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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I added a hillstream loach to my tank about a week ago and am mildly concerned that I haven't really seen it go after the food I've put in the tank (Hikari algae wafers and Repashy gel). However, my several dozen red cherry shrimp, amanos, and various snails have been having a feast. Do I need to be concerned about the RCS outcompeting the loach for food? Thanks, AJ
  2. Sigh... Today I got home and found one of my amanos having a little snack. I thought "where did you get that" it was one of my RCS. I feed well, perhaps even over feed. Is that "normal"? Did I make a mistake mixing amanos and RCS? I started with 20 RCS and the most I can count regularly is 6-7. They can hide so I expect I have maybe double that. But definitely less than 19. My brief research says RCS are supposed to outbreed the predation...But I haven't seen any that look like males since I added them to the tank. And none are berried as far as I can tell. My amanos are giants. The big females are well over 2" Do I need to get some more RCS to hopefully get a male or is there something else I can do to prevent predation?
  3. Howdy Nerms. I have a couple of 10 gallon RCS tanks and they are don’t move around much. When the tanks were young these shrimp raced around often. Now that they are six months old they are just kicking back. They are eating and slowly producing. I have sponge filters and heat to 75. Sand bottoms with Java moss and Malaysian drift wood. Ph is 7.4 and GH is 6. Ammonia is zero. I feed a couple a shrimpee sinking pellets every two days. I do water a change every 5 days about 20%. Recently I did a substrate siphon cleaning (small python for nanos) to see if that would help do difference. i just wonder if others have had this experience and can tell me if I am doing something wrong? I have other tanks that are younger and much more active. you thoughts? many thanks, tedrock.
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