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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. So a very common subject, that many in various social media groups tend to feel very strongly about, is just how social Pea Puffers really are. The most common thing I have read lately is that they are indeed a shoaling fish and ABSOLUTELY MUST, be kept is groups of at least 6. Though commonly enough among experienced keepers I hear of them being kept successfully in smaller groups or even on their own. My own experience has led me to believe, that the actual numbers kept matter far less, than many think IF you keep them occupied. For they are the cantankerous old men of the fish world. One all alone in a five gallon tank with nothing to do, well he gets depressed, doesn't eat as well, sulks around a lot. Throw some dang hippy ghost shrimp in there, and suddenly he is busy all day long keeping those dang kids off his lawn! You put two together, and I guarantee, they will eventually be in opposing political parties, and quarrel nonstop. Unless once again you give them enough darn hippies to chase around and keep in line. You get 3 or more, and they form teams to argue amongst themselves like a group of old timers at the corner coffee shop on a Friday morning. Though these alliances are constantly shifting as the topic of the moment changes, so no single fish takes on more than they can handle, and once again they will drop whatever argument is going on at the moment to band together, and keep those dirty ghost shrimp off the java moss! So are they truly a shoaling species? I don't know. What I do know from my own experience, is that they are born into retirement, and are just overly intelligent to be left with nothing to do all day. So keeping them occupied is like having a checker board at a retirement home, it goes a long way to keeping the peace.
  2. Hey, So I have a 40 gallon planted. I am looking for a interesting fish with a personality sort of like a dojo loach. Any ideas? Something around 4 inches or so. Thanks.
  3. I am interested in getting a big-ish, individual fish that is personable towards humans and happy alone in a tank. I have considered as housing somewhere between 40-100g, and I want something "pretty". I get that some people like the look of a flowerhorn, and that personality is great, but the head bump is not my thing. I like colorful fish, and I would prefer an easy keeper that isn't going to be super fussy about...well, anything. So unfortunately that leaves out larger puffers, who again have great personalities (Murphy!). I was considering larger goldfish, cichlids, want to know what I might be missing, since I have mostly kept small fish thru my life. I have an angelfish, he is a character! I want a fish that notices when I approach the tank and swims forward instead of hiding, like a guppy but big. Those of you who have kept bigger fish what are your favorites?
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