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Found 15 results

  1. I was at my local fish store today, and the employee there was non stop trashing Seachem Prime (which was one of the things I was in there to pick up today). I guess they have permission to white label BrightWell Aquatics Erase-CL, and sell it as their own product with their own label. She said the only reason they still carry Prime is because customers always ask for it, but this product is much better. So I bought some of the miracle juice, and I am here to ask your experiences with it. Everything I have been told about the hobby is that Prime is "the" best product. The employee said Prime is good for first starting a cycle but after that it's not useful, and that it has a bunch of unnecessary stuff in it. I've looked for ingredients for both products and it seems both just say it's a proprietary blend. It's got great reviews online, so if you have experience with this product please give me your input.
  2. I was reading a few things based on some advice I received here over the last week or so after issues in my tank. I was under the impression you add Prime based on how much new water you're adding to the tank after your water change. Example, I take 20g out, so I dose 2mL for that 20g, even though my tank is 55g. That is what I have been doing all along. Two articles I read said you dose for how many gallons are in your entire tank, not just what you're replacing. So off I go to look at the bottle of Prime. Directions are as follow: When I do my water changes I use a Python, the water goes right into the tank from the sink, so I add Prime right to my tank. Should I therefore be dosing for 55 gallons (my tank size) regardless of how much water I am changing/adding back in? I feel incredibly stupid for even asking this, but I really want to make sure I am doing this right.
  3. Hello all. Using Ich X during quarantine period but need a water conditioner for changes due to chloramine in the tap. I have used Prime during my time in the hobby but have heard it can reduce the medicinal effects of Ich X. Thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I’m sorry if this was already discussed but I searched and couldn’t find anything related online or on here. I’m doing a fish in cycle and using stability and I’m on the 3rd day. Do I also dose with Prime? No signs of distress and this is a heavily planted 29 gallon. Started cycling 12 days ago with no fish but got and no nitrites yet other then .25 the first day after adding Stability. Used fritz zone before and filter sponge water from the local store and nothings happened. Since adding stability the ammonia has gone from 2 to 1 then back to 1.5 Water Ammonia - 1.5 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5-10 pH - 6.6 GH - 6-7 KH - 2 fish Cardinals - 19 Betta - 1
  5. I always use prime I have some heavy metals in my source water and it never left me down. I wanted a measured pump like the fritz. (I was jealous) Looked into switching but all I could find was a few things that said fritz complete does not treat for metals and does not claim to but fritz guard does but does not treat for ammonia nitrite or nitrate. So I couldn’t switch to complete to get the pump ☹️I ordered the fritz complete anyway just to get the pump 🤣. when it came I read the bottle and it claims to reduce nitrATES??? (I don’t have a nitrate problem but this question has been bugging me to pieces) Everyone keeps saying prime and fritz complete are the same. But both claim different things. And fritz guard claims a third set (actually just claims less things) 1. Why does prime claim heavy metal safety fritz complete does not but fritz guard does. is there a chemical difference to support these differences in claims? If so what is it please. 2. What is this nitrate detox how does it work? Does it work? Prime and fritz guard do not claim this 3. what is the actual chemical makeup difference between prime and fritz complete and fritz guard I read a lot of reviews some say fine switch some say fish died maybe this has to do with the heavy metal detox? I just have never heard of any nitrate detoxification. Please these are sincere questions as I have no interest in any of the great fish keeping debates about ammonia detoxification actually working or not. I’m not concerned about ammonia. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance 😁
  6. I’m starting this thread to continue a discussion from here because we were getting off topic from the original post, but I’m legitimately curious. I know a lot of people have had issues with using Prime, understanding what it actually does with ammonia, and how it affects their cycle, so I thought this might be a good thread to have around for reference. Some people think Seachem Prime can’t detoxify ammonia. It claims to detoxify ammonia, so I’m curious why some people think it can’t. Just remember we are NOT allowed to talk trash about other companies, so let’s keep this discussion focused on what Prime is doing in our aquariums.
  7. I am new to having fish and have learned a lot in past few weeks about what it takes to care for them. I have been watching a lot of the video's which are a big help, Thank you. My question is, I had already bought the fish the day I got the tank and had no clue about cycling a tank till after I got them in there. So I went to the store and got Seachem Prime to keep in the water to bind the ammonia until the tank becomes cycled. I have added a few plants and check the water everyday. I change the water every other day about 50%. I have a lot of decoration in the tank also for Beneficial Bacteria to grow on. I added the Beneficial Bacteria Balls in there to help speed up the process. So far I haven't noticed any in there from the test. Its been about 3 weeks. I noticed today that my fish have Ich starting. I ordered the Ich-x from Aquarium Co-Op to help get rid of Ich. I read that I cant put it in the tank with the Prime. My question is what should I do? If I quite using Prime and the ammonia spikes my fish will die. I have Mollies, Tetras, and Mystery Snails in the 20 gallon tank.
  8. So I just got some Prime and my impression is that I should only use it if there's an ammonia spike due to overfeeding / random death in a planted tank that I can't see. I should also add this to new water I'm adding to dechlorinate it too. Is this right? I'm still trying to balance the food / fish ratio in a 75 gallon aquarium, and sometimes I overfeed to where the ammonia is at .25-.5 ppm. It's not much but it's still there. Also any tips on feeding? I don't have many fish, but I have a good amount of bottom feeders. My main goal is to make sure there's still a little bit of food on the bottom of the tank so that the bottom feeders don't starve. Edit: Also, 1 more quick question, if I use Prime, will I still be able to detect the ammonia? Or will it go away for a little while until it's eaten?
