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Found 14 results

  1. So I dont have water to my garage.. I need a good way to get water to my garage without plumbing it in. My thought process was I could plumb water to the room but itsabout 20 feet away. I have 2 hose spigots close and want to utilize them. I dont want to hard line the water although it would be the best. I was thinking a sort to "jumper" connection from the spigot to the garage. IDK just thinking out loud. Give me some ideas and input please !! Ill add pictures tomorrow.
  2. Hello everyone I took advantage of the dollar per gallon sale at Petco for my new rack I’m putting together. I’ve decided to do a row of 10 gallons and was about to buy bulk heads when I realized idk what size I should get!?! I was going to go with 1/2 inch but then realized that way to small. Does anyone have any experience with them and want to give some advice itll be greatly appreciated! I then was thinking maybe 1 inch then I saw a bunch of people online do 3/4. 😑 lol
  3. I got a good deal on some craigslist tanks about a year ago with the intent on setting up a neo-shrimp breeding rack. Looking to find a relatively clog resistant pre-stand pipe fixture safe for shrimp. Will the coarse pre filter sponges facilitate a stand pipe flow without overflowing? I'm planning to turn this stand pipe(pic) downward. Anyone Anyone worked with a similar setup? I want a durso pipe with no weir ideally that has a fine mesh intake. I was considering mummifying a swiss cheezed pvc pipe downspout with window screen. It will flow into the white pvc manifold. This leads to the yellow bin diy submerged media filter that is not made of cheese, which overflows into a refugium ( I guess??) that has a sponge baffle leading to the pump that spills forth the waters of life past the ball valve of past folly. It The waters of life are regulated by my 4-of-a-kind threaded rod bent around a wooden block with screw on nuts to meter the open/closedness of the tubing. It's not a complete fire hazard I swear. Also, here is my slider being a legal for me to own (grandfathered in) before the law making his species illegal to own in my state baby who I will keep till one of us dies, his life partner is hugging the filter intake where she dug away all the river rocks. The tank is just them for now because they murder any plants save for the one stalk of lucky bamboo wedged by their basking platform. Turtles are great, but lots of work. Anyway, I need a piece to keep the shrimp and most of their babies in the rack without tanking the flow. Let me know what y'all think,
  4. Do any of you know where dean and Cory get these screws that go into pvc for the fry system and general water taps? I can’t find them.
  5. Hello. My wife and I recently had our plumbing updated in an old house we are rehabbing. We installed all new copper piping. Should we be concerned about copper in our water as it pertains to water changes in our aquariums? We have 2 red eared sliders, 2 tropical tanks and 1 shrimp tank.
  6. HI All! (I swear this has to do with my aquarium.) We've been redoing our bathroom, which is next to our aquarium's and the primary source for cleaning the tanks. We just discovered the faucet we're planning on using doesn't have the option to hook up my vacuum. The part in the middle of the faucet won't come out. So now we're trying to figure out what kinds of faucets would have that part the comes out so I can attach the vacuum up to it. But I don't know what that part is called so when I look on websites I can't tell if it has the option to pull that out or not. So what I would like to know is do you what that part is called and what to look for? This bathroom has been not nice for years and years, and we're trying to make it look nice and make it functional for the aquarium. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I’m setting up a new 75g and I’m lucky to have a wet bar with sink right next to the tank. I’m comfortable drilling the tank and know how to do household plumbing, but I’ve never plumbed an aquarium. How are you folks doing it? I’m still in the brainstorming phase so any advice is welcome.
  8. I got tired of clearing my standard sink drain strainer of plant leaves. This is the simple solution I came up with. Its a wire mesh desk organizer held above the sink bottom by a wooden stick. I dump my bucket of siphoned aquarium water into it, then knock the leaves it catches into the trash pail. Maybe this will help someone. 🙂
  9. I am looking for black PVC pipe to build shelves for my outdoor pond, and the only thing in finding is Formufit Furniture Grade PVC on Amazon and the other big box stores. It says don't use for plumbing, and it has UV Stabilizers added. Does anyone know of this PVC would be pond and fish safe? I'm trying to avoid painting as I'm concerned the paint will chip off over time. Concern is more for looks and ease than anything else. I hate painting.
  10. Planning my first “biggie” a 75 gallon planted tank. I would like to add a sump filter system. My plan is to have the sump in the basement laundry room one floor directly below the aquarium. That way i can hide the life support hardware, and worry less about dripping water on the hardwood floor. My question for the group: what would be the best PVC pipe diameter for my application? TIA
  11. Hey all, I am looking into getting an RO/DI water filter for my aquariums. I am wondering if i need to mount it on the wall, or at all? Or can I just use it sitting on the countertop? Thanks!
  12. Anyone ever over tighten a bulkhead to itself before actually fitting it to the aquarium? Playing with this bulkhead as it’s the first time I’m plumbing a tank and can’t get it loose again to actually put it on the tank.
  13. What would you improve about your water change set up? Would you use a mixing valve to control water change temperature? I am adding a fishroom sink around November within the utility room next to the fishroom. I hope to add a thermostatic mixing valve to set my temperature. We live at 9200 feet in Colorado and our cold water comes out of the mountain at 40 degrees pretty much all year long. I use a python and added in an RV hose inline water filter (carbon / sediment filter) before the python hook. Are there models of mixing valve that allow for a controllable aquarium suitable output temperature? What would those be? Would you use one? Thanks kindly. Vr Matt
  14. I am working on the design or my fish room plumbing system (more to come on the whole design) and I have a question on drilled aquarium overflows. I am looking to add overflows with the low profile strainer to 10g and 20g highs. My question concerns the desire to have the strainer assembly do double duty for larger water changes. Is there any reason to have the strainer assembly unglued to a bulkhead with a slip fitting on the inside so the assembly can be rotated to make larger water changes? I have not found an example of anyone doing this which leads me to believe it will not be practical. The first thought is the danger of the assembly always slipping out of position or worse, out. However I am tempted to try it. Has anyone else given this a try or know of a good reason not to do it? I always believe in getting the best expert advice but also in trying something new. Here is a very simple front and side elevation on a 20g tall of what I am talking about. The horizontal dashed line represents approximately 50% of the water line. Thanks in advance!
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