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  1. Hello. I have a question about these fish I got a while back. I used to own some mollies and wanted more. One day I went to the store and got two new ones that were in the mollie tanks (the black-orange and white one in the pics). I only had two females and one male mollie before hand so I thought adding these two will help which it didn’t. A female died a few weeks back and I noticed the male being more aggressive to the other female I had so I thought adding another mollie would help. I went to the store and got the green one from that same mollie tank I originally got the other two from. Adding her didn’t work either so now I’m confused if I’m confusing the platys for mollies or the store is. If anyone help clarify if my fish are platys or mollies I would really appreciate it. Also sorry for the dirty pictures.
  2. I've been looking online for dwarf red coral platies for months, and finally found some! I talked to the seller today, and I'll be ordering them this weekend. 🙂 However, I just realized I'm not certain if dwarf platies come from southern platies or variatus platies. Variatus have a wider temp range, which is why I want to know. I can't seem to find the answer by googling. (Either range is good for my tanks. No worries.) Anyone know whether dwarf red coral platies are southern or variatus? Or maybe you've kept them, and have a good idea of temp tolerance?
  3. What tank temp do you guys run your molly/platy/variatus at?
  4. I woke up today to find two Wagtail Platy Fry in my tank. Although there are plants in the tank to hide, I'm still worried that either my Betta or my Coridoras might eat them. Being that there are only two I'm assuming that others were born and eaten. I'm thinking of moving them into a breeder tank and add some moss. My question is the following: The mother is still large. Does it take several days to give birth? Should I add her with them? Being that I have only two I'm scared she'll eat them, but on the other hand if she still has to give birth I'm worried that the other fish (or she) will eat the other fry. Advice?
  5. I have a Platy fish that was at the bottom of the tank in a vertical position for a long time. I'm assuming that it got swim bladder disease. I'm planning on moving it to a quarantine tank and give it peas. My question is whether I should add salt or methylene blue into the tank? Also, how long does it take to recover? (Point of note: It is upright at the bottom of the tank now, but it doesn't look good. Something is still wrong with it).
  6. I'm currently feeding my fish Tetra flakes and occasionally some community repashy gel. What are some other foods that I can feed to change things up a bit?
  7. Hello today I noticed that my players are acting very weird, we’re at the surface and ground acting very skittish. But my bottom feeders are fine including corydoras and Otos! could this be an ammonia problem. I just added route tabs not too long ago!
  8. My 6yo daughter has a 10 gallon tank with a few ghost shrimp. I bought her 4 Platys to add to it, however they had multiplied out of control. I have at least 20 platys now in this 10 gallon and I need to control the population. Are there fish out there that I could add to the tank that would help control the fry population? I’m not sure what to do with all of these fish.
  9. So my Platies were due to give birth a month ago for their 1st pregnancy, but still refuses to drop them all. I’ve only seen like 6 fry so far. At first I wanted to save all the fry, so I put the females in a floating 3 gallon bin in the main 40 gallon, but they seemed stressed, so I put them back in with the males. But now, I don’t really care if the fry live or get eaten since I know they’ll just give birth again. I just want the females to drop their fry though. As you can see, there are plenty of hiding spots, the gravid spot is already there, and the water is heated to 86 F. I know the tank is cycled due to the plants going HAM, but I don’t check the water parameters because I routinely do a 25% WC weekly anyways. Does anyone know what’s going on? photo of my tank: https://imgur.com/a/G6iqgjI
  10. Try to have this fish as a centerpiece. My only female out of purchasing 6 from aquabid? What are my chances here? I feel like its any day now Thank you
  11. We've got a single Bumblebee Platy with a sunken belly and is generally looking sickly. I need help figuring out the problem, pictures below. Here's the tank details: Tank Size: 56 gallons pH: 7 Nitrates: ~40 Hardness: 150+ ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: ~40 ppm (need to add more crushed coral) Water Temperature: 75 degrees The little fellow seems to be eating and the rest of tank is fat and happy. We're feeding a combo of Xtreme Krill flakes and Nano bites, Hikari frozen Brine, and Tubiflex worms. It's a well stocked tank with Salt and Pepper, Green Lantern, and Blue Wag Platys, as well as Serpae Tetras, and a few mutt guppies. The thin fish did get nipped a while ago, before we got the Tetra aggression under control. There's many plants in there including swords, water sprite, and Japan. What do people think? Worms? I am moving him to our Quarantank so he can get some solo attention.
