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Found 4 results

  1. In this U. S. native tank, there are Rainbow Shiners, a pair of Florida Flagfish, and a pair of Rainbow Darters. If I wait long enough, I can usually find the female darter. But that male.... fugghetttabowdit! He’s the least seen fish I’ve got. So... I set up a sting operation. Left the camera roll after dropping in some frozen cubes of food, left lights out, and came back 10 mins later. Then I had to search the footage. Finally got him on the record! Keep your eye on the lower right quadrant...
  2. Rainbow Darter is starting to color up. Read a NANFA spawning report that one aquarist had success breeding them using spawning mops (!) So, made a mop that blends in pretty well. We’ll see... Rainbow Shiners coloring up. Did light timer narrowing for a bit, now expanding to simulate seasonal change. Males have begun chasing females. Added a spawning tray. We shall see...
  3. So.... on some thread a little while ago, someone asked for “dream tank” setup... or dream fish.... can’t quite remember. ANYWAY— my answer was “Native North American Species tank featuring Rainbow Shiners + Rainbow Darters.” Today (drum roll....) the Rainbow Shiners arrived! We’ll see how they settle in long term. Here’s specs + a few photos: 29 gal. 63-degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor bio wheel 280 HOB filter + sponge filter. Mexican beach pebbles (large) plus smoothed landscaping stones. Small dried oak leaves added. Valisneria Americana. Bronze crypt. Hydor powerhead. Cheap LED filtered light + 1x blue coral fluorescent tube. Eco Complete substrate. Small aged piece of mopani wood. 35x Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners). 1x pair of Etheostoma caeruleum (Rainbow Darters).
  4. Rainbow Darter pair came in today. Gotta say . . . Jonah's Aquarium did an amazing job packing, shipping, and educating. After keeping hundreds of tropical fish, and a few temperate fish, this dip of the toe into small, cold-water native fish is so refreshing. They behave a bit like a goby / gudgeon . . . but are in the perch family. Really intelligent looking. We rarely name our fish . . . but these definitely got named already! They're now in this riffle tank (this clip was filmed yesterday before adding the pair) Also got 1/4 lb. of black worms for the first time. Holy moly! Our fish love them. I seriously met some of our fish as if "for the first time" when they started going to town on them. There were serious tug-of-war matches between the koi angels . . . and the corydoras were hillarious burying their heads into the sand to suck these things out. I'm pretty sure the Acaras could become tank busters on these. And the Discus . . . wow! They got really lively! The Angelfish fry here had already eaten a lot before I finally took this clip . . . but they're cleaning up!
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