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Found 19 results

  1. I sat on a bucket to see what the commotion in the Pygmy tank was. In the front corner I got to see my biggest girl select this spot, drop the egg to her fins, take the sperm, place the egg and fertilize it. I grabbed the camera. The other eggs weren’t so easy to see the process but here is what I got. I did not want to shut the blinds etc and disturb them. when you see the girl flip over she is placing and fertilizing Longer trying to get the deed itself but you get to see the other Pygmy racing about and some of the courting dancing.
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your ideas and feedback on my previous posts! Came back to give an update on the project. Specs Tank: 42L 35-cm cube tank (Urna Blau Cubic Aquascaping 42L) roughly 11 gallons Light: Chihiros WRGB Slim Filtration: HOB Aquaclear 20 with ACO nano course sponge *has been running on another tank I have for 2-3 weeks No heater yet, but I’ll add one before the fish go in. Without filter, tank runs 22-24*C right now in fall. Plant list Sag. sublata Valisneria nana Echinodorus tenellus Eleocharis acicularis Crypt parva Mayaca Fluviatilis Cyperus helferi (I’d like to add more Val nana and also Juncus repens, Potamogeton gayi, and/or Murdannia keisek.) I set it up Friday night/Saturday morning, and it's looking pretty good so far. Plan: (dependent on water quality and plant growth) Day 1 - 10 ppm nitrates, no nitrates, no ammonia, 300+ ppm GH, 40ppm KH, 6.8 pH, and 0 chlorine. I did a small 20% water change and rinsed course prefilter sponge in used tank water to remove pieces of grasses that were stuck. Day 3 - 50% water change *add more Val, ramshorn snail and amano shrimp Day 7 - 50% water change *add nerite snail Day 10 - 30% water change *add juvenile platy from my breeding colony and a snail Day 14 - 30% water change Day 17 - 30% water change *add 10 Pygmy corys Day 20 - 20% water change Day 20something *add 4 guppies, remove platy Like @Zenzo's recent video suggests, I find when I lean hard into patience and find joy in the process, I enjoy my planted tanks much more. Yes, I did add Seachem Stability and Prime, and, yes, I am using a used filter, but I don’t like putting my fish at risk for something I can control like just waiting a few days. I am lucky, though, as I have a lot of other tanks to keep me busy 🙂 and I’m not worried about the multiple LFS in my city running out or not having Pygmy corys. Anyway, feedback welcome! Cheers! PS - In a future post, I'll add some photos of the vienna guppies I brought back to Spain with me from the US. My pair has had two drops of fry since August, with a third batch expected next week. #viennaguppysuperfan 🤓
  3. Last week, I bought some pygmy cories for my 10 gallon Betta tank. Today I found one dead. It hadn't been attacked and didn't seem sick. There is another one that I'm starting to think it may not make it either. He's not very active. Pygmy number 3 is zooming around the tank. My water parameters are good. No ammonia, no nitrite, and nitrates are at 5 ppm. I did a small water change right away. My understanding is pygmy cories are generally wild caught. It dawned on me that they may not do well in my high pH, hard water. So if pygmy number 3 makes it, do I get more and hope they don't die or try something else? All three were active prior to this.
  4. Hi ~ It happened again.. 🙂 Went to the LFS to ORDER fish .... and unexpectedly came home with 10 pygmy corydoras that have been sitting there for a while. I ordered 5 more panda corydora to compete my Cory gang, and 10 more pygmys as well.. They are so cute and small. they are in a 10 QT tank does anyone know if these guys take the QT tri meds well? I follow the Cory's Protocol, and have had no issue up to now. But wanted to ask the more experienced first.
  5. I’m not sure, but one of my cories look like he/she’s getting bullied by my other four corydoras. They nip and leave out the cory when they’re schooling… what should I do?
  6. Hello, as you can probably tell I need help breeding Pygmy Cories. They are super fat and happy but I can’t get any eggs from them. It is a heavily planted 10 gallon with Pygmy Cories and Amano Shrimp. I have 6 Cories and I definitely know that I have at least one female in the group. I hope someone has some advice. Thank You for reading!
  7. I need help finding a place to buy micro worms from. I need them to breed my Pygmy Cories. Any input is appreciated!
  8. so I have had really bad luck with pygmy cories what I mean is one would get a swim bladder issue seem fine for 1-3 weeks then die(not sure if its the one with swim bladder issue that dies) my water parameters are normally ph7.8-8.0 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 20-40 gh 300 kh 150 could it be because I don't gravel vac that often(for the plants and so I don't suck up stuff from my root tabs)?
