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Found 5 results

  1. The new members of the fishroom have arrived. Enneacampus ansorgii freshwater african pipefiah collected in Cameroon. They are a pretty cool very little species so far. Looking forward to raising a tankful of these once I get the process sorted. 40 breeder that gets some morning sun: four pipefish, snails, scuds, They seemed to start feeding on rotifers in the water immediately and a few grindal worms i put in for them
  2. I thought that maybe some people might be interested to see my freshwater pipefish Doryichthys martensii. I'd also be interested to hear from anyone keeping these or similar species. Has anyone bred them? Apparently it's not too difficult with some species. They're like sea horses so the male takes the eggs from the female and holds them in a pouch until they hatch. These guys are also known as long shouted Pipefish and they come from Southeast Asia. They're true freshwater fish unlike many that are estuarine or fully saltwater. I have 5 in a 50l tank because they enjoy company. They're not quite full grown yet (assuming 15cm full size) so I might upgrade them but for now the tank works well because they don't move much or fast and they require mostly live small foods. The smaller tank size makes it easier to get the food to them. I have neocaridina shrimp and amano shrimp with them as an extra food source. They will pick eggs straight off the amano shrimp, it's quite funny to see. Here's a video of them being useless at hunting daphnia. I like how they move their eyes. It reminds me of puffer fish.
  3. I really want the indian royal green pipefish ( Microphis deocata ). I can't find them anywhere?🥺
  4. Hi so this is going to be my college tank it is a 10 gallon water box cube. I saw coreys video awhile ago and he recommended pipe fish. Can they live happily and healthy and grow in a 10 gallon also what type of pipe fish was he recommending. And is there anything I should know ? Thx
  5. Oh this is another good one! Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frogs Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Yellow Shrimp (Back in stock) Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snail Assorted Mystery Snails Nertite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Zebra Thorn Snails Goldfish Panda Butterfly Tail Goldfish Bettas Veiltail Betta Crowntail Betta Halfmoon Betta Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Alien Plakat Bettas (Green and Steel Blue) Gouramis and other Labyrinth Fish Pearl Gouramis Sunset Honey Gouramis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gouramis Leopard Bush Fish Cichlids Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Super Red" Apistogramma Panduro (Wild Peru) German Blue Rams (Locally bred, nice blues on these) Corydoras Skunk Cory Albino Cory Salt and Pepper Cory Panda Cory Pygmy Cory (Wild) Sterbai Cory False Julii Cory Plecos Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose L239 Blue Panaque L201 Orinoco/Snowball Pleco Common Colombian Otocinclus L128 Blue Phantom Pleco L200 Hi Fin Green Phantom (Nice size on this one) Loaches Clown Loach Reticulated Hillstream Loach Kuhli Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazilian) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra (Tank Raised) Congo Tetra (Males) Blind Cave Tetras (I haven't played with these since I was a kid!) Rasboras Chili Rasbora Neon Green Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Rasbora Het Strawberry Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barb Siamese Algae Eaters (Tank raised) Danios Celestial Pearl Danio Leopard Danio Spotted Danio (Really cool nano fish, schools tight) Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Female Fancy Guppies Assorted Male Fancy Guppies (Blue Variegated, Green Lace, Cobra Blue, Cobra Green, Cobra Red, and Tequila Sunrise) Metallic Livebearer Killifish Gold Australe Killifish Pairs Ricefish Dwarf Medaka Ricefish (Really cool nano ricefish, Oryzias Minutillus) Oddballs Polypterus Ansorgii aka Guinea Bichir (Tank raised) Pictus Elephant Nose (basically a big baby whale, Hippopotamyrus Pictus) Black Line Freshwater Pipefish (Doryichthys Martensii, need to feed live food like baby brine and daphnia) Pea Puffers Amazon Puffers (Back in stock) Pictures from top to bottom: Black line pipefish 1 & 2, Leopard Bush Fish, Amazon Puffer, Dwarf Medaka Ricefish, Apisto. Panduro, Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose, Blind Cave Tetra, Spotted Danio, Leopard Danio, Alien Green Betta, and Dumbo Ear Halfmoon.
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