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Found 5 results

  1. I thought I had watched closely for eggs, and was planning on transferring any lotus stems that had eggs on them to their own grow out tank to protect from the parents, but apparently I missed the eggs, because I have at least 1 fry hanging out at the top of the tank..... Should I just leave it and see what happens, or try to fish the little guy out with a net and raise him in it's own small grow out tank?
  2. Hello all, I've got a batch of pseudomugil luminatus fry that I am currently raising up. I noticed very shortly after they hatched that some of them displayed the shining blue eyes and even a blue sheen to their bodies while others were the a normal dull brown. I have attached pics so you can see them. It isn't the way the light is hitting them or anything. I am wondering if it is just the males being more colorful even from birth or what? Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  3. Let's get the sad part out of the way first, I FINALLY got a pair of fish I had been wanting for a long time. 1 male and 1 female Pseudomugil Luminatus. They are supposed to be in schools of at least 6, but my local store only had those 2, so I got them. It's been 3 days now, in a 2 year established planted 10G tank with a colony of Neocardinia shrimp, 3 nerite snails and 5 pygmy cory I tossed in as a hopeful known peaceful schooling fish that might help them feel less alone without a school and thus less stressed out. Well, 4 hours ago I checked in and did feedings, everybody seemed to be doing fine, boy was flipping his little pom-pom flippers around happily, so I vacuumed out the remains of an algae wafer the cory didn't eat and went about cleaning my office/fishroom and setting up a new rack and a couple of new tanks. Turned around about 20 min ago, male was belly up, all color gone, dead. Got him out and into a bag/fridge to preserve for diagnosis/return (that's the most I have ever spent on fish... I want more now) but what do I do for the female in the mean time? I'm worried by what I view as potential missing scales on the male that make me suspect the pygmy's could potentially not be as peaceful as they are made out to be? Tested water, and I did have a bit of an ammonia spike from that algae wafer, but it was nothing horrendous (between .25 and .5) and the female still seems fine...... nothing else is out of whack water wise that I can test for, so IDK what to think.... Should I move the female over to one of my guppy tanks for now just so she has somebody to school with, or would the male guppy's give her too many problems? Any and all help appreciated
  4. Hello- I am looking for tips on breeding the red neon blue eyed rainbowfish (pseudomoguil Luminatus). I was lucky and was able to catch Cory on a stream and got some guidance on breeding these fish, but I still have a couple questions. I’m a breeding newbie! I have a spawning mop to catch eggs and have a plan for where to keep the fry once they hatch, but does anyone know what’s best to do with the eggs until they hatch? Do they need to be tumbled, in for example the egg tumbler Aquarium coop sells? Or are they fine to just sit in a tray with no water movement? or should they be in a small aquarium with an airstone? Do I need to add methylene blue? Any ideas on how much of so? do I need to do water changes for whatever I’m keeping the eggs in?? thank you everyone!
  5. Hi! Does anyone know if a school (6-8) of red neon blue eyed rainbow fish would be okay in a 20 gal with 8 male endlers and 6 Cory cats? Lightly planted. My endlers are very active. I’m not finding much consistency online. thank you in advance!!
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