  9. one of my pygmy corys is acting weird all the other fish including other pygmy corys are acting normal water parameters ph 7.2 gh 150 kh 80 nitrate 20
  10. Hi I have a group of six Pygmy Cories and I have been seeing these eggs around the tank are these from the Pygmy Cories??
  11. Hello everyone, Ever since I rearranged the decor in my 29 gallon fish tank (it's been maybe two months or more), my school of 5 pygmy corys don't come out hardly ever. They always are hiding under their favorite log and rocks. They will venture out a little during feeding, but always stay under or near the shadow of the log. This is confusing to me, because before I rearranged the decor in the tank, they would always be out and about. Also, I only have other types of corys, a bristlenose pleco, a pearl gourami (just added in a week ago), and some Endler's livebearers in the tank. Any suggestions on how to get the pygmy corys to be less shy?
  12. Hi, I have 6 Pygmy Cories in a ten gallon and they are super shy even thought I have a heavily planted tank with water wistera and lots of other plants including duckweed so that the light isn’t too bright. My water parameters are great yet they still hide out in the corners and they freak out when I come up to the tank. I have had them in the tank for about 4 months and I have no other clue of how to get them to come out. Any suggestions? Thank You!!
  13. I am excited to hatch my first brine shrimp. I would feed them to some Pygmy Cory Cats and some guppies. I was wondering if I don’t strain them and put the salt in the tank will it hurt the Pygmy Cories since they don’t have scales.
  14. This tank plus my pea puffer desk tank have got to be it for new tanks for awhile! I'm going...a little overboard here with new tank planning. Thanks, COVID! But I'm seeing a nice 36g bowfront on sale at PetSmart right now with a nice cabinet stand (has a crappy lid but I can swap it out for glass + better lighting) and I think it would be perfect for a main (smallish) living room peaceful community tank. I currently have 3 somewhat unhappy pygmy cories that need more friends, so I'm thinking of moving them over. I love the look of endlers and would definitely like a school of those. I'm planning on using a nice, somewhat hefty sponge filter and heavily planting, of course. I think I'd also like to try a bamboo shrimp. So, what else should I put in there to play nice with my peacenics? Gold platys would look cool with endlers, as would harlequin or lambchop rasboras. But I'd love to make room for some nerite and mystery snails, too. This will also be my first experience with livebearers so I'm a little scared of getting overwhelmed with two species of them (but I guess I could always give extra to my carnivores!) Should I just start with endlers, corys, bamboo shrimp and snails for awhile and then add another fish later? And what about substrate? I'm a little afraid of using sand and having it get compacted, needing to add MTS and having them starve out my prettier pet snails. Any opinions on "planted" aquarium substrate?
  15. She is moving real slow. I moved her into quarantine and started treating with ICH-X, General Cure, and EM Erythromycin. She was swimming alone, not with the other 6, and just resting. No food for now. Any suggestions would be great. The Cory tank has been cloudy white for 2 weeks. Not clearing up with UV, charcoal pads, or water changes. Water changes will dilute the white for a bit, then back to white. Also started treating the tank, JIC. I want to switch the tank out and put the corys into a different one, as I just got a 20 Long for them. The 29 is too high for me to do Water changes comfortably. Tank only has Cory's and Snails. Just had Cory Fry from the Greens, so was feeding a bit extra. I have green and pygmy cory's and the green just had their first fry. I've seen six babies so far. I'm wondering if I should add salt and peas to the QT tank. https://imgur.com/gallery/jwsoswB https://i.imgur.com/MCsuyqq.mp4
  16. So i got some new fish yesterday and have them in quarantine right now. I got these from a local fish store because they're species i cant get at the nearby petsmart. 3 striped kuhli loaches, 2 scarlet badis (apparently a dominant male and either a female or sub male) and 5 pygmy corys. I've never kept these particular species before but to my eye some of them smaller than what you might buy at the big box store. The pygmy corys in particular are clearly a range of 3 different ages with one seeming full grown, and the 2 smaller looking 1/2-3/4 inch long (which is also the size of the female badis) Anyway, about 10 minutes after i introduced them to the quarantine tank one of the corys started torpedoing around like a football, then stop like he was dead, then try to move again but with no real ability to stay upright. He'd just fall into a plant (i have a large clump of floating hornwort in the quarantine tank) or fall to the gravel belly up for a while. Normally i wait a day or 3 before doing my med trio dosage so the