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Found 4 results

  1. This is my 10 gallon red cherry shrimp tank. I got home from work tonight and I see this random leaf growing in my hair grass. It's pretty clearly a red tiger lotus leaf, but it's pretty far away from where the rest of the Lily pads are coming from. Is it just sending off a single shoot for a new leaf or will more leaves grow where the new one is? I recently added more root tabs because my rotala was getting roots up on the stems so I know they needed them. I only cut the Lily pads that start to look yellow or damaged. This plant is an absolute fast growing monster. I clearly need to replant it in a larger tank but it's going to have to wait because we move in 30 days. 😕
  2. HI I have some questions about propagating anubias(I'm not sure what type). . is there anything I can do to encourage it to grow faster? . will the roots grow back if I cut them? . is there anything I should do to prevent infections in the cut area?
  3. So i have some pretty mature java fern. About a month ago they started to develop plantlets. I left the plantlets attached to the main plant because all my mature java fern is glued to some slate decorations for easy maneuvering when i do my deeper gravel vac maintenance. Now one of my plants has some old leaves dying off with healthy plantlets still attached. Should i try to pluck the plantlets off and propogate them? Will the wilting leaf affect the plantlets on top? And lastly if i do attempt to propogate them, how can i go about attaching the little offshoots now that my slate stones are submerged? I know super glue is out, but im not sure how to go about stringing up such tiny plantlets with fishing line where they will hold to my stones. Here is a pic of the wilting leaves. You can see some dying BBA that tried attacking the plantlets. It seems to only be targeting the plantlets on this java fern, and not the others (for now anyway).
  4. I have a swordplant (Amazon sword?) that has been established in my tank for approx 3 years. I learned back in September of last year that it really needed root tabs, and once I started doing that it REALLY took off. However, I'm disappointed that I haven't been seeing any runners or "baby" swordplants. I did a decent size pruning last weekend due to all the shade it was creating, and hoped it would spur healthy new growth, but I'm not seeing anything new (might be a little too early to tell though.) Is there anything specific I can do to encourage propagation? I saw on a different thread someone recommended cutting the rosette into two and then voila, two plants. I am hesitant to take that approach because it is so happy and well rooted in the tank. Any tips? I give it Easy Green Root tabs every few weeks and dose the tank with Easy Green (mainly for other plants' benefit.) Note about the pic: the plant is not rooted in that rock, it is just behind it. Poor perspective.
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