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Found 6 results

  1. So I have a new planted 20 g I’m setting up, and trying to move everything from my pretty much failed 10 g. The pictures will explain everything. The 1st one is my 20 g, which I’m floating stems until roots come in and I can plant (I have a dirted substrate). All clean, starting to grow a little algae, but nice and green. I got them less than a week ago so I would expect it. The 2nd one is my grimey old filter (a Tetra Power Filter 40 if it matters) , which isn’t old at all but I forget to squeeze the sponges out every once in a while. Pretty much filled with sponge. 3rd one is the 10 g tank the HOB is running on, covered in algae and I’m hoping the new one will run a bit better. Still pretty damn dirty. I do water change once a week but it looks grimey as well. I don’t have a lid because….I’m using mine for the 20g currently. So I put the HOB on the 20g, I have a sponge filter in there and wanting to switch it out with the HOB thinking the HOB has more beneficial bacteria in it with so much sponge. Well the first thing I noticed in the clear water and bright light was a strange scum flowing from it (probably protein and other things) and these weird brown bubbles that came off that I assume were full of dust (they don’t pop and I remember having them when I put pool filter sand in my old tank and brown bubbles formed at the surface) , represented in the 4th, 5th, and 6th picture. Will the grime contaminate the nice plants? Because it also is bringing some algae.
  2. I have foam Bubbles on the surface of my 5 gallon fish tank. I just did a gravel vacuum and 50% water change. I used my master test kit before the water change and also three days later. Water Quality is all good so what could be wrong. And yes I used Prime water conditioner. I'm only 8 months into this hobby. I have one Betta fish and one snail in this tank. The tank is six months old. I have other larger tanks that are not having this issue. I also serviced the pumps by wringing out the dirty filter in the aquarium water I vacuumed out. The bubbles appeared three days after tank maintenance. Any Advice?
  3. We all know that goldfish like to graze all day (kinda like me). 🥴 What do you all do to keep them eating healthy? I can’t produce duckweed fast enough for my three, but I do give them some. So what I have been doing is buying frozen loose leaf spinach. And I blanch it with boiling water and give that to them almost everyday. Besides the greens, I also alternate giving them a good pellet or krill flakes or frozen brine shrimp or blood worms. But I heard somewhere that they benefit from eating orange pulp. What do you think of that? Is there a problem with feeding them as much spinach as I do?
  4. I finally got rid of my artificial plants after 20 years and went to live plants in my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium about 3 months ago. Things appear to be going well, the plants appear healthy as I give them a shot or two of aquarium coops easy green every week. I have java ferns and Anubis plants. I attached the plants to the rocks, etc. with both string and super glue. The fish appear to love swimming in and through the plants as well. I have noticed however a layer of what looks like a protein scum or something that is forming on the surface of the water. Do I need to add a protein skimmer like we use on salt water aquariums? Is this normal with live planted aquariums?
  5. Hello all, I am new here and this is my first ever forum post. Looking for information on these bubbles here, they started hanging around a day or so after installing our sponge filter. It’s been a week and there has been no change with the bubbles. This is a 29g tank, currently only stocked with plants and 6 guppies. Previous water test have come back okay, with a slightly elevated water hardness. I’ve read about elevated protein levels in the water that can cause this, and to do frequent water changes until resolved. Is this true? TYIA for any recommendations/help.
  6. I'm getting a shipment of leopoldi angelfish this week. Has anyone had them? How different are they from scalare and altum? Any tips or suggestions? I'm getting 6 so hopefully I will get a breeding pair.
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