fish have time to chill out and maybe eat a bit, but given this situation i dosed right away because i thought there could be an infection present. At one point yesterday afternoon i thought he was dead so i prodded his tail with tweezers and he flipped out and zoomed away. So i let him chill for a few hours to see if he was just in shock and needed some time. However at around 7 it was pretty clear he was done for. None of the other fish bothered him during this time. The oldest pygmy i've noticed seems to cuddle up to the smaller ones as if protectively. It seemed to try this with the male badis too but of course he would just swim away because he has no interest in that. The tank itself besides the hornwort also has a shrimp cave, topfin HOB, air stone, and a 1/2" purple mystery snail. The parameters when i tested yesterday are 76-77*, nitrite 0, ammonia 0-0.25, nitrate 10-20, ph high 7s. The water source is the same as my other tanks so i think hardness and other additives are probably pretty close to the same. Anyway move on to today and the 2 smallest pygmy corys, as well as the female badis, look to be having a similar kind of struggle today. None of the other fish are harassing them but they're just kind of laying there struggling like a drunkard with a hangover. When they try to move it's not very graceful and all 3 have ended up resting in the same sprig of hornwort that i guess is a low current zone of the tank, so they don't have to do much to stay put. The kuhli loaches, 2 largest pygmy corys, and male badis are all acting pretty normal and unconcerned. So i'm not really sure what to think. I don't see any exterior signs of infection. Have you experienced this before? Could this be just transport shock? (i live about 30 mins from aforementioned fish store). Could it be med shock, or a reaction with carried parasites? Is there a size where a nano fish is too small to medicate safely? This fish store is very well regarded locally - but is also the same fish store i got 5 cherry shrimp and they all died within a few days. In contrast, i've gotten 15 fish from the nearby petsmart and have only lost 1 (an otocinclus) during quarantine and it happened on day 2 or 3 without any real warning. So that detail also makes me concerned about the relative quality of fish i'm buying (even though their in-store tanks look very nice). This local small store has a 7 day guarantee but given the 20some miles honestly i'd have to lose multiple fish for it to make sense driving all the way up there again to get credit or replacements.
  17. Hi all. I need advice. I have a pygmy Cory that seems to have fallen ill. It's lethargic - not sure if it's fin rot / bacterial, but I've tried treating with half dose of Seachem Polyguard (as instructed), bearing in mind that there are shrimp and this is not ideal for them. I've now removed this cory and put it in a quarantine tank. What I'm trying to do, however, is remove the underlying cause. In terms of water quality and parameters: pH: 6.8 Nitrates: < 10 Hardness: Water is on the soft side, but within allotted range on strips Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm Water Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius I'm not sure of buffering capacity, but my ph doesn't seem to swing all that much before / after water changes. Aquarium setup: 8l/m (4x2) 2 sponge filters on a 60l/15gallon tank, Stocking: 8 Eyespot Rasboras, 10 pygmy corydoras (8 of which are juvenile) 40 Neocaridina shrimp (Various ages) 1 Female Guppy 2x Nerite snails Few bladder and other pond snails Water change schedule: weekly 25% water change I suspect it might be in the substrate, or below it that might have gotten bad. I'm not sure. I'm using Prodibio Aquasoil, but do have some of the old gravel that was washed below it for some height. Is this where I'm going wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. I finally got to add three Pigmy Corydoras to Napoleon, my betta's, tank. I also added two Nerite Snails to help with algae control. My question is about my Corydoras because one of them does not seem the stay with the group and strays around the tank. Occasionally he will join with the others. Is this something I should worry about or is it okay?
  19. Van


    😪 hi there Cory. Please can you help me. I have a 45 litre tank. Running co2 external dolphin 500 canister with purigen. With matrix. Plenty plants amozian shrimp soil substrate. Temp at 25 degrees thereabouts. Lily pipes glass. I have 6 powdwrblue famous.1x half moon gold betta, 2x amano, 2x shrimp, 3x ottos, 1x siamese algae eater, 1 nerute snail. So right tank is acclimated water is perfect. Problem I bought 6x baby pygmy cories. 2 got sucked into the filter. So I put a makeshift sponge on. But now all have died but 2 in 2 days. I'm distraught..I loved these guys. What's wrong? What do I do if I get more? I want more but they r very expensive for me they cost r100 each. Should they go into a breeder bet until bigger? Vanessa
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