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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, My wife just got me a Bullseye Puffer (Sphoeroides annulatus) for my birthday, his(?) eyes are absolutely gorgeous blue, red, and yellow. I was hoping someone here had experience with them and could answer a few questions. As usual most of the general internet stuff is either obvious bosh, conflicting or just plain vague. I believe they are one of the larger species and get between 12 and 16 inches in length and mature at 4-6 inches in size. They are also listed as freshwater brackish water and saltwater they migrate to saltier conditions as they mature. My main question is whether or not the move to a more saline environment is necessary and if so how and when to make the transition. I have found answers that say they can be kept entirely in fresh water, that brackish water is a must but good enough, and also that they must be in full salt water as adults. Most of the trustworthy information i have found considers them to be an estuarine species and capable of tolerating the obvious wide swings in salinity that entails. My guess is that for this reason they can thrive in any of the three water types with some staying in the fresh water wile others migrate all the way to full ocean salt. I was full on cichlid guy until i got a batch of murder beans last year (they are some of the least aggressive fish i have ever seen, the chili Rasboras i have with them are actually the ones that are chasing them) and i am becoming a puffer fan. I think my ideal tank right now would have my Oscar Gramps, (my grandfather was Oscar) and a school of 5 or 6 Amazon puffers together. T
  2. Aqua junky

    Red pooh!

    My new puffer Pete I noticed him pooping and it looks like his guts are falling out his bum! Im pretty sure its red due to this tank being filled with cherry shrimp wi h Im hoping hes snacking on. Either its him eating shrimp or hes got serious issues. Whats yalls opinions? Sorry for blurry pics it was a horrible angle. I also just got done running a round of the parasites meds through him also
  3. Hello, I really need some experienced advice on what to do here. My female betta was attacked by a puffer fish, making a nearly perfect cut through her lips. The lips of the betta are detached and will 100% not heal/ regrow. I have had this fish for a couple years and is a great breeder. Is it possible that she could survive without her lips or should I put her to rest. Right now, she is on her side (she didn't much as she is kind of old) and breathing heavy. I need an answer asap as I don't want to put her down so quickly/ have her suffer unless there is a chance. Also, I do not own clove oil, method to euthanize will be a quick dump into boiling water. PLEASE HELP
  4. I got some short video of my pea puffer, Murderbean, hunting some snails. Thought it was cute so I decided to share.
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