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Found 10 results

  1. So my 2 angelfish in my community tank decided to lay eggs on a strand of jungle val. They both appear to be taking care of the eggs and chasing away any fish that get too close. I don't know if the eggs are viable some look white/yellow. Should I pull the eggs out and put them in a separate tank? Should I pull the other community fish out so they aren't harassed by the angelfish parents? Would like to have success so not sure where to begin. Sorry about the picture quality I need to clean the aquarium glass.
  2. Lots of people talk about the easiest fish to breed... guppies ect. But I am curious to know what fish is actually the easiest to raise from conception to its adult stage. It is my understanding that a lot of species will eat their eggs or young fry before they have a great chance at survival. Also do some fry have very specific care requirements as they are being raised? I'd love to hear from all of the master breeders (or newbie breeders!) out there and their own experiences.
  3. I've heard a lot about a "no drip" turkey baster being the one to get for tiny water changes and transporting fry. Is there a specific one that's best?
  4. My F1 crenicichla regani dwarf pike (01JAN21) are a huge variation of range and some of my F1 moliwe kribs are also growing quickly. I know we have plenty here with exponentially more breeding knowledge than me. Does anyone have a general timeline for non-annual F1 fry to reach maturity and produce F2 generation fish? Planning on continuing a few projects into additional generations.
  5. So I have a dilemma. I have Electric Blue Acara eggs that showed up unexpectedly in my 40 breeder. The parents have been diligently guarding them, and they appear viable. They are about 3 days old, so I expect them to hatch soon, and the parents have been digging little hollows to put the fry in in preparation. Their only tankmates are a cloud of mutt guppies who are curious but not gutsy enough to challenge an acara. They have been SUUCH good parents. I bought a Ziss EZ Breeder box because I would really like to grow out the fry, and I did not expect them to be this successful. I assume that if I left the fry with the parents they would raise them for 2 weeks and then possibly eat them and spawn again. So I think I should pull the rock, but I kinda want to see if they will raise them? Ahhh, decisions decisions. The fry will be easier to target feed in the box, and I would get more to adulthood maybe. But if they can raise them to the brine shrimp eating stage I would be able to catch the fry in a few weeks before the parents spawn again...And it would be easier maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. So I have a pair of pygmy sunfish in a 20 long with some zebra otocinclus. One of the fish, I believe the sunfish, have spawned and I have tiny almost microscopic fry scattered about the bottom. My tank is medium planted as you can see in picture, I've added a few more stems since I took the photo and has some catappa leaves in the bottom, plenty of microscopic foods on the glass and in the substrate. My question is do I need to remove the parents to get survivors or will they get eaten? They are tiny fish and the fry are even tinier so I'm not sure. It's a bigger tank than they need probably but they spend most of their time at the bottom. The parents are really good at hunting small foods
  7. My bloodfin tetras breed every morning like clockwork. I've decided that I want to save some eggs and see if I can raise the fry. I've been looking all over for information about when to start feeding baby tetras as some fish have yolk sacs and do not need to be fed for the first day or so. When is the appropriate time to start feeding baby tetras?
  8. I added this pair into my spawning tank tonight. Almost immediately upon finding each other they were displaying spawning behavior. With any luck I should have some eggs tomorrow or the next day.
  9. So I have about 100 panda molly since April. I would like to use their two grow out tanks for aquascaped display tanks. Whats the fastest, healthy way to grow them to sellable size? Im feeding Tetra flakes, live bbs and shrimp flakes. TIA! 🙂
  10. Hello Everyone, I moved 16 platinum Ricefish from my 20 gallon bucket to a 150 gallon stock tub. They were in the 20 gallon bucket for 14 days and I found fry about 12 hours after removing the adults. When will it be safe to add the fry back with the adults and will I be able to colony breed them in a 150 gallon without intervention or should I keep playing musical plants. I want to breed enough to sell locally and invest in another tub but I don’t want to breed more than I can keep and sell. thanks for your input, Jerry
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