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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all! I recently purchased a Hygger water change system similar to the Pythons I've been hearing so much about. Unfortunately my sinks faucet with the aerator removed is still too small to be used with the system. I took my aerator and water change system to Lowes and Home Depot to look for an adapter to no avail. My sink uses a "tiny junior" aerator, which is apparently a 3/4" fine thread. I need to adapt this to match my water change system of 13/16" 15/16" or standard garden hose size. Has anyone here had any luck with these systems and sinks that are using these small aerators thank can give me some tips?
  2. It worries me to turn off the valve at the tank and let the pressure expand the hose when I fill a tank. I worry that something is going to come apart. I bought a ball valve to replace the valve that comes with the Python, for ease of use. I have tried it out and everything works. Looking for encouragement to let her rip. I hate dashing back to the faucet every time I want to move to a different tank. Also I never know how accurate a fill I am getting without a bunch of back and forth. Thanks Jack
  3. I am debating on getting a Python for my new tank as the tank is on the opposite side of the house as my sink. My kitchen sink is old and for the moment lets just assume I can't get a python fitting to work. I have seen Cory's video where he attaches a powerhead to the end of the tube so that he does not have to mess with the suction valve at the faucet. With this approach wouldn't you have to switch the ends of the pipe when you wanted to drain/fill (or at minimum move the powerhead). This would not really be that hard, but would possibly make me drip through the house. I am trying to think of ways that I could avoid this any maybe even save some water when using the python. It seems like I would be able to use the 3 way valve that comes with the python and connect a powerhead to the "faucet" side. Throw it in a bucket full of water and just let the bucket circulate/overflow to drain the tank. Then pour the dirty water out of the bucket, fill it up again with fresh water, and then fill the tank back up again. Does anyone know of a reason why this would not work? I don't see anyone use a power head in this manner they all seem to direct attach it to the tube which would ultimately be faster.
  4. I have a bar sink right next to my aquarium. It’s smaller than most faucets. I just learned the size is called Tom Thumb. I want to find a female Tom Thumb to hose adapter. All I can find is a male Tom Thumb to hose. Anybody ever find something like this? I had a universal adapter that had a rubber hose that got tightened on the the faucet. It was a pain and the rubber ripped already. I’d like to find a threaded fitting to use.
  5. Anyone have tips or tricks they use to keep small fish from being extracted through the water changer? Never had to worry about this with african cichlids. Lol
  6. So, I'm feeling a little guilty with the water I'm wasting when doing my water changes using my Python. I've tried using gravity and putting the end outside but I don't get the same suction power. I've been considering using a pump but you can't gravel vac with it. I thought I might manually gravel vac into a bucket or garbage can and pump it out of there. Any other suggestions I'm not thinking about? For those that use pumps, what specific pump do you use?
  7. I am looking into buying my first water changer I just discovered them today and was wondering what the best brand was I’ve seen python and Aqueon is there any other brands
  8. When using my python, I get good suction for a few minutes and then it stops.Any thoughts on why?Ot is this way every time.
  9. So, every time I try to do a water change, my ember tetras swarm the siphon tube. I'm forever trying to dodge them. Today, I used the coarse sponge pad from Aquarium Co op and stuffed it in the siphon tube. I like it better than a media sock or nylon. They are too fine. It worked great! No more water slides 💦 for my little fishies. I'm not having fun unless my sleeves are wet.
  10. Greetings! I have always used the bucket method for my WC, treating the water before filling back the tank but with 3 aquariums I would like to use my python. What scares me is to add untreated water to my tanks. I do use Prime and stability - should I add it in the tank before filling, while filling, after filling it? I am afraid to shock the fish with the untreated water, or overdose them if I add the products before, etc... What is the best course of action?I know most youtuber say there is no problem and just add the products while filling the tank but as mine are small (10g, 15g and 20g), I was wondering if it will make a difference Thank you!
  11. The small CoOp Filter Media bag fits a Python perfectly to keep from vacuuming up your little friends. Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media Bag WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Easy to Fill and Empty Keeps Loose Filter Media Contained Less Mess During Filter Maintenance Keep your loose filter media better contained with a...
  12. So I was delusional about how long of a python I'd need when I got one a few years ago. I got a 100ft long and really I only need about 25-30 feet of tube. 100 feet of tube is nearly impossible to create suction when my tanks aren't that far away.... it takes forever! If I take apart the pump that connects to the sink can I just cut and heat up the tube to fit it back over the pump or will I just have to go back and buy a new 25ft one?
  13. My house has two sinks and both can’t connect to a python system. I have a python and can’t use it. I also have this BRUTE trash can on wheels with this water pump with a 30 foot hose I use for water changes . Any suggestions on an adapter or ideas or other ideas.
  14. based on reviews and video tutorials, it seems like lot of water will be wasted while gravel vaccuming using python hose, is there an alternate option without wasting much water as its precious. any recommendations.
  15. I mentioned to my wife I wanted a python and when she was getting dog food at a bbs she got me their version. 50 ft (i need all of that) . It connects fine and I can't find any air leaks but it barely sucks and once the hose is full ut stops. Tbe tanks are at the same height as the sink. Is the bbs knockoff the same as the real thing and should I try thereal python? Or is there something else to try. Id really like to not haul buckets any more.
  16. I noticed posts of folks having trouble with the Python water changer not fitting any faucets in their home. I had the same problem and tried several different attachments. None worked. I finally found a device on Amazon that works like a charm. The DaMohony Kitchen Pipe Connector is a universal water tap Connector. Every faucet we have is different and this fits them all. You don't have to unscrew anything just pop it on. Runs about $11.99 on Amazon.
  17. I am looking at getting the python water changer. Any reason I can't buy the key parts and use a garden hose? I have a long run and the longer hose kits are costly compared to getting a garden hose. Anything I need to do to the hose before I use it for fish?
  18. So I have constructed this water change system because I dont wanna fork out the money for a python, and because i like to DIY. its bassically a hose with a coat hanger zip tied and tapped to one end and bent into a hook and the other end has a connection for my tap. This hose both drains and then fills the tanks. I added the little inline valve (as seen in the pics) so i coiuld shut of the syphon, move tanks and start it again super easy. the valve also serves when filling as i can get the water line where i like with out running out to shut off the tap. My potential issue is that when i store the hose (coiled and hanging) i keep the valve closed and this keeps alot of the water trapped in. therfore when i change water the next time, as soon as i open the valve the syphon starts automatically. I am curious to peoples opinions on : 1) By leaving the waterin the hose between water changes am I risking a bacteria build up in the hose that i could be introducing to my tanks? 2)Should I just suck it up (pun very much intended) and manually start the syphon each time. 3) What do you think of my homeamde Python?
  19. With the Python Water Changing System. If there are fish in the tank. How do you introduce the water treatment to the tank?
  20. I recently got my first python system and from the getgo had issues with my sink and had to DIY a new way to use it. I wanted to make this thread a way for other people to show off their systems and if anyone has any tips or tricks to be able to post that here.
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