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Found 8 results

  1. This forum topic is a great idea and thank you for giving me a place to record my re-entry to the hobby, and my first time keeping fancy goldfish! After 2 weeks of dumping Fritz 7 & Fritz “Fishless Fuel” into the tank, and futile attempts to get some live media from a local store or hobbyist, I ordered 2 active sponge filters from AngelsPlus.com. They did the trick and the tank parameters have been solid since. Added my new goldfish on Thursday with a plan to move 2 of them outdoors to a 70 gallon pond/water feature. Acclimated the little guys in their bags for 20 minutes and set them free. The little red cap Oranda was quickly dubbed Braveheart, because he jumped out of the bag and practically demanded food as though he’d lived here always. Next came the little red and white Oranda, named Wiley, because although he hid quite a bit, he has proven incredibly great at snagging all the food away from the bigger, slower Ranchus! I test the water neurotically 2x daily and the parameters have remained solid: 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite, 5-10 nitrate, 8.2 ph, 70 degrees. I had a visit from my local fish tender to take a look at the fish and my setup. He noticed a couple of little “zits” on Marilyn, one of my Ranchus. I’m super fortunate to have an aquatic veterinarian in my area and made an appointment on June 2 to have an exam (she can’t come sooner). The seller, King Koi Goldfish, has been super responsive and attentive to my questions about this fish and reassuring that it’s most likely nothing to worry about. I hope it’s nothing, because I am already attached to all these little guys and frankly I can’t even imagine moving them outside! Also surfing CraigsList for a bigger tank. LOL. Today I did a very small 3 gallon water change just to get some of the obvious fish poop off the substrate. That didn’t even really drop the nitrates. I’ve already gotten embroiled in watching the “controversy” between an elderly PhD who advocates anoxic plenum filtration. I remember my first aquarium had an under gravel filter when I was a teenager… things most likely have advanced a bit since then. But it’s all an interesting chance to learn.
  2. Can you keep two male ranchus together?
  3. Good Afternoon, Yesterday we while at our LFS we were browsing and came across the very fish that my teen had mentioned wanting a few months ago. Ranchu Goldfish This is Boba Pearl. Our latest addition, s/he is currently new fish quarantining and is awaiting the cycling and completion of his/her new home. We are new to this species. So, any advice, facts and experiences you can share are greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are setting up the tank this weekend, and were thinking of a planted and layering with fluval plant and shrimp stratum lava soil and river rock / pebbles on top. Constructive critisism welcome. Thanks guys and gals. We are super excited about our new baby!
  4. LoriG

    Sick ranchu

    Hi! I have a sick ranchu, Sealy. He’s been on the bottom of the tank for about 3 days. I’ve had him and his 2 ranchu sibs(Gloria and Daisy) for a year. Sealy is still interested in feeding but I’ve on given boiled peas to see if it was constipation( hasn’t helped). He’s always been prone to stay at the top of the tank & I assumed he had a problem with his swim bladder. I want to dose some aquarium salt, but I have a Japanese Trapdoor snail, Mr Fujiyama and fear it will hurt/kill him. I’m at the take end of cycling a QT so it’s not really an option yet. What do you advise?
  5. So just wanted to share this as I find it cool. I recently set up a 55 gallon outdoor tank for a pond for breeding pseudomugils and native glass shrimp and put in cycled sponge filters and a few of plants from my LFS (I work there) and my plants from my Ranchu goldfish pond (Hornwort in particular) and after a few weeks letting it grow and do its thing I have atleast 20 odd Ranchu babies! Plus the glass shrimp I wild collected are doing quite well and I think possibly berries hard to see it though. So the ranchus were a complete surprise but a pleasant one. The photo attatched is one of the largest fry I've found. Getting fat on hikari first bites and baby brine shrimp!
  6. Just wanted to share a few photos of my favourites. I’ve got about 25 or 26 (honestly I’ve lost count). Due to time I don’t bother with the traditional keeping practices, but my way works well at least for pet quality fish. I generally let them live their lives in big above ground ‘ponds’ during the summer so they can eat bugs and algae (and twice daily feedings). The ponds have cattails and pickerel rush which handles most the ammonia though I also run several sponge filters as well. definitely wish more people were keeping these, but they can be more difficult to source than the side view ranchu.
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