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Found 13 results

  1. Bug report: occassionally on upload a photo will be flipped upside down (180 degrees) or on rare occasion 90 degrees Appears to be more common on landscape oriented photos possible fixes: - crop the photo in phone or on computer slightly using the crop tool - flip photo on phone or computer 180 degrees, when uploaded it will flip again to correct orientation. I never had issues with this until about February of this year where ~60% of my photos would flip. I have been correcting using the crop method. I have noticed this occurring on my current phone (iphone X pro), old phone (LG V30 ThinQ plus), and camera (Fuji XP 140). If you have issues with this occurring please let me know your device and possible fixes. I can update my post with different fixes, so members do not have to go searching. And the technologically inclined let me know if this info is good or if you need other information for why it’s happening on upload so that a fix may be rolled out.
  2. Has anyone else had issues with the USB nano air pump? I’ve had it a month now and it’s shut off on me twice. The first time was a while ago, I thought it was because of where I had it plugged in. Today I get home from work and notice my betta’s sponge filter wasn’t running. I thought maybe this time it was the wall plug that comes with it, but even after plugging it into a different one it didn’t turn on. I ended up having to lightly smack the pump against my hand to get it to work. I recently got the new aquarium co-op air pump for my 20 gallon tank. My original plan was to stop using the nano one completely and connect both of my sponge filters to the one pump with a T fitting, but it didn’t work. I had most of the air going to the bigger sponge filter and like no air going to my nano sponge filter.
  3. Hello all! I need some assistance figuring out what has developed near my betta gill plates. Any and all advice would be appreciated so I can follow through researching any possibilities. Behaviorally, there is nothing out of the norm for my dragon plakat betta, and as such the ID I've gotten elsewhere as gill hyperplasia does not seem to fit the bill. Water parameters are dialed in and maintained well in the planted community. For reference, I now test with the coop strips. Tank is stable and has been running for six ish months, pH is ~8, Nitrates are <10ppm, GH is ~150, KH is ~120, and water temp is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you!
  4. So in another post I'm setting up a 20 gallon fry tank. Been going 3 days now. Have used a good chunk of substrate , plants, and other material from my cycled tank in there. Added some easy green and iron and water conditioner when doing water changes on it the last 3 days. Using a older hob filter for now but getting in a ACO sponge filter in today that I'll put in my cycled tank until I move the mom over . So the parameters. 24 hours after setup Ammonia. 0.75 ppm. Nitrate. 5.0ppm. Nitrite. 1.0ppm. Ph. 7.8 Today..... Ammonia 0.50. Nitrate. 80ppm. Nitrite. 2-5ppm. Ph. 7.4. Def a spike and not sure if this is just the tank running it course or if I've missed something. Any help would be awesome. Thanks yall
  5. Hello, I have an ongoing problem with my tank that I cannot figure out what to do with. I have read many online articles and did the things that were suggested but it does not seem to help. Let me give an idea of the latest "episode" I have had. I am hoping some of you can give me other suggestions that might help me fix this issue once and for all. I have a 40 odd gallon tank with a variety of fish, mostly small ones, and snails. All of the fishes are supposed to be beginner fishes such as tetras', cory catfish etc. I did have 3 ghost fishes but 2 of them died recently. I do have one plecostamus that has grown pretty big. I check my water regularly and change 10% every week most of the time, worst case I may land up skipping a week. The water quality is good with nitrate being sometimes on the borderline. The water I get in CA is acidic, so the pH tends to go low. I use neutral regulator once a week and it seems to maintain the pH right around 7. About 2 months back, after lots of frustrating year or so of fish deaths and plants dying off, I moved the surviving fish to a temporary tank, completely cleaned my tank, used bleach to kill off any spores (theory), put it out in the sun for a day or two, got new substrate, new equipment for the tank, got new plants from Aquarium Coop and started the tank again. I waited for a few days, tested the water, ensured it was all good and then reintroduced the fishes back. Everything was going great -- I even had couple of guppies give birth to little ones, plants were growing well and spreading (suggesting the lighting and water quality was good). Then two weeks back disaster hit again -- the fishes started dying off, and the plants started falling apart. The sick plants started getting a black coating (?) as if there is some fungus growing in the tank. I also see green "bearded" algae growing on some of the decorations in the tank. See the attached pictures. This is the same problem i have had for more than a year now. The two small guppies I moved over to my quarantine tank are doing great and growing rapidly so the issue seems to be with my large tank. I am completely at a loss on what to do...You guys are the experts...Please give me suggestions on how I can fix this problem.. Bala
  6. I recently received 14 Neon Tetras and 10 Cardinal Tetras. All of my Cardinals are accounted for but 10 of my Neons are missing. I only have two fish that are large enough to eat them. An Angelfish and a Bronze Corydora. Is it possible that one or both helped themselves to some "fast food"? I'm definitely seeing the value of a growout tank.
