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  1. Hello to all in the community, I am Thomas Wolf and I have been into aquaculture for a couple of years now. I started with blue tilapia (Lakeway Tilapia Hatchery, pure species) for aquaponic and food purposes, and have since moved into freshwater malaysian prawns alongside them. I am looking to diversify further. I'm a STEM student with Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin, planning on transferring out to the University of Wisconsin - Madison and likely subsequent schools for post-grad with the intention of obtaining a PhD in Bio (Environmental Science and Marine Biology are my favorites, but I am into botany, mycology, and so on) as well as a B.S. in Engineering, most likely mechanical. My career goal is to fund my own research through the development of patents that primarily help with bioremediation. I currently reside in Onalaska, WI, which is the sunfish capital of the world - I love to fish, but I love caring for them even more - I had to shut down my overgrown breeder tank recently and being just a few days without any fish while fingerlings are in the mail has illustrated how much the hobby means to me. This has been a solitary hobby for me until now, outside some YouTube comments here and there. I've put countless hours into study in order to run my current fish room using nothing but FDA-Okay products, and I've ran a pool pond with a custom radial flow filter made out of a 50g brine tank, repurposed from a water conditioner. As a result, I went into deep study to learn everything I possibly could and wrote a solid term paper comparing all the different things I had tried out last year or so. I find it uniquely challenging because I am limited from using most products a typical pet or hobbyist aqua culturist uses regularly. I am currently on the brink of completing a DIY water conditioner that replicates commercial products, and if I succeed, I will give that information out to the public for free. I am a technical researcher, writer and editor by trade, currently writing for a blockchain/cryptocurrency company which has been my bread and butter for the last year or so. I am looking to expand into the sciences and find while I have a following and a platform in crypto, I am all alone in the sciences and in aquaculture - although some blockchain companies have expressed interest in helping me put aquaculture on the blockchain, along with agroecology. Much has been learned from The Aquarium Co-op's YouTube videos and I found this to be a suitable place to start engaging with others about the hobby. I am considering setting up my first planted hobby tank soon, and I figure if I belong being redirected to a food-fishes forum, you may be able to help point me in the right direction. I'll have to get some pictures of my current setup, I'll snap some when my fingerlings come. Here is a snap of the pool pond I used to run. I got the idea for the 800W Hygger tank heater float from Taylor rafts used in oyster cultivation so that it would remove structure from the pond and help the pump suck in waste, as well as keep the fish from mating/becoming territorial. Worked for a water conditioning company a year or so back, brine tank was on the house/repurposed. Best, -Thomas Wolf
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