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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone been successful in keeping pea puffers In a community setting. I impulse bought a pea puffer and the only tank I have open when it's done quarantining is the tank I had planned on being a shrimp tank would they be ok together?
  2. I got 7 pea puffers in a 29 gallon and was curious on peoples opinion on sexing of a few. The picture with the one in is the tank boss so thinking male and the other picture I’m thinking are female but not sure.
  3. I just got my daughter a pea puffer and stuck him in an older and somewhat neglected aqua scape in a 10. It was a little over run with bladder snails and Mr. Puffer quickly went on a snail murdering rampage. My first question is what can I put in the tank, if anything, to help clean up the snail remnants? Also, the little guy has been going around and eating up nerite snail eggs off the filter and dragon stone. I had no idea that they’d eat the nerite eggs. My daughter and wife quickly fell in love with the little guy and they want me to setup a 30gal Half Moon with 6-8 pea puffers in the living room now. The living room has always been off limits for my tanks so I’m pretty excited!!
  4. Ok so I received pea puffers I ordered online today and they are tiny. I have 3 in a 29 gallon I was planning on added them to after quarantine but these new puffers are not even half their size. I’m guessing it would be smart to grow them out in quarantine but will bigger peas kill or eat smaller ones? I think I know the answer but thought I would double check
  5. Greetings everyone. I have been wanting to have a dedicated Pea Puffer Tank. Flip Aquatics and Aqua Huna have been out of stock for some time. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of one?
  6. I just got some pea puffers. My question is will they eat any size snail? I have some big rams horns I wanted to put in that tank if they wouldn’t eat it so it can have baby snails available for them to eat.
  7. I recently got some pea puffers and have tried feeding them frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worms. They go up to it but don’t seem to eat it. I put snails in and they obviously eat those. Any tricks or suggestions to get them to eat it? I was thinking stop feeding snails for a few days and just offer frozen food but not sure
  8. Hello fellow Nerms! I have a 10 gallon that'll be ready for new occupant(s) in a few months. And I'm really considering 1 or 2 pea puffers as a mostly species-only tank. However... post-covid I'm eventually going to be back to taking 3-4 week out of country vacations once a year or so. And the normal auto-feeder strategy I apply to my other tanks has me concerned if I get pea puffers... since I understand they are extremely unlikely to take to flake food or bug bites/etc. Obviously frozen foods wouldnt work in an autofeeder... I'm wondering if something like freeze-dried blood worms/etc might? Anyone have direct experience in this situation with pea puffers and a multi-week vacation using an auto-feeder? I'm looking for self-sufficient solutions/input, as I'm not really wanting to go the fish-sitter route/etc.. and might nix the pea puffer idea if it really had to come to fish-sitters.. Thanks! Burt
  9. Hi, I need advice please. I’ve have 3P puffers for about six months one boy and two girls. I had them in a 10 gallon tank but the male was only interested in one of the girls and would chase the other girl off so I put her in my community tank. The male is sweet to the girl he’s with most of the time, nudging her around I but I do see him darted at her if she stays away from him. She has also started hiding from him. They did have a baby but it just died in the fry tank with some other fish I have.😢 My question, should I just leave it be, put her in the community tank with the other girl, or put all three of them in the community tank? Thank you
  10. I feel like I am way over feeding because their food comes in these giant frozen blocks. I am using the standard frozen cubes of blood worms and brine shrimp. I have 4 pea puffers. do people cut off a small piece of a block to thaw? If so how much? or do you thaw a block and just give a little at a time? If so do the thawed ones last in the fridge? How much do you feed? thanks
  11. Here is my planted Pea Puffer tank. Honestly, it was my favorite tank I’ve ever worked on.
  12. I recently (about 2 weeks ago) purchased a pea puffer from a local big box store. The little guy looked pretty healthy, its eating well, seems to be active, and over all healthy. I noticed the other day however a brown spot on the stomach and now there are brown like granules on the body. I would attach a photo but its difficult to get a image that close to see it. You can imagine Ick but brown. On the stomach its just a brown dot not like a granuel. Any idea's what this could be? I do have meds for ick and another for parasites, but before I got dumping stuff in I wanna make sure I'm treating it right. My ph is 8.5 nitrate is low or none, the tank has been established for about a year, so well cycled. Temp is 74. Other fish in the tank are kuhli loaches, Cory's, snails, and Amano shrimp.
  13. Hello my LFS sells dwarf pea puffers as brackish water fish. But I’m looking around online and seeing they are freshwater, would it be ok to buy the puffer and put it in fresh water?
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