  7. Evening everyone, this may sound silly. I have a sponge filter that stopped bubbling bubbles. Air pump is working. I Cleaned the sponge yesterday. Today no bubbles. Anyone have this happen to them before?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm having an odd problem with my 9 gallon Fluval Flex. I set it up about a week ago. It's a heavily planted tank with a betta fish and a nerite snail. I did a in-fish cycling and so far everything has been going smoothly until yesterday. It's starting to cycle however, after I did a 50% water change last night and filled the water back up I noticed that the intake filter isn't working properly. I've done my research on the tank and I haven't seen any one mention problems with the intake per say. The problem is that it's sucking in debris and other things but it spits it right back out into the water. I ran some tests on my water as did my local fish store and my ammonia was spiked which is why I did a large water change yesterday and I'm glad I did. Would the intake working incorrectly have a large effect on the ammonia? I would appreciate any advice and or suggestions on how to fix this problem.
  9. Just brought 7 ranchu pet store the day they received them. Have 3 problems with them atm. I haven’t kept fish in 6 years due to lots babies so I’m learning again. I have prob half cup crushed coral in one canister for calcium. 9volt uv running when my lights are on. Also have plant light off Amazon 80$ and 2 bright leds meant grow weed so awesome for plants. tank 7 ranchu, 15 see threw shrimp? 50 cent each, 20 pest snails and 2 Siamese algae eaters. 1. 3 ranchu have a red gills on one side I attach picture.(I’m guessing ammonia burn to bet store) 2. idk when I do a water change I have extreme pearling on plants. I have water parameters below before and after water change. 3. I have one ranch looks fine either he sits on bottom or hovers at top 2 inches below water. White stringy poop not aggressive eating like others.(if I had guess I’d say bloated give peas?) I have 75 gallon about 3-5 inch eco black substrate. I have ozmacote at bottom of it. I have about 30 plants idk what they are came with aquarium. This setup is about month old I seeded it and it have 2, 100 gallon marineland canisters with 3 trays bio media and 1 tray corse sponge each. also I have yeast co2 change every Friday. And no oxygen bubblers on tank I’ve never used them fish never show sign that need oxygen. I have a lot water movement. Atm all I have feed hakari sinking wafers l, xtreme aquatic flake and green beans. I ordered hikari fancy gold pellets. Feeding twice a day what can eat 3 mins flakes wafers atm going give peas Tomorrow. this mournings water pH 8.0 Nitrates 30 Hardness 300 Nitrite .5 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 200 Water Temperature 73 70% water change hour ago pH 7.8 Nitrates 10 Hardness 75 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 150 Water Temperature 75
  10. Good day to you all. Have a problem of my own creation. Been to a shop and saw 7 beautiful large fish, they were not cheap, but they had amazing blue reflections, I could not resist and bought 3 of them and housed them in my 10gl quarantine tank together with 2 Bosmani rainbows and some Celebes, 3 weeks later X1 Bosmani and 2 Celebes were transferred to the big tank in the sky and the remaining fish to the 100gl tank leaving the 3 Angels behind, 2 decided to pair and started to intimidate the other fish so to solve the problem I bought a storage box of 15gl for this poor fella. Then, I made another mistake, I saw and got another large ginger (not gold or red, ginger) angel brought it home and housed in the storage box with the other one. It didn't take long for "Ginger" to take control of the box so on Sat. I am going to split the box. My plan is to move the angels into the 100gl tank but this will take another 6 weeks or so as I am waiting for a 50gl tank which will house all the small fish that will be removed from the 100gl. So the question after this long story. Do I have a chance to have the 4 together or is better to take them back to the shop? Thanks
  11. I had a heavily planted, fully cycled, 20 gallon long tank. I put 5 guppies and one honey gourami about a week ago. 2 guppies are dead, 2 guppies are missing (I can’t find them in the tank) and the one guppy and honey gourami are both fine. I’m assuming that the two I can’t find are dead but I am continuing to look for the bodies. Like I said, the tank was fully cycled and for the first couple days, all the fish were perfectly fine. Nothing seemed wrong. Does anyone have any ideas about what could have happened?
  12. I started a round of quarantine with a new set of neon tetras and a hillstream loach on Thursday 5/20. Everything seemed fine and now within the last twenty four hours they have all died. I finished a round of quarantine with different fish a week prior. Had cleaned the tank, filter, and heater with a 1:10 water to bleach ratio. Everything was rinsed multiple times, and fully dried between quarantines. Did I do something noticeably wrong??? Or is there a better way to sanitize? Any help would be great I’m so devastated.
  13. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
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