  12. Ghost

    Need some help

    I have a 20 gallon high with some platies, neon tetras, danios,Corry's,Guppies,shrimp,khulis, and one hillstream loach these last couple of days ive found 2 dead platies a couple more look like they aren't gonna make till tomorrow any idea what could be wrong? i do 50-75 percent water change weekly haven't had a chance to test my water as i ran out of test strips recently
  13. Hi there, I picked up a few assorted platies a few weeks ago. Seemed fine (I even had a fry - that promptly got eaten I think), however, two died within the last couple of days and the remaining seem to have red gills. My other stock - some pygmy corys, beckford pencilfish, and amano shrimp all seem to be fine. Ammonia seems like its the main cause of red gills on the internet, however, I have 0 ppm ammonia according to my API test kit (see below). So I am wondering if this is a disease? Apologies for the quality of the images I will try to get clearer ones. Any help is greatly appreciated. Water Parameters: pH - 7.3-7.5 Nitrates - 40 ppm (moderately planted) Hardness - ~8 degrees Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 0 ppm KH/Buffer - ~5 degrees Water Temperature - ~79 degrees
  14. Brian m

    Sick Platy

    Went on vacation for two weeks. Had a friend check on the fish after week one and they were fine. Got home and the female platy is swimming funny but mostly sits on the bottom of the tank. She is also really skinny compared to when we left. I did a 30% water change before we left but did not check the water parameters then. I checked when we got home and the nitrates were really high (100 to 110ppm best guess. My test strips only have 80 and 160 the color was closer to the 80) Nitrite ammonia are 0, gh kh pH are a little high but normal for my water and they have been fine with those for the past 6 months. I have done 2 30% water changes in the past 3 days. (First on Sunday when we got home and the second just now, tuesday) and the nitrate is now down to ~40ppm. She is starting to come out more and swim around but is still tilting up and laying on the bottom to rest. Will she recover? It there more I should do? Or should I be planning a fishy funeral? Tank details: 10 gal with a small Tetra filter seen in photo and a sponge filter in the corner. 4 occupants, 2 adult platys, and a silver dollar Tetra, plus one surviving platy frey about 4 weeks old Last water parameters Temp: 26c. Nitrate 40ppm Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Gh 250 - 300 Kh - >300 I keep trying to get this down but nothing has been working Ph ~8.0
  15. I’ve posted about this before but now I have evidence that I can’t attach because it’s a video. My Platys are miserable because my Endlers chase them nonstop. Some people here suggested that Endlers are trying to mate with them and that it’s harmless, but my Platys are exhibiting stress behavior and I don’t have another tank to put them in. I do have a Ziss Breeder Box that I can put my Endlers in for a few days though. It’s not setup yet but it won’t be difficult. Any other ideas?
  16. Anyone keep "mutt" platies? If so I'd love to see pics! I have some blue ones, but one has a pretty bright orange patch I really like, and so I'm very tempted to just start adding different colors in there and see what happens. :3
  17. I recently added some varitus platys to my tank, 55 gallon with a lot of plants and wood. I have three females and one high fin male, who is also the smallest of the batch. They have been in the tank for a couple weeks now and the male just seems painfully shy. A lot of times he hides in the plants, but not always, as he does venture out at times to eat food and nibble on algae. He does not have any clamped fins or other signs of disease, and as I said he is eating. His swimming looks fine, when he pops out. I will admit this is better then the first week where he just hid He does sometimes stay near one of the females, but many times when I do see him he is busy wandering on his own. The three females are a lot more visible, I see them all the time. Their only tank mates are six black neon tetras who ignore them ( I had some juvenile emperor tetras, but re-homed them as the males were already acting territorial and chasing the black neons away. Any ideas about what is going on here? I would like him to be comfortable about being out in the open more, he is a very pretty fish. Would getting some more platys help? The only thing is I would need to wait to add them because I would need to quarantine them.
  18. I have some pregnant female Platys that are due to deliver this Friday as July 9th marks the end of the 28-day gestation period. In the weeks leading up to today, my Platys have had a black gravid spot. But last Thursday, after a water change, when I moved them to a giant 3 gallon breeding box, I noticed that on some of the Platys, the spot turned pink! Some spots remained black and some have both black and pink. What does this mean? I'm afraid I did something that made them abort their fry.
