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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I would like to know if my fish are pregnant. My white Molly had fry 1 month as of this Friday. Can she be pregnant again that fast?
  2. Im genuinely concern for my fish bcs her scales look like their about to fall off & the other fish next to her is how she should be looking. i’m just hoping my conclusion is correct & that she’s pregnant & ready to burst at any moment bcs i feel so bad for her she’s always at the bottom too bcs it looks like she’s having a hard time swimming.
  3. Not sure if my two guppies are actually pregant or just getting fat. I put them in a breeder box just in case bc if they do give birth I think the gourami's might have eaten them, or even the mothers themselves! What do you think? (they don't look thrilled about being in there)
  4. One of my neons that appears preggo is at the surface this morning. Breathing quickly, “resting” on some vegetation. Is this normal? All other fish including neons look healthy.
  5. Should I concerned over my female guppy? She gave birth a few days ago, but still looks quite chunky and her gravid spot is still fairly large. I know people retain a little bit if baby weight and bloat after birth, though, so is this the same kind of thing? I've never bred fish before so I know that I still have a lot to learn.
  6. Not sure if my Amber Tetra is pregnant and if so what should I do cuz I have predators in my tank and I only have a another tank that a 2.6 gal with shrimp in it and they are breeding currently. I also don't have to space to get another tank unfortunately.
  7. I have 2 pregnant black mollies and 1 pregnant orange lyretail molly. One of my black mollies gave birth about 3.5 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I do not know which one. And neither appears to have lost any weight after giving birth. And both of the black one look like they are ready to explode. I have them in 55 gallon tank without the male.
  8. I was hoping someone could help me out. I am wondering if my molly is pregnant. If so based on how she looks can you tell when she will drop the fry. sorry the images are upside down TIA
  9. This is the fish I've been questioning I've had ich in my tank severely and it's trying to make a comeback now I know other infections usually happen after and/or during but have not had any experience with swim bladder disease before and is what I'm most afraid this is(basically I'm looking for the best alternative or see how aggressive in treatment I should be) I have treated them once for fungal infection per instructions on the ich treatment bottle but the bloating still persists
  10. Hello, I was hoping I could get some advice on chery shrimp. This is the first time breeding anything as my family has only been in the aquarium hobby for a few months. I have a think 2 pregnant cherry shrimp and I'm wondering if I should put them in a breeder box until they have there babies? My concern is that these shrimp are in a community tank with glofish tetras, snails and some corydoras so I don't want any little ones getting gobbled up. I'm also scared of gravel vaccuming them up as well once they hatch. I've also noticed today that a lot of my shrimp have been swimming more than usual instead of their normal grazing and was wondering if this is normal or if something could be wrong. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. I have a female endler who I bought 17 days ago and she was already clearly pregnant (just starting to box out). She's now got a big, dark gravid spot and looks about to burst. I've been searching on the google machine for these signs, but I'm wondering if folks here have their own, maybe lesser known, tell-tale signs that a livebearer is about to give birth? I feel like she must be due any day now, and it's my first time owning fish in a long while so I'm really excited!
  12. It seems that a month after my swords or platties give birth, I find them dead and their stomach open. Just like it had exploded open. It doesn't happen to every female, just more often than it to be an isolated fish, Parameters are all 0-.5. Water changes happen at least once a week, sometimes twice. depends on parameters. I have 7 platties, and 5 swords, 3 pygmy corys, and 5 amano shrimp and a couple snails in a 29. Lots of fish potentially means increased water changes. and the tank is well p[anted.
  13. Hey all, first time on this forum, i have a pregnant molly who just passed 7 weeks since her last batch of fry, she has been fat for about 4 weeks and is currently super swollen, she has had a white spot near her anal fin for at least a week and a half now. Was wondering if I should be concerned at this point and what to do going forward. She is in a 30 gallon community tank with 6 Cory catfish, two male and two other female golden panda female mollies: water is 78 degrees, ph fluctuates between 7.5 and 8 but is always between those. Ammonia and nitrite at 0 and nitrates are currently about 30 ppm an i try to keep them between 20-40.
  14. Is this poor girl having a difficult pregnancy or is something eating her from the inside? She's been plump for a while and the other fish have been chasing her, so I put her in the quarantine tank so nothing could bother her. All water parameters are good and stable.
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