  9. Everything I’ve read about recharging Purigen says to use prime as the dechlorinator after soaking in bleach. I don’t use Prime because I started my tanks using the jungle dechlorinator sold at Walmart because to use Prime I’d have to drive an hour every time I need dechlorinator, which is quite often. So, my question is, does it matter what brand dechlorinator you use to recharge Purigen?
  10. Greetings! I have always used the bucket method for my WC, treating the water before filling back the tank but with 3 aquariums I would like to use my python. What scares me is to add untreated water to my tanks. I do use Prime and stability - should I add it in the tank before filling, while filling, after filling it? I am afraid to shock the fish with the untreated water, or overdose them if I add the products before, etc... What is the best course of action?I know most youtuber say there is no problem and just add the products while filling the tank but as mine are small (10g, 15g and 20g), I was wondering if it will make a difference Thank you!
  11. We have a 55 gallon tank that we've had set up for about 6 months now. We have 6 fish in it and all was good up until about a month ago when every time we'd take ammonia readings they were off the chart. We used to get slight ammonia readings but a 1/2 water change on a weekly basis would fix it. We have new media and sponges and everything in the filter and do 1/2 water changes, but nothing makes the ammonia go down. We put Prime and Stability in to change the toxic ammonia to non-toxic, but there's never any change in the reading. It is the highest that the chart reads at 8ppm. If this were true, the fish would be dead in a matter of hours. I've thought maybe it was giving a false reading, but when I measure the ammonia in our 20 gallon tank it's at 0. What are we doing wrong and why did this all of a sudden start up after months of it being fine?
  12. I noticed a couple of my fish had some stringy poop and was watching them. I’m located in Canada so meds are not readily available to me. I have 1 box of API general cure (10packs). Yesterday my female peacock gudgeon started flashing periodically and I did a 50% water change. Today she is still flashing and also has stringy poop. So I decide to dose the whole display tank. Bear in mind that none of my fish have been medicated (to my knowledge) before...although they went through quarantine at my LFS and at my house. So I notice one of my honey gouramis swimming erratically and belatedly test my tank water (which I changed yesterday). My ammonia is 0.5! Not sure where it is coming from (tank is cycled and running for a year). The only thing I can think of is that my male peacock gudgeon might have passed away (he disappears all the time to nest and I’ve never found where) and is causing the spike. I’ve moved all my decor and can’t find him and everyone else is accounted for. So my question is should I do a 50% water change (tap water has 0 ammonia...I checked) and not give the full dose of meds (tank is 38G) or should I wait the 48hrs, double dosing with prime and then do a 75% water change and continue the med schedule? So far I have not seen my female flash again (lights are off) and my honey is resting on his betta leaf. My other fish seem unaffected.
  13. I'm pretty sure my cycle has crashed. Ammonia is 0.5, nitrates are 0. I'm wondering if I would be better using safestart or water changes and dosing with prime and stability. Anyone have experience or opinions?
  14. I have a 15 gallon tank with 12 salt and pepper corydoras and 6 white cloud minnows, that's been up and running for 3 months, finished cycling 2 months ago. Yesterday I noticed my fish acting weird so I did a water test and it returned 8ppm ammonia, up from 0.25ppm 4 days ago, after which I did a 50% water change. I immediately did an 80% water change, got 0 ammonia readings. Also tested my tap water, which returned 0.25ppm ammonia. I tested the water this morning, 0.25ppm ammonia, did a 10% water change, 5 hours later I tested the water and it returned 4ppm!. What's going on? Quick answers: For the last 4 days I've been giving 1 catfish pellet and one small pinch of flake food, skipping two days. I fed one single catfish pellet before going to bed last night and haven't fed them since I don't think there is anything rotting in the tank, I haven't been able to count all 12 corydoras but I removed all of my plants and scape yesterday and didn't see any corpses. This doesn't rule out the possibility of one buried in the substrate. Last time I counted 12 was last week Doesn't appear to be a cycle crash; my ntirates are up 5ppm from 0ppm this morning Yes, it was cycled. Yes it has lots of plants, including anacharis I added 5ml of profito fertiliser within the last week I've been adding seachem with the water changes in order to keep the ammonia at bay but if anyone has any suggestions I am desperate. The "nuclear option" is to remove literally everything from the tank, put the sponge filter in a bag with tank water, drip acclimate the fish to fresh, dechlorinated tap water, and add everything back in.
  15. I have switched from prime to fritz's ACCR powder. I just find ACCR easier to use than prime, just a quick scoop with the Co-ops very own, convenient measuring spoon. I can even do smaller doses super easy cause the spoon has 4 different measures. But I wonder if they're the same or if prime has any advantage ACCR doesn't have, or viceversa? If I remember correctly, prime is supossed to also neutralize/detoxify heavy metals or something like that? What does that even mean? Like, if my tap water had large amounts of copper, would prime make it safe for my fish? Is this something ACCR would not do? I haven't had any issue with ACCR, and been loving it, but what are your thoughts on them? Btw, green terror approved! XD
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