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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I got this juvenile angel 3 weeks ago from my local fish store. Starting about a week ago, I noticed that his/her poops were coming out long and stringy and staying connected for a long time. The poop is typically pale red-ish or brown-ish in color. I've read mixed diagnoses online ranging from parasite infection to constipation, but would love a second opinion (I am relatively new to the hobby). Other than the weird poop he/her has been acting normal and eating well. I do small feedings twice a day with Hikari micro pellets and Fluval bug bites (algae wafers for the bristlenose), and the occasional frozen bloodworm snack. I don't see any other visible signs of stress (sometimes his/her stripes fade when the light turns on/off or every once in a while throughout the day, but they're never gone for very long), all other fish are active and healthy. Water parameters have been consistent since I got him/her. Water parameters: Temp 79F | PH 7.5 | CL 0 | KH 50ppm | Ammonia 0 | Nitrite 0 | Nitrate 10 | GH 200-300 (I have very hard tap water) Tank: Top Fin 55 gallon | Tank Age 72 days | Filter Fluval 307 Stock: 9 Rummynose Tetra | 1 Scalare Angelfish | 1 Bristlenose Pleco Pictures attached. Unfortunately he/she is not the most photogenic, so I circled the stringy poop in photo 1 to make it easier to see lol. Any advice/tips are welcome, thank you for your help!
  2. I have some new Oto's that poop non stop, but this turd is next level. Is this size of a poop normal? The photo isn't clear but the length was easily 4-5x's the length of the body. I have read these guys go a lot, but...is there something wrong here? They have only been in the tank about a week and a half. Thanks for any and all input.
  3. i i do some light vacuuming at least once a week to primarily get up this poop but it seems to be just as bad a day later. any tips on how to handle this? or any low/moderate light plants that would help hide all this poop?
  4. Just finished my weekly WC about an hr ago and noticed my Royal Plec is supper happy and leaving me presents.
  5. I will cut to the chase. How do you deal with all the waste a pleco produces? When I was treating my tank for ich, I actually sort of enjoyed it because the daily water changes meant I could gravel val and clean up the poop for the day. There is lots of poop. Maybe I am putting the blame on the plecos when it's a combination of everyone in the tank (but the poop all looks like it came from the pleco who leaves droppings in all his favorite places to hang out). But goodness gracious me, there is so much poop. My 29 gallon tank with more fish doesn't look this poopy between my weekly water changes. This 75 looks very poopy and I last gravel vaccd on Wednesday. If there a trick to dealing with it? Or am I just going to have to let go and deal with it?
  6. Got her with 1 male and 1 other female. The 1st female didn't make it past the first night. I have in quarantine tank and was doing preventive care with the trio of meds ( ich x, fritz paracleanse and maracyn) . The two left were great for 5 days then fem start to get flakes on head then stringy poop. Male is fine he does seemed bothered by anything. I'm new to aquarium life. I've got most meds and salt. Fish are in a 5 gal tank. Temp is 76°F. Hardness is 8.4 to 8.8 water is naturally hard. Nitrate is 0 ppm Ammonia is 0 ppm Nitrite is 0 ppm
  7. I did not think much before but the corydras in quarantine tank is pooping out white poop from the day 1 I got;They came here 10th of March.They are still in quarantine tank because one of them is flashing and I started treating the flashing with paraguard. White poop indicate something?Or is it normal poop from corydras? I know fish poop has color to it but... I am new corycat keeper and not sure if that is normal or not. Thank you.
  8. I've been thinking about this a lot and would love either anecdotal feedback or scientific evidence, the latter being preferred of course... Everyone is always talking about a cleanup crew, be it corydoras, plecos, snails, shrimp, etc. The idea being that when you feed your "main" fish, the leftovers that they don't get will be picked by the scavengers, leading to a cleaner tank. Of course some critters clean up better than others, and some also leave waste better than others, but in as general terms as possible are cleanup crews really worth it? Another way of asking this: Is the ammonia (and other byproducts) from fish poop/waste less than the ammonia from the food needed to feed those scavengers? Or, if you didn't have snails/shrimp (that you often have to feed extra to anyway, but I digress), would the tank really be dirtier than if you just fed a little less/had a little leftover food buildup? (By dirtier I mean needing more frequent water changes due to nitrate buildup etc.) I think this not a simple question with a simple answer and I know I didn't cover all the nuances here, but hopefully we can have a little discussion!
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