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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to the hobby only been in it about two months ago my aquarium plants aren’t looking healthy can I save my aquarium plant from dying or how late is too late
  2. Our nitrates in both 20 gallon and 55 are 40-80 ppm nitrates. We have lots of algae in both tanks and our plants look bad, I can try to take some photos after I get home from work. I really want to save what plants I can.
  3. Hi everyone! I added a cryptocoryne hudoroji recently to my plant holding tank on December 3rd. The other plants I ordered, some other types of cryptocorynes too, are doing really well. I am pretty certain this is my mistake for not cutting the stems or roots back initially. But regardless, within days of adding the plant, it melted back completely. I haven’t had aquarium plants for years because my disability made me have to take down all of my aquariums, and I’m trying to currently have one 20 gallon (to hopefully not push things over the edge, but still allow me to do what I enjoy). So I am pretty rusty. I feel as though I waited it out too long, and now the majority of the roots are very smelly and soggy (definitely rotting). I cut them back to about an inch, and removed any yucky goo off the top of the base of the plant. Is there anything else I should do, and should I continue to be patient or is the plant not going to make a comeback?
  4. I bought Cryptocoryne Lucens tissue cultures. About 2 weeks ago rescaped my 5gal. The plants all looked like they were doing good. A few days in there was a significant amount of biofilm(?) White slimy looking cloud laying just above the substrate. The Cryptocoryne and other plants all still looked good. About a week later the biofilm started to clear up, but then all but 1 of the baby Cryptocoryne tissue cultures were melting. Now they are just individual piles of mush on the bottom. My question is, do you think they might regrow if left alone?
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