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Found 5 results

  1. Can someone help me out with this plant? Based on Cory's article on plant nutrition it looks like a phosphate deficiency but I have a ton of guppies in this tank so I struggle to think there's a phosphate deficiency but I could be wrong. I dose flourish, potassium, nitrogen and I just started using liquid carbon and iron. The plant is attached to driftwood so root tabs cannot be used. Thanks Plant Nutrition - Aquarium Co-Op
  2. Can anyone tell me why my plants are dissolving/ getting holes in them. I had no issues in a 16 gallon but I currently own a 60 gallon. So far its only happening with one of my plants.
  3. Hello, Besides duckweed (i cant get it to grow in this specific tank for some reason even though I only run sponge filters any tips to get it to grow would bre great) what are some water column feeding plants? My current 50 gallon is planted heavy with rooted plants but I dont have any water column feeding plants. (use to have hornwort and took it out and threw it away and now am kinda missing it... luckily i found one tiny stem and am trying to re cultivate it but it doesnt seem to like floating willy nilly around the tank). I had java moss in the tank but didnt like the look of it so i took it out and moved it to a more fitting tank and i also moved out the 12 moss balls which were in the tank) The tank has one rainbowshark, an infinite number of guppies, and ghost shrimp and some inherited bala sharks that i have to find something to do with ,(they are also seem to eat duckweed but wont control the guppy population)
  4. I've been studying a chart that shows plant deficiencies and what nutrients the plant is lacking and according to this chart I need magnesium. I've seen online that one can use empson salt. Has anyone used this and how much per gallon. Also I've got an api calcium test kit but it's hard to follow cause the colors are very faint. Nothing like what I've seen on YouTube. I. pretty sure I'm also missing that and I've read you can add crushed egg shells. Anyone tried this and does it work? I've got well water but we run a water softener. I know our water is still heavy on iron from the constant cleaning of our sinks and tubes. I'm assuming that's what it is. I tested my GH,KH and Calcium and heres the results. GH was 3 drops 50ppm, KH 22 drops which was through the roof at 400ppm and Calcium was like 2 drops at 60ppm. My Nitrates have significantly dropped since adding the pothos going from 80 to 100ppm to 60ppm which is huge win in my book
  5. Hey guys, I wanted a cheaper method to start my first tank and decided to use dirt. In hindsight I should have done much more research but very late now, I put load of dirt in, (more in the back because I wanted that slope 😕 )Not only is there lots of dirt, but my gravel cap is thin. This tank is about 4 months old, I have fish and shrimp in the tank, and also established plants. I can’t get afford more plants but my nitrates are high even after constant water changes. Any advice ? Thanks xx
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