  19. What is your guys favorite platy color breed! Mine is the Beautiful dwarf red coral platys I have!!
  20. After doing a water change today, I noticed that one of my platies has a white bump over it's eye. It's hard to see but I don't believe it is fuzzy like fungus. I only noticed it after I added water back into my tank so I think it appeared recently. (In the pictures her belly is kinda big because she ate a little too much recently) pH 8 Nitrates 10-20 Hardness 17 dGH Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 6 dKH Water Temperature 76 F
  21. I currently have 7 pregnant platys in a 20 gallon tall, that are due in 2 weeks. The tank is packed from the middle to top with Elodea. I don't have gravel at the bottom, but I did put in pieces of PVC piping/connectors (~25), like 3 big fist fist sized rocks, and a little tower filled with holes too small for an adult to fit through. All my platys are part of the same brood, so I assume that all the females got pregnant around the same time, since all the males matured at the same time as well. June 11th was when I first saw a male and a female going at it. So I would like to scoop out the female as soon as she's done giving birth, but with 7 in the same tank, I imagine that it's going to be pretty tough to find out which one already given birth.
  22. My platy, Cookie, has looked pregnant for awhile, and when we got her the fish store also said she is pregnant. Does it look like she will give birth soon? I'm pretty sure I can see the fry eyes, but it is a little hard to see in the pictures. Her belly kind of looks squared but I'm not sure. I moved her into a breeding box a little while ago but decided to release her because a lot of things say that it can really stress them out and even make her release the fry too early. I really want to save at least one fry so I'm wondering how soon she will probably give birth
  23. I've been trying to figure out what's going on in my heavily-planted 20 gallon hexagon. I've had a betta in there for about 3 months. His fins are looking a little haggard, but that could be explained by other factors resulting from inexperience/experimentation: My plan was to move him to a smaller 10 gallon mostly plantless column tank that is currently a grow out tank for some juvenile platys, treat him with some salt and see if I can't get some fin regrowth. I haven't had any previous parasite issues or ich (as far as I know), so I thought it might just be stress or something about the environment that he didn't like. Before doing, that, though I wanted to see how the betta would do with the platys (and to see if they could make a dent in the hair algae that's been growing), so I moved two into the 20 gallon as my "canaries in the mineshaft" if you will. I kinda just dropped them in and didn't acclimate them at all. The betta flared at them a bit initially, but has since mellowed out. However, I have now noticed that at least one of the platys have been flashing off of my crypts and anubias for about a week. It's not super frequent as far as I can tell--I only see her do it 2 or 3 times once or twice a day. The tank is on my desk, so I'm able to keep a pretty good eye on them. I don't see any signs of ich or irritation to their scales and the betta and otos that are in there don't seem to be affected. Last Friday, when I did my weekly water change, I added the standard 1 tbsp of salt per 5 gallons and let them sit in it over the weekend. The flashing is still happening and my plants are already looking a little rough. Hesitant to continue down this road, I did a 50% water change yesterday and plan on doing another 50% today in an effort to get some of the salt out. Current tank parameters: pH: 6.8 - 7.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 20 - 30ppm GH: 25 KH: 0 (?) Temp: 78 - 80 My questions: Is the flashing something to be concerned about? Could it be an external parasites or just the result of a different pH than the tank they were raised in? The pH in the tank that the platys came from is 7.6 thanks to some crushed corral in the filter and I know platys tend to like a bit of a higher pH If I move the betta and the platys into the 10 gallon in order to treat them, that leaves the 20 gallon empty, but potentially with parasite issues. I would assume that the parasites require a host to survive, but is it risky to put the platys from the 10 gallon in the 20 straight away or would the 20 gallon need to be treated in some way? If I can't move them into the 20 gallon, what can I do to treat the tank without killing the plants? I'm not too concerned about the bacteria in the tank because I have plenty of other tanks that I can use to jump start it if the bacteria are killed off. I would just hate to lose my plants. Any recommendations on a course of action here?
  24. Hey there. I have 3 platys in my 100L community tank. All is well apart from this platy! He started with a small mark on his head and it has got bigger and bigger. I noticed another small platy started chasing him a bit I guess cause he noticed an illness but nothing persistent or aggressive.. I've moved him to quarantine about a week ago and done 2 50% water changes . I added some metroplex as someone thought it could be hexamita, every 2 days but there has been no improvement that I can see so far.. if anything it seems more raised on his head than before. I will add the parameters later as I tested last night and wrote them down at home. But 0 ammonia 0 nitrite. Kind if high GH and quite low KH. Nitrate was a little high but i added some ferts last week and am due a water change.. Planted tank.. The tank is about 2 years old. I test roughly once every 2 weeks and there's been no drastic changes. Any ideas? Someone else suggested applying methylene blue with a cotton bud incase its fungal.. Cheers
  25. A week or so ago I put my platy in my pond since it was getting bullied but unfortunately there was a cold snap and the temperature went from around 80 degrees to around low 40’s for two whole days. I couldn’t find the platy during that time and thought that it passed away. But today I saw it alive and swimming. Platys are such incredibly hardy fish😭
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