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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Folks, My little shrimp tank is going well aside from 2 issues that I noticed. (1) Some of the plants in the tank a white fuzz on the leaves... a quick google search indicates it some type of bacterial/fungal infection. But I am not certain. Any thoughts? How to treat? (2) It appears I have detritus worms in the tank. They are unsightly and I would like to get rid of them. Can someone confirm? Are they easy to remove? Thanks Fam.
  2. I am trying to catch a fish that needs to be moved from a heavily planted 20G tank. I've tried netting him several times without success. There are too many places for him to hide, and I don't want to pull out/damage plants in the process When I feed, there are too many fish in one spot and I can't isolate the one I want. Cursing at the fish hasn't worked either. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for catching a fish in a tank with lots of hiding places?
  3. Hi everyone, I spontaneously put together this no tech bowl last night because a friend of mine brought home some discounted aquarium plants that needed some TLC. II found this bowl at a thrift store for $3 and have been holding onto it for just this! I added some plants and snails from my other setups as well. I am assuming the volume of the water is ~2gal. I should have measured before filling the bowl >< My plan is to keep this bowl strictly to rams horn snails (and maybe some shrimp once the bowl is more established, maybe a dwarf african frog??), but I'm worried about tank temperature. I live in New England, and I fear the water will reach temperatures in the high 50s-low 60s this coming winter. We try to minimally use our central heat because of gas costs in the winter here, so my room is usually around 58. I did install plastic window covers this year, so hopefully that helps! Does this forum think a tank heater is 100% necessary in this set up? I would hate to add tech to this bowl if I can avoid it. I did order one on amazon today assuming the answer is yes, but I can always return it 😉 I do plan on adding some more stem plants since I did make it a dirted bottom, and any other suggestions/comments are welcome!! Thanks! heater: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y9WNCJJ/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. This is my first attempt at a planted tank and my first tank in a long time (~15 years) I know it doesn't look like it, but there are currently 18 Embers and 18 CPDs in the tank...the CPDs just went in today, so everyone was a little skittish when I took the picture...everyone seems a little more comfortable and are all exploring the tank now - it was kind of funny, when the CPDs first went in, they mixed in with the Embers and started schooling with them For my plants, I have one unidentified crypt, rotala, an Amazon sword, crypt wendtii, crypt lucens, anubias cofeefolia, water sprite and I am pretty sure my dwarf lilly finally started to sprout, so pretty psyched about that!! let me know what you think
  5. Planted Nano Pea Puffer Cube For the first time ever, I have a beautiful rimless all-in-one aquarium. Over the weekend, my partner and I picked up a Tideline AIO 11.3G, which is just under 14” cubed. Our eventual goal is to house a single pea puffer (and possibly some amano shrimp as cleanup crew). As a seasoned aquarist, I know this aquarium will take a while to establish before I can add our new tiny friend. In the mean time, I will be keeping a journal about its progress. Full disclosure, I did pretty much pull this entire post directly from my blog. I use the blog to share information with friends and family and document my journey, but it makes it rather easy when I can format it there and just paste everything over here to spark conversation. Hope you enjoy! 💚ALL PLANTS ARE FROM AQUARIUM CO-OP💚 The Process Substrate Egg crate structure with *Magic Mud™️ There are two additional layers of egg crate stacked in the back to create depth without using excess substrate. It also brings the nutrient layer up a bit so it’s easier for the plants in the back to reach. As you can see, there’s about 1/2” of space from the edge of the egg crate to the glass, allowing me to keep a clean edged look on this rimless tank. In the back, I have a total of 1.5” of nutrient-rich layer. This will help feed the Sagittaria subulata (dwarf sag), Ludwigia repens, and Helanthium tenellum (dwarf chain sword) without having to reach their roots through 4” of sand. Hardscape Initial substrate pour. Sand is Caribsea Super Naturals Torpedo Beach and accent gravel is Spectrastone shallow creek regular. Addition of hardscape. I am unsure what kind of wood this is, but it’s very splintery and the glue wasn’t holding very well. Instead, I chose to zip tie it temporarily to ensure it doesn’t disturb anything or shift when I filled the tank. The rocks are a grayish toned dragon stone. All hardscape and sand was acquired from Dallas North Aquarium, which is an excellent store and I do highly recommend them. Top-down view. As you can see, I chose a budget light, the Lominie Asta 20. I will write a full review once I have tested the light for a decent period of time, but so far I really like it. Planting Addition of Sagittaria subulata – contained in the back corner behind the hard scape. My hope is that the hardscape will keep it from taking over the tank. This stuff grows fast and I really don’t want to be yanking up runners every week. Cryptocoryne wendtii sp. pink flamingo in the front (I am so ridiculously excited about this plant, it’s so pretty!) and Ludwigia repens just behind. Althernanthera reineckii and Helanthium tenellum added, and some baby java ferns tucked into the holes in the rocks. We added some Anubias nana petite, some Bucephalandra sp. Green wavy, and shoved some moss (Christmas moss? Unknown sp) into the splintery bits of the driftwood. The zip tie is a bit unsightly, but I would much rather have an unsightly zip tie for a month than have my hard work ruined by a stubborn piece of wood. I squeezed an established sponge filter over the tank, filled it, and started up the filter! After about 10 hours, the water is tannic, but no longer super hazy. The filter pump is a little too aggressive for my liking, so I have one on order that’s a much slower 80gph instead of 150gph. A single pea puffer isn’t going to need that much crazy filtration, and quite honestly the poor thing would probably get blown around by the flow. I’ll reserve the pump that came with the tank for another project. Final thoughts This scape turned out pretty great, and I’m really enjoying staring at it, even without livestock. I uploaded a YouTube short of the “sparkle” that happens in this aquarium that photos just can’t accurately capture. You can find that video here if you’re curious. *Magic Mud™️ is a product of my own design that I am still working on perfecting. Its main components are organic worm castings and natural red clay. The egg crate is simply there to keep everything in place and to avoid having the soil slide down to the edges of the aquarium, giving it a nice clean look all the way around without sacrificing a nutrient-dense base layer. Want to see more? Follow me @Nirvanaquatics on Instagram and Facebook!
  6. So I'll confess to somewhat of an impulse buy - a 5 gallon aquarium that was posted locally. I always wanted to do a nano planted shrimp tank so this was my opportunity. I seized it! I had some Fluval stratum leftover from mixing it with eco-complete in the 33 gallon, so I decided to go ahead and use that. It's not quiiiiite as much as I would like but I'm hoping with the displacement of the hardscape it'll end up perfect. I am a little concern about possibly creating an algae nightmare but with it being a planted shrimp tank, I think it'll be ok. They'll be well fed and the Fluval with help lower my naturally higher pH well water. I could add about 4 otos, especially if algae becomes a real problem, right? Anyway, tomorrow I will be picking up some rocks and driftwood. I ordered some fancy botanicals from a LFS that were on sale - coco-curls, almond leaves, pods and banana stem. I'll transfer my anubias on cholla to the shrimp tank when it's set up. I'm still undecided about other plants. This tank/light set up has approximately 33-34 par at the bottom so be limited to low-medium plants. I'm not planning to do CO2 injection. Scarlet temple and wisteria are doing well in my 33 so may try to propagate some of the former for that pop of reddish colour and wisteria help compete with algae. I know shrimp love moss so I'll try to find and incorporate that too. Planning to add Frogbit to provide some coverage. TLDR: I got plans for this nano tank! Here is photo from day 1. I'll update as I add!
  7. I couldn’t count them all but I think it’s safe to say I have around 30 shrimplets in my tank and I still have one berried momma. I’m hyped!
  8. I just picked up a really beautiful rotala indica plant today from a local fish store and I was doing some research on how to propagate the plant but I don’t feel comfortable doing that yet. I wanted to post here since we have some plant wizards in here lol. But yes, I would greatly appreciate it if a kind soul would tell me some knowledge on how to trim up some rotala. Edit- what’s the easiest/hardiest shrimp to keep? Preferably ones that breed fairly easy. I’ve never kept shrimp so I really don’t know too much about them but the basics
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