers for shipping them? I hear they are the easiest to ship. Thanks so much!!
  2. Hi everyone! So... I went to my LFS, for some red root floaters annnnddd... I may have gotten some... Other stuff. I first of all got this beautiful piece of rock it's an about 3 pound bit of ohko/dragon stone with really good texture, and some darker colours that I personally think would go really well with a lush mass of plants. I also was passing by the tank with dwarf aquarium lily bulbs, and couldn't resist this really vibrant lily. I know these get really big, for a 5.5 gallon, but I just couldn't pass the opportunity up. I'll probably have to do a lot of trimming to keep it from shading other plants, although if it keeps even a fraction of the red it currently has I'll be more than happy for that tradeoff.
  3. Cory Iv been looking for Red Root Floater plants by any chance do you have any for sale? if not where's the best place to go with the best deals on these plants and best quality, price, ect
  4. So this is my first time keeping a planted aquarium, and all things seem to be going smoothly, I've got great color, great plant growth, etc. This is also my first time dealing with any sort of floating plant. Everything I've looked up for Red Root Floaters seem to be pretty straight forward. They're pretty robust, easy, etc. So I'm glad that they should do fine in my aquarium with how I've been doing with my other plants. I guess my biggest thing is, is there anything you can recommend to get the maximum out of these little guys? Anything I should know in particular dealing with floaters? Really any help and discussion would be great! I'm super pumped about my new tank and am loving returning to the hobby!
  5. Hello all! I am a newbie to planted tanks and recently (about two weeks ago) set up a five gallon nano aquarium with anubias nana petite, Java fern, Java moss, and ludwigia repens, and (the reason I’m posting) red root floaters. I planted the tank about four days ago. The tank has some pre-cycled media (from a 1 gallon I actually got through the nitrogen cycle but did not stock at all). I set it all up and even put a sponge on my filter outflow because there was more surface agitation than I was comfortable with (red root floaters don’t like that). Despite this, some of my red root floaters are partially submerged and the submerged leaves are starting to melt (while the ones at aren’t are doing very well) . . . Even though they’re not being knocked around by my filter. I dosed the recommended dosage of API Leaf Zone (which contains both potassium and iron, which I read that floaters need) I have my aquarium LED on the brightest setting for eight hours of consistent light every day. My new tank isn’t fully cycled but it’s getting there (we’re already through the worst of the ammonia spike) here are the current parameters: gh 60 kh 180 ph between 7 and 7.5 nitrate 20 nitrite 0 slightly above 0 ammonia I was contemplating dosing the recommended fertilizer dose twice a week instead of once (so double the amount of fertilizer) because I read that nutrient deficiency will cause the red root floaters to sink and melt. I was also contemplating increasing the light time (I had read somewhere that a newly planted aquarium should only receive about 8 hours of light to fend off algae but I also know red root floaters need a lot of light) If there’s anything else I could try, I would be extremely grateful to hear it. I really love my red root floaters and would be very sad if they all melted away. . . I attached a photo so y’all can see what I’m talking about. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have had red root floaters for about 6 months now. They are in an open top rimless tank with a fluval 3.0 on 50% for 12 hours about 6 inches away from them. They have never been red. Earlier this month I was getting ready to go to a swap and portioned out some to take and trade or give away. I started collecting the week before and left them in cups on top of another aquarium under a fluval 3.0 at 50% for 12 hours but about 8 inches away. I did not go to the swap and I have left them in the cups on top of the aquarium for about 3 weeks now. They are turning quite red. The lights are the same. Same settings and time periods. I would have thought that the red root floaters closer to the light that have a constant supply of nutrients from the tank inhabitants would be the better looking redder plants, not the ones further away from the light source sitting in stale water for weeks. Why?
  7. I bought a pack of red root floaters and salvinia to help soak up nitrates in a 7 gallon. After somentime the salvinia is doing well but the red root floaters are browning, sinking and disappearing. I've read care guides that say they dont like surface agitation but they're pretty hardy. But i can't get them to survive in my tanks. The only agitation is from a sponge filter. I dose fertz regulary and lightly over feed the tank. Anyone have any ideas? Water stats 0-0-20ish. 8.0 ph. 8 hours of high light per day. Dose 0.7 ml of iron once a week. Soft water hardened with wonder shell.
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