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Found 8 results

  1. What's the best way to get rid of them? At first it was just a few that got in with some plants. But they must have had a breeding frenzy. I'm manually squashing about 30 every day and they just reappear an hour later. I've read that they are beneficial but I find them unsightly.
  2. Ok, so when they were smaller people thought they were bladder snails, but now, Im not so sure. Sometimes I think the antenna look more conical, others whispy. But seems to me the shells point the opposite direction than bladders should. Of course through the glass they look lighter in color but once I get them out they look the color of bladder shells. Of course it is possible I've got both these were all free with my plant order (not aquarium co-op). 😒. I attached photos of the two largest (crunchy and speedy). I've now got a bunch of smaller ones as well. I have noticed that my plants are looking lacey and in not as good shape leading me to believe the snails may be eating the plants. Attaching photo.
  3. Just as it says above? I found one yesterday and another one today, it has small brown/orange dots on its shell. To keep or not? Thanks
  4. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  5. So i was keeping one blader snail in my 10 G shrimp tank but now its started to reproduce. Usually i dont have a problem with them but im afraid both might compete for food and calcium. what should i do? Also just a side question but anyone know a good snail or shrimp mate that can deal with green spot algae?
  6. Brought home some blue velvet shrimp and tiger snails. Within a week I’ve got pond snails, hydra, copepods and seed shrimp. It’s a new 14.5 gallon aquarium that I cycled for 6 weeks. Lots of plants, spiderwood and dragon stone. Water parameters were normal. Suddenly I’ve got lots of hair algae as well... What to do? I feel like starting over is an option? Should I remove plants and treat with peroxide and replant in a bleached tank? Ugh. Not sure how to salvage with so many pests.
  7. I have a 5 gallon tank, and since my betta passed away a couple months ago it's just had a Nerite Snail and plants in it. A week ago I moved my coryadoras into it for temporary quarantine(plus half a dozen excess shrimp that wouldn't stay out of the net)and have been dosing with Maracyn. Today, I noticed 2 of these little guys on the heater. So my question is, have the nerite snail eggs been hatching? I know this isn't supposed to happen in freshwater, so has the Maracyn done something to make this possible?
  8. I'm sorry for the photo quality. This little guy is still tiny; about half the size of my pinkie nail. He came in on a plant, has a blue foot and a very dark shell, almost black, I think. Any chance anyone recognizes it? Thanks for looking! 🙂 ~